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#TheBigDebate Big ups to @RediTlhabi for handling that so called guy in the manner she did!.

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Some pics from the weekend at Train the Trainer NHI Workshop hosted by @PHMSA1 . We had Violeta from Mozambique @mmi_updates who highlighted the importance of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in discussions on universal health coverage. #NHI #Thebigdebate.

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What you did last night @RediTlhabi i applaud. You spoke to every single man who think less of women. #TheBigDebate.

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We need to respect difference. Prog AVH calling Dr L a idiot and a moron on live television is not just rude but arrogant. #thebigdebate.

As healthcare workers our negligence causes gross harm to human beings 😭😭😭 #TheBigDebate thank you for such topics as they serve as a mirror we must look closely into.

#TheBigDebate Big ups to @RediTlhabi for handling that so called guy in the manner she did!.

@BigDebateSA @RediTlhabi #TheBigDebate that comment you shall not manhandle me big ups for speaking up.

Someone tried to manhandle Redi and she put him in check real quick! #TheBigDebate It’s uncomfortable 😵😵.

#TheBigDebate I need to express my disgust at the disrespect of that person to want to use physical force in the host.

That guy was dealt with accordingly by Redi, was out of line, the audiences are sabotaging the debate#TheBigDebate.

Respect to @RediTlhabi for shaming and calling out the aggressive man in the audience on @BigDebateSA for manhandling her - on live TV! Patriarchy has no flippen limits. Geez! #TheBigDebate.

Does this mean Redi will now have to walk around the studio with security? #TheBigDebate.

#TheBigDebate The WMC Capitalists @Our_DA want to privatise health care like their want to privatise everything to their foreign WMC funders & Oppenheimers ect including schools, prisons, water, electricity, ect ect. They want us to be hostages of Global Private Capita @eNCA 👇.

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Yoh @RediTlhabi snapped. Such hooligan behaviour from that audience guy #Thebigdebate.

Personally, my mother is one who makes use of healthcare available to her by the government and the one thing she constantly complains about is the basic lack of service! She says they have no care at all for the patients! #TheBigDebate.

Should profits be the basis of health system development? Why? Heath is a human right. So what role for private sector? #TheBigDebate @CHESAIhpsr.

In the country we live in were one is even afraid to get sick, even the flu chief, because of how expensive it is to get medication! Not even touching on how expensive medical aid is! We need a scheme that makes healthcare affordable to all! #TheBigDebate.

And politics is not party politics. It is in the interest of many different groups in health systems. Who has public interest at heart? #TheBigDebate @CHESAIhpsr.

Billions could be saved if infrastructure was delivered on time and within but ANC lack the ability to govern SA correctly! #thebigdebate #SundayThoughts.

The progress we have made in the Western Cape comes from putting citizens’ interests first and prioritizing the most vulnerable. On May 8, let’s begin doing for South Africa 🇿🇦 what we have done for the Western Cape. #TheBigDebate.

Mentally ill people at Life Esidimeni were let down by the ANC government. Now they are failing the community healthcare worker. #TheBigDebate.

We are in desperate need for a new workable health care system that works for all South Africans. Probably just as much as we need a new government #TheBigDebate #NHI.

CHW interests are important - and reflect the political debates that are health system debates. If we don’t manage politics how do we move forward? @CHESAIhpsr #TheBigDebate.

#TheBigDebate Access to quality health care has been commoditized! Drugs Companies are making a killing! Government is playing politics with our peoples’ lives! There are unemployed graduates roaming these streets!.

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🏓 Shakehand or Which grip do YOU play with❓ #TheBigDebate #TableTennis.

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