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We have @djcleo1 in studio we get to hear his of the story #TheDriveOnMetro.

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Moeti ke bosso wen it comes to radio, wat a great show guys really enjoyed it 🙏🙏 @moflavadj @MasechabaNdlovu #TheDriveOnMetro.

@moflavadj I did not hear @DonaldInDenial answering, what did he say? 🤣#TheDriveOnMetro.

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Ae @moflavadj and @MasechabaNdlovu dae kind wahafa Od got Sdimm, Joint, Archars Inn ee munna dia bowa da maybe its her whos boring #TheDriveOnMetro.

@moflavadj Nna i am ok with South Africa cos i know i would definitely miss my love SA too much #TheDriveOnMetro.

If you were to relocate to another country for work,where would that be? Doing what? #TheDriveOnMetro.

@METROFMSA @moflavadj #thedriveonmetro I wouldn’t mind going to California for 6months to a year to work at fb or Google to learn to become a web developer or programmer..

Our Cape Town is the top 20 in cities with highest crime rate in the world #TheDriveOnMetro @moflavadj @MasechabaNdlovu.

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There is no issue with the word “fall”. The issue is the language barrier. “Fall” has many meanings. The Bible, for example, used fall in relation to sinning. So don’t blame Cleo for your own understanding. The man explained himself. Case closed! #TheDriveOnMetro.

Imagine your woman taking advice from Masechaba #TheDriveOnMetro.

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@PrinceKaybee_SA shares album cover for his upcoming album. #TheDriveOnMetro.

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Yes girl 😂😂😂choosing friends via Hope they pretty with brains #TheDriveOnMetro.

@BridgyRams was expecting Vn from you about taba e ya di friends on #TheDriveOnMetro.

The other caller basically said, Bricks is paying for the crime, we must move on. MOVE ON? wow guys! #TheDriveOnMetro.

People don’t want to understand they don’t want to listen to each other ...Cleo is making this about m visits and thina we on the caption and him basically reducing rape to a “it’s life” sentiment where you fall and get back up. Nyef nyef race. Respect us Cleo #TheDriveOnMetro.

The sad thing about this whole thing is when the perpetrator comes out, they will be celebrated, being called for radio & tv interviews, producing basically making more life & future 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️#TheDriveOnMetro.

@moflavadj mina friending everyone, lately I have celebrities friends djs, actor, producers etc and you #TheDriveOnMetro.

#TheDriveOnMetro I miss the days of Urban Express on Yfm where Mo Flava was hardcore to the technicality&flair of !.

@METROFMSA #thedriveonMetro this song ithi hey is the worst song ever. Please stop playing it.

#TheDriveOnMetro are they telling sabc is so broke to even call boity for her side of the story?.

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Is this all Dj Cleo said nha bethuna? Maybe people are confused yi English / the races analogy 🤔 Would it have sounded better if he had said We all live our lives emhlabeni & Bricks €ucked up but his life is not over,he can be rehabilitated Ingcono ke ngoku?#TheDriveOnMetro.

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Dj Cleo is misunderstood. Masechaba stop being 😂😂😂 #TheDriveOnMetro.

My boooooo #TheDriveOnMetro ⁦@METROFMSA⁩ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Thokoza Gogo Masechaba #TheDriveOnMetro love you mama @MasechabaNdlovu.

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Imagine if Dineo Ranaka and Masechaba Ndlovu were to host a show It would be a bunch of emotional Twats together bring Metro FM to its knees #TheDriveOnMetro.

We have @djcleo1 in studio we get to hear his of the story #TheDriveOnMetro.

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