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Fique firme! Lute! A 2 temporada de #TheHandmaidsTale chega dia 09/08..

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#TheHandmaidsTale: The one-day shoot at the Lincoln Memorial required seven months of planning and negotiations: “Nothing beats a real location”.

راستی اینا به چه حقی شخصیت مورد‌علاقه من رو اینجوری دَک کردن؟؟! واقعا گند زدن به نیک که... #TheHandmaidsTale.

Sto per vedere il finale di stagione di The Handmaid’s Tale e potrei commentare con qualche spoiler qui sotto ☕️ inserisco l’hashtag #TheHandmaidsTale.

«سرزمینی که در آن هر که بخواهی باشی.» (کانادا نیست البته، شاید قمری گردان بین حلقه‌های زحل باشد.) #TheHandmaidsTale.

Gran nota de @el_telegrafo sobre la vigilia inspirada en #TheHandmaidsTale que fue llevada a cabo en Guayaquil. Cuántas veces sean necesarias estaremos en las calles. #MadrePorDecisiónNoPorViolacion @MargaretAtwood.

Eu fiz uma figurinhas de handmaid tale, e já posso morrer em paz, praise be #TheHandmaidsTale.

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Cet homme est aussi un danger pour les hommes. #TheHandmaidsTale saison 3 : épisode final Mayday disponible maintenant sur OCS..

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Series Regular podcast: #TheHandmaidsTale creator breaks down season 3 finale @BrooseMiller.

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omg #TheHandmaidsTale is killing me omfg i can’t crying wtf.

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I’m re-watching #TheHandmaidsTale and this is LITERALLY how it all like exactly like the y’all worried yet??.

He llorado como nunca, hasta el pecho me duele #TheHandmaidsTale 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ¡puuuuttttaaaa!.

Just watched #TheHandmaidsTale finale… Incredible from Elisabeth Moss. Had me literally on the edge of my sofa for the last 15 minutes..

everytime serena calls that baby her daughter #TheHandmaidsTale.

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autant être sincère, j’ai pleuré devant le dernier épisode de #TheHandmaidsTale ptn.

I cried so much here #TheHandmaidsTale #HandmaidsTaleFinale 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️🙄❤️.

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Still not over Serena. She was really out here thinking that she could hide behind the very system she helped to create. Them taking Nichole from her was so satisfying. #TheHandmaidsTale #HandmaidsTale.

This may have been overlooked, but special shout-out to those 3 whole FEMALES who interrogated Waterford. I loved every second. #TheHandmaidsTale #HandmaidsTale.

ترجمۀ زیرنویس قسمتِ سیزدهم و پایانی فصل سوم سریال سرگذشت ندیمه هم تکمیل شد و می‌تونید از کانال تلگرام دریافتش کنید! #سرگذشت_ندیمه #TheHandmaidsTale امیدوارم از تماشای این فصل هم لذت برده باشید و در ادامۀ کار هم حمایت و همراهیِ خودتون رو از من دریغ نکنید..

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Mental note: need to unseat #softhandedmanbaby and flip Senate before “OfGOP” becomes 2021’s most popular name for women. #TheHandmaidsTale.

Catching up on #TheHandmaidsTale. Damn, June went full Beatrix Kiddo. Fucking awesome..

Gente eu amo tanto essa atriz, pra não conhece, é a Ann Dowd, que atualmente trabalha na série #TheHandmaidsTale interpretando a Tia Lydia..

#TheHandmaidsTale showrunner Bruce Miller reflects on becoming a rebel and drawing inspiration from #StarWars.

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I can hardly wait for #TheHandmaidsTale this week to see who June breaks bad on..

Essa chefe não é a cara da tia Lídia??? #MasterChefBR #TheHandmaidsTale.

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Fique firme! Lute! A 2 temporada de #TheHandmaidsTale chega dia 09/08..

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