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Dear @realDonaldTrump: Can you please activate the Defense Production Act to help our hospitals, medical personnel & first responders? We need protective equipment & ventilators. Governors and Congress can’t execute the Act. Only you can. Lives are at stake. #ThursdayThoughts

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Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank ()

गलतियों पर विलाप क्यों करते हो बिल्कुल भी गलतियों पर विलाप ना करो, तुम उनसे कुछ सीखो, सबक सीखो उससे मनन करो, और यह परख है तुम्हारी, पहचान तुम्हारी गलतियों से नहीं तुम्हारे गुणों से होगी । बस गुणों को बनाए रखो, गुणों को बचाए रखो । #ThursdayThoughts

The Art of Living ()

#ThursdayThoughts by Gurudev @SriSri In your pursuit of happiness, look into all the pleasures that you get from the world. They all come with a tax, and this tax is sorrow. For more #dailyquote:

Real_Heena ()

#GodMorningThursday In search of the ultimate happiness and ultimate peace, we wandered in religious places like temple mosques etc. He is God Kabir Sahib who gives happiness and peace So to know his devotional method, you #ThursdayThoughts 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Sumit Awasthi ()

#ThursdayThoughts - “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. In every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.”


“Everyday, do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”.. #NoteToSelf #ThursdayThoughts

Tomthunkit™ ()

Hospitals in China are using robots to deliver food and medicine for patients who were infected with #coronavirus #ThursdayThoughts

Tomthunkit™ ()

WTF IS HE PLAYING AT? Trump Told Governors to Buy Own Virus Supplies, Then Outbid Them. Trump’s directive for governors to buy their own medical supplies to fight the #coronavirus has run into a big problem -- the federal government. 06 #ThursdayThoughts

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Rob McAdam ()

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive & to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor,& some style. TODAY will never come again. Be a blessing,be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, & not wound. #ThursdayThoughts

Patsgirl4life ()

Good morning you sexy, isolated, quarantined, hand sanitizer coated little jelly beans!! Next time someone insults you and says ‘ no offence’ beat the shit out of them and finish with ‘no harm done’ only seems #ThursdayThoughts

Tomthunkit™ ()

A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE: Q: Who suggested Easter? Trump: I just thought it was a beautiful time 04 #ThursdayThoughts

Deepkamal Saharan ()

कट्टरता हर तरह की बुरी है, धार्मिक हो, जाति की हो, या राजनीतिक हो। एक स्तर तक ये आपके लोगों को पहचान दिला सकती है, फ़ायदा दे सकती है। लेकिन आखिरकार ये आपके उन्हीं लोगों का नुकसान करती है क्योंकि कट्टरता धीरे धीरे आंखें बंद कर देती है और हमें पता भी नहीं चलता। #ThursdayThoughts

Dr.Charlie ()

In Jan, we prayed for soldiers. In Feb, we looked forward to fireworkers. In March, we learned honouring doctors. I think, the year 2020 is gonna show importance and need of every occupation and the place our society should give them. #COVID #ThursdayThoughts

Female Cricket ()

Read the full Interview with @MonaMeshram30 #ThursdayThoughts


Friends, take a moment to give thanks to a farmer for the food on your table and the trucker who got it there! We can’t live without you! THANK YOU! #ThursdayThoughts

SCV Sheriff ()

Even if you’re not sick, try your best to maintain social distancing in stores. It makes people nervous if you stand or walk by too close. #ThursdayThoughts

Tomthunkit™ ()

‘No taxpayer money for CEO bonuses, stock buybacks, or dividends.’ — The head of the flight attendant’s union is calling for a bailout of people first #Bailouts 07 #ThursdayThoughts

Jasmine Cain ()

Never give up on your passions in life. Great things are do come true. #ThursdayThoughts

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Ted Lieu ()

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Can you please activate the Defense Production Act to help our hospitals, medical personnel & first responders? We need protective equipment & ventilators. Governors and Congress can’t execute the Act. Only you can. Lives are at stake. #ThursdayThoughts

PAYAL ROHATGI & Team- Bhagwan Ram Bhakts ()

Ram Ram ji 🙏 @ashokgehlot51 this is for U 😡 @PoliceRajasthan concentrate on REAL CRIME 🙏 #payalrohatgi #ThursdayThoughts

Grant Stern ()

Donald Trump does NOT want you to see this spot so badly, his campaign sent out a cease & desist demand letter. SHARE IT! #ThursdayThoughts

Annu insan ()

समय बहुत बलवान होता है। समय की क़दर करना सीखो👍 #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning

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🚩SU♏AN 🇮🇳 S🅰️HU🚩 ()

कभी मैंने किसी को आजमाया नहीं , जितना प्यार दिया , उतना कभी पाया ही नहीं । किसी को मेरी भी कमी महसूस हो शायद खुदा ने मुझे ऐसा बनाया ही नहीं ।। ☄️☄️☄️★🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹★☄️☄️☄️ #thursdayvibes #ThursdayThoughts

Амагѕнее К ()

#GodMorningThursday Only God can cure the end of Corana and other terrible diseases, Saint Rampalji Maharaj is telling the true knowledge of God today. Must watch daily sadhna channal PM #ThursdayThoughts

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“Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come”.. #NoteToSelf #ThursdayThoughts

Veer Phogat ()

यस्मिन् देशे न सम्मानो न वृत्तिर्न च बान्धवः । न च विद्यागमऽप्यस्ति वासस्तत्र न कारयेत् । उस देश मे निवास न करें जहाँ आपकी कोई ईज्जत नहीं हो, जहा आप रोजगार नहीं कमा सकते, जहा आपका कोई मित्र नहीं और जहा आप कोई ज्ञान आर्जित नहीं कर सकते। #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation

Tomthunkit™ ()

#LockHerUp FOR REAL: Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold between $ and $ worth of stock in the three weeks beginning on Jan 24—the day of a closed-door, all-Senator briefing on the coronavirus 05 #ThursdayThoughts

Female Cricket ()

Better facilities, increased allowance and more matches in line for @BCBtigers Women’s Cricket team- #ThursdayThoughts

Tom ()

Night everyone. Make a positive difference to someone. #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts

Samin ()

Fear is a reaction but courage is a decision. #ThursdayThoughts

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Adam Grant ()

Bad leaders believe people work for them. Good leaders believe people work with them. Great leaders believe they work for people. Especially in crisis, we depend on servant leaders to put others first. #ThursdayThoughts

☚ #gomoramzansi #day7oflockdown ☛
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