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इस ख़ुशी का राज़ है हमारी ऊँगली पर स्याही तिलक .. क्या आपने ये स्याही तिलक लगवाया ? @sardanarohit #VoteForIndia #ThursdayThoughts.

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‘The past is always tense, the future perfect.’ White Teeth by Zadie Smith #ThursdayThoughts.

Of all the ghastly wounds inflicted by this Administration, perhaps the greatest injury has been to the Truth. For many people in America, it is simply no longer necessary. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation.

Good Morning Beautiful People 🌞 People will always have opinions about you. Positive and negative, no matter how much of a good person you are. Only reflect on what you think about yourself. #KaraboMotivates #ThursdayThoughts.

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Learn to make people your own. They already belong to you. They come from the same soil and breathe the same air which you expel. You are connected Gurudev @SriSri #ThursdayThoughts.

प्यार का जश्न नयी तरह मनाना होगा ग़म किसी दिल में सही ग़म को मिटाना होगा ~कैफ़ी आज़मी @AzmiKaifi Azmi #ThursdayThoughts.

अस्सलामु अलैकुम 💕 Good Morning 🍃 किसी की मदद करने के लिए सिर्फ दौलत की ज़रूरत नही होती है,, मदद करने के लिए अच्छे दिल की भी ज़रूरत होती है !! #ThursdayThoughts.

When it comes to Brotherhood Positive Morning #ThursdayThoughts.

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Your operating system is a piece of shit, but mine is also a piece of shit??? #ThursdayThoughts.

Your scars are symbols of your strength. Don’t ever be ashamed of the scars life has left you with. It means you conquered the pain, learned a lesson, grew stronger, and moved forward. A scar is the tattoo of a triumph to be proud of. #ThursdayThoughts.

This is a consequence of mental health hustlers on social media, normalising teen suicide. Anyone who dedicates their social media to mental health is partly responsible for this tragedy. #ThursdayThoughts.

Stay strong John, we haven’t given up hope of good news. So many miracle stories, we pray we will hear one featuring you 💚 #ThursdayThoughts.

...And Jesus answering said unto him, Seest thou these great buildings? there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. Mark 13:2 kjv #SatanicSystem #ThursdayThoughts.

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Everyone has set a unique standard only for #Bernie2020. Instead of desperately hoping that he prevails and tackles poverty, healthcare, the envionment, etc, the corporate dems are trying to destroy that agenda. It’s a very sick country. #ThursdayThoughts.

Please can someone help me beg O2tvseries and OperaMini to settle their beef. Am tired of copying link upandown. #ThursdayThoughts.

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When you rely too much on analytics. #ThursdayThoughts 😈.

Be the reason someone smiles today ✨ #ThursdayThoughts.

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इस ख़ुशी का राज़ है हमारी ऊँगली पर स्याही तिलक .. क्या आपने ये स्याही तिलक लगवाया ? @sardanarohit #VoteForIndia #ThursdayThoughts.

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You never know, a simple ‘are you okay?’ might make all the difference #ThursdayThoughts.

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पहले मतदान फिर जलपान #VoteForIndia #ThursdayThoughts.

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आप जीवन में कुछ बनें या ना बनें, लेकिन अपने जीवन में भले ही कुछ समय के लिए ही सही, किसी और चेहरे की मुस्कराहट की वजह जरुर बने...😊😊 🙏हर हर महादेव🙏 🙏सुप्रभात🙏 #ThursdayThoughts.

Greg Craig Please someone have a screen shot of @BarackObama tweeting none of his administration are going to prison. First one of many THE STORM IS UPON YOU, PAIN IS COMING #ThursdayThoughts.

Today enjoy a few drops of happiness: 1. Smile at random people 2. Compliment someone unexpectedly 3. Recall someone’s act of kindness 4. Think of a funny joke 5. our environment 6. Surprise an old friend by giving a call 7. Do a caring act #ThursdayThoughts.

@AshramBmr @AsaramBapuJi #ThursdayThoughts This DVD Magazine teaches the principles of Vedas, Puran and Upnishads in a very simple and pragmatic way and its video articles appeal to people of all religions, ages, caste-creed, gender and social status. #AprilIssueOfRishiDarshan.

For the first time in more than 3 decades, Republican-appointed judges will soon occupy nearly half the seats on the left-leaning 9th Circuit Court. Thank you, @realDonaldTrump. #ThursdayThoughts.

लावारिस वस्तु को न छुएँ, उसमें बम हो सकता है, ऐसे विज्ञापन TV पर दोबारा देखने के लिये काँग्रेस को वोट करें। #ThursdayThoughts.

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