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Enoch Godongwana was also appointed as the SA non-executive director at the New Development Bank ( BRICS Bank) for a period of three years, renewable. Congratulations Sir!!.

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Has Tito Mboweni worked anywhere other than government and appreciation positions in private sector? Does he even know how does unemployment look like?.

@Compaorist @tito_mboweni With more than half our citizens being so impoverished that they go to bed hungry, it’s true that “The ANC Leads” - to death. A food parcel every 5 years doesn’t cut it. The Esidimeni patients were so hungry that they ate plastic while they starved to death! 😢😢😢.

Tito Mboweni talks nonsense for fun, I’ll never forget when he said Afrikaans should remain at Universities.

Tito Mboweni is making a mockery of Black People because we are landless.

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It’s been 3 yrs now since I was retrenched and been in a job market since, I find @tito_mboweni ‘s comments irresponsible, insensitive, arrogant, stupid and most all immature for an old man like him who is a minister of finance. Why do we always have fools for leaders? @MYANC.

@tito_mboweni Idiot! And you our Minister of What?.

That is why DD Mabuza doesn’t take this man serious, @tumisole my leader I know you had issues with DD’s statement but @tito_mboweni is a piece of ........

Can someone please deactivate @tito_mboweni account this is embrassing now 😔😔😔😔.

South African Finance Minister @tito_mboweni ..would you be “inspired “ by this tweet to succeed ,if you were in a position of need? #Africa.

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Tito Mboweni is not a representative of the ANC the man could give two fucks about the ANC. Please don’t think he speaks for the party. Him and his ideologies are there by themselves..

@divhambelemaano @tito_mboweni Unemployment rate increases and he makes fun of it😔😔.

Yet there is one setlatla sa Minister of Finance called Tito Mboweni tweeting nonsense about this.


@tito_mboweni Didnt @PresJGZuma appoint Mr Nene what happend to that appointment ?.

I still can’t believe @tito_mboweni actually said that ☹️☹️☹️ How insensitive can you be???.

@tumisole That’s a modified picture. Please don’t be as stupid as to post nonsense like this where we can easily verify information. Tito Mboweni is an idiot but please be smarter about your character assassinations. If you need professional help let me know 🤦🏾‍♂️ . @tito_mboweni.

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This government is very lazy at finding solutions especially of unemployment and it’s really distasteful We want to farm sir @tito_mboweni assist us. How do enter a predominantly white and racist industry? Where do we find the money?.

We had Fikile Mbalula, and we now have Tito Mboweni who also has a lot to say on social media. This is becoming problematic and dents the image of our organisation. ANC should do a social media workshop..

@mSeopa @tito_mboweni The guy is full of himself his making fun out of this. He even said there nothing banks can do..

@tito_mboweni Jobs for cadres. At least this is a knowledgeable cadre and a nice man..

I’m just gonna need @tito_mboweni to make a young thread about this farming he’s talking about. Where must people find land? Capital for equipment and infrastructure? Knowledge on farming correctly? And how exactly these farmers must penetrate the market?.

I so used to respect @tito_mboweni until this morning:1200 People are retrenched at Standard Bank he says they must go into farming in order to have bacon & egg, Who is going to fund them? Do they have land? Will they get distribution deals?Do they have the skills to farm? TSEK.

@tito_mboweni you are embarrassment to the nation dear @MYANC we are going to punish for giving such leaders come Election Day.

Enoch Godongwana was also appointed as the SA non-executive director at the New Development Bank ( BRICS Bank) for a period of three years, renewable. Congratulations Sir!!.

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[Read] Finance Minister @tito_mboweni has reappointed #MarkKingon as acting Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service @sarstax.

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