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Toni Braxton Photo,Toni Braxton Photo by Jobsworld SA,Jobsworld SA on twitter tweets Toni Braxton Photo

Naye Toni Braxton can sing groovy dumping/break up songs Ka Hit the free way still slaps! #BPM.

Omggggg… It’s not Toni! 😩😩😩 It’s Phoni Braxton, a different lady all together!.

@nataliiirenaa Lmaooo that’s not Toni Braxton 😭😭 that’s Candice she’s a dancer.

This is Candice Pillay💀. No ways Toni Braxton looks this young.

I’m mean it’s giving Toni but that is not Toni THEE Braxton.

@Darlininkampala Even if the statement of her not being put in the conversation of top whatever. If that was true cause I saw that in the thread. She’s Toni living legend Braxton. I doubt she cares about being put in someone’s imaginary top list of anything.

Toni and Tamar Braxton along side Keri Lewis created a masterpiece in 2002 . The violin , strings and cello are chef’s kiss 🎻.

Toni Braxton Photo,Toni Braxton Photo by 🫧🦋VAB🦋🫧,🫧🦋VAB🦋🫧 on twitter tweets Toni Braxton Photo

Can Houston move the Triple J Ranch from Dallas down to Houston? Just need one more after Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. And one of them has to date Toni Braxton.

Them car rides home I always listen to that old r&b. I love me some Tank, Monica, Keyshia Cole, Toni Braxton…All that..

@COOLLANEHERO I gotta Google her, I never heard of her. She does resemble a young Toni Braxton.

How is Omarion and Mario doing a #VERZUZ anyway?? Them niggas ain’t got 20 bangers combined. How are they doing 20 each Who asked for this?? Give us Dru Hill/ Jodeci or Mary J/Toni Braxton or leave us the hell alone.

THIS is Toni Braxton. A Living Legend. A world renowned artist and entertainer. You can say her name without someone asking “who is that”? Since some of y’all wanna get nasty..

Toni Braxton Photo,Toni Braxton Photo by Big Lex🤎,Big Lex🤎 on twitter tweets Toni Braxton Photo

Am I the only person who thought Toni Braxton was some old woman until now.

Tbh, she looks more like Trina Braxton than Toni Braxton. But it’s def @CandiceOfficial 😍🤣.

uhhhh i guess i didn’t know what toni braxton looked like ????.

@freakumchanel this not even Toni Braxton lol y’all say anything. that Candice, she’s a choreographer.

Toni Braxton - Yesterday (feat. Trey Songz) [Official Video] via @YouTubeMusic.

@Gimmie_Seaf00d @CandiceOfficial Ohhhhhhh definitely thought it was Toni Braxton. That smile had me lol.

Toni Braxton in 2022 literally looks better than Toni Braxton did in 2000 👀👌❤️ Holy cow We are living in a simulation..

@lorigspeaks Toni Braxton is so cool, she does her own makeup for all appearances. She has a makeup artist to help or correct, but she is such the consummate performer, she does her own makeup..

@freakumchanel Toni Braxton can’t do any wrong! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😍😍😍😍.

@freakumchanel How TF is this Toni Braxton. I was a kid when she was popular and she now looks younger than me m W IN THE F.

@AfrikanKraal @CandiceOfficial 😱😱😱😱 I really thought it was Toni Braxton!!!! 😩💀💀💀💀.

Now playing Live Out Your Love [feat. Toni Braxton] at Focus on Future Focus on Future.

This the best I seen Toni Braxton look since that cartoon video she did back in the day 🥹🥹.

People react to a viral video of content creator Candice Craig, not actor Toni Braxton, dancing to Beyoncé’s Break My Soul ACTOR??? TONI BRAXTON?? ACTOR IS THE WORD YOU USE TO DESCRIBE HER?.

existem mesmo pessoas a achar que esta gaja é a toni braxton? chile i-.

The fact that ppl really think this is Toni Braxton has me very concerned..

I haven’t thought about Toni Braxton since… middle school?.

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