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Top 40 Hip Hop Albums 2006 #4. J Dilla – Donuts.

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Top 40 Hip Hop Albums 2006 #4. J Dilla – Donuts.

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Monumental day for the NBA. *This* is how you convince teams not to tank. The fact that 7, 8 and 11 got into the top 4 in Year 1 of the new Lotto odds is so important..

I just finished watching the first episode of #TheBachelorette and here is what I’m thinkin Top 4: Peter the Pilot Nashville Guy 2nd Guy She Kissed Luke P..

2A State Softball: Benson 6 Camp Verde 2 after 6 Camp Verde coming up at top of 7 down by 4 runs-benson trying to hold on and three-peat.

【TOP/GAMEPHOTO】TSL DIVISION1 ROUND5 南葛SC 8−4 三菱UFJ銀行 ■フォトギャラリー 写真撮影協力:photo by koda ■試合映像 映像撮影協力:Videographer by matsukawa #南葛SC #キャプテン翼 #葛飾区.

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@ArashMarkazi But once they were placed in top 4, they statistically had a 50/50 chance of getting still a slight disappointment in missing it by those margins, at that u tho.

‘The Voice’ 2019 Top 4 Finalist Results & Recap: Who Left and Who Was Saved? - Newsweek.

When 2 of the 3 teams in a 3 way tie for 7th get top 4 in the lottery and the one team that didn’t was the Mavs because their draft luck is atrocious..

Top 5 hardest things to do (in order)... 5. Graduate high-school 4. Get a 6-pack 3. Become a millionaire 2. Find true love 1. Hold in that massive dump you’ve been holding in all day when you pull into your driveway..

hmm not even sure I can go top 10 its a tough list so I’ll say top 8 power forwards all time: 1. Duncan 2. KG 3. Dirk 4. Barkley 5. The Mail Man 6. McHale 7. Webber 8. Sheed because I love Sheed.

Sobre o #NBADraftLottery : Primeiramente de tudo, EU TÔ MT PUTO. Sério, que palhaçada. Lakers no top 4 é RIDÍCULO. David Griffin em crise em NO pra manter suas estrelas, consegue sua 4ª ESCOLHA #1 NA CARREIRA, A 3ª VEZ ESTANDO FORA DO TOP 4. Só queria um figurão assim em Chicago.

@pinstripecxn I get it, I feel that Barrett is a good choice just not to the level of what Zion would bring to the organization on and off the court. A top 3 pick is huge for NY, but they will need to make sure they get the right FA in this summer or there will be another reset in 4 years..

They couldn’t give the Lakers top 3 it would look too rigged they done had top 3 the last 3-4 years lmao.

@giovannonen Not a championship team. Not top 4 with that. That team is not better than the Bucks, 76ers, Celtics, or Raptors..

‘The Voice’ Recap: Top 4 Finalists Are Revealed As Half Of The Semifinalists Get Sent Home via @HollywoodLife.

@GrizzBongoLady Nah! I had faith! Told u guys earlier to just woosahhh & send prayers up to the gods! I had a feeling we were at least top 🤷🏽‍♀️🏁💙 After Lakers at 4, I really didn’t care where we landed in the top 3..

Cirão da Massa ... ahhh esperando 2022 pq esses 4 anos já foram pro saco! #Provoca foi top @cirogomes ... porém curto!.

Haha Adam Silver really getting rid of that tanking ish 😂😂. Most of all the top bad teams didn’t even make the top 4 lottery except Knicks and they still didn’t get first pick.

Chris Sale has regained his form, with 17 strikeouts tonight. The game with the Rockies is now tied 4-4, as the teams enter extra innings. Boston pitchers have registered 23 strikeouts,with two out, in the top of the 10th.#BostonRedSox #RedSoxNation.

#Moorpark Featured Listing ~ Hill Top Single Story 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Home includes 2 Bedroom Guest House, Maids Quarters and 4 Car Detached Garage. More info and showings contact Debbie Gates.

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On some real shit tho I hate the new rules for the lottery. There’s no reason why 3 teams should be jumping up into the top 4.

#NBATwitter was ready to blow up with NBA lottery is rigged tweets when Lakers climbed up the top 4..

@ChurchChizzle Yeah but not on purpose that’s what I mean those purpose teams tanking shit now doesn’t guarantee u the top 4 picks so I’m good with that..

@TimmyDirsch Top 4 was the only lottery. Everything else was by record. If the team with best record (last pick) wasn’t the last pick, it must be because they were selected in the lottery..

‘The Voice’ Live Blog: Top 4 Finalists Are Revealed As Half Of The Semifinalists Get Sent Home -.

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