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Mauricio Pochettino is expected to return to Europe next week to consider his next move after being sacked by Tottenham..

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Mourinho yakin Spurs akan menjadi tim yang paling ditakuti di babak 16 besar Liga Champions..

Champions League: What Mourinho said after Tottenham’s 3-1 defeat at Bayern Munich.

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Mourinho wants Bayern revenge as Spurs kids are brushed aside in Munich.

#mufc have shown signs of improvement lately with wins against Tottenham and Man City. How will they perform today? Get involved by predicting the outcome of the match: Follow: @1xbet_En #ad.

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Mis cruces para los 8vos de Champions: - Manchester City vs. Real Madrid. - RB Leipzig vs. Napoli. - Barcelona vs. Atalanta. - Bayern Múnich vs. Chelsea. - PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund. - Liverpool vs. Atlético de Madrid. - Valencia vs. Tottenham. - Juventus vs. Olympique Lyon..

VIDEO | Kingsley Coman sufre fuerte lesión en el partido del Bayern Múnich ante el Tottenham.

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Paolo Condò:Questo Napoli come il Tottenham della scorsa stagione!.

Los rivales más probables del sorteo según los cálculos de @LaLigaenDirecto: 📌 Chelsea para el Barça, Tottenham para el Valencia, City o Liverpool para Madrid y Atlético.

Puede que vayan mal en la Bundesliga, pero en la #ChampionsLeague el Bayern tiene paso arrollador. 💪🇩🇪 ⏯️VIDEO:.

Los 16 clasificados a Octavos de la Champions League: ➔ PSG. ➔ Real Madrid. ➔ Bayern Munich. ➔ Tottenham. ➔ City. ➔ Atalanta. ➔ Juventus. ➔ Atlético. ➔ Liverpool. ➔ Napoli. ➔ FC Barcelona. ➔ BVB. ➔ RB Leipzig. ➔ Lyon. ➔ Valencia. ➔ Chelsea. 📷 @LigadeCampeones.

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🔴 Last time Serge Gnabry faced #UCL | @FCBayernEN.

De los equipos que clasificaron a 8vos de Champions: Napoli despidió a Ancelotti Tottenham a Pochettino Bayern a Kovac Lyon a Sylvinho Valencia a Marcelino El fútbol es una verdadera locura.

Solskjær vs Big Teams: ✅ vs Tottenham ✅ vs Arsenal ✅ vs Leicester ✅ vs Chelsea ⚪ vs Liverpool ❌ vs Arsenal ❌ vs Man City ⚪ vs Chelsea ✅ vs Chelsea ✅ vs Leicester ⚪ vs Arsenal ⚪ vs Liverpool ✅ vs Chelsea ✅ vs Tottenham ✅ vs Man City 9W – 4D – 2L.

Keane: “I don’t think it’s a great achievement beating Tottenham at home – it was an important win, but not a big win. I don’t have a great feeling for United today. Overall I think City will be too strong.” #mufc [MEN].

FULL-TIME: A five-star display at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium! 👊 ⚪ #THFC 5-0 #BurnleyFC 🟣.

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¡Luquitas Moura! ¡Segundo del Tottenham! 2-0 en 10 minutos. El Burnley defensivamente ya no es ese equipo tan bien trabajado..

⚔Bournemouth vs Liverpool ⚽ #TOTُBUR #BOULُIV 👇👇Live Stream available here 👇👇 🌑High Quilty here Live >>> 🌗Meduim Quilty Live >>> Tottenham vs Burnley 🌗Meduim Quilty Live >>> LIVE.

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⚽️ ⚽ #TOTُBUR #BOULُIV 🏆LIVE Bournemouth vs Liverpool LIVE: , streaming LIVE LINKS: LIVE MOBIL here 👉 LIVE PC here 👉 Tottenham vs Burnley LIVE PC HD here 👉 LIVE 👉.

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@_BabyKeith And to think people have a go at our defence when theirs is that shite. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Tottenham reeled them in between now and the end of the season tbh.

So because man u win Chelsea, draw Liverpool and win Tottenham they suddenly now believe they can beat Manchester city abi? Let me see any united fans come here and tweet Ole out again Twitter will suspend all of us that day. #MCIMUN.

Anyone reccomend a good footballing book? Need to get the brother in law one for xmas. Hes a Spurs fan so anything Tottenham will be perfect.

🏟 @SpursOfficial, Burnley maçı için evine giriş yaptı. Mourinho göreve geldikten sonra bu statta Tottenham ⬇️ 💯 2’de 2 ⚽️ 7 gol.

Every new manager in the #PL is making a great impact in their respective clubs already. Mourinho did that with Tottenham, Duncan Ferguson is doing same with Everton. But Arsenal, NO! Same old story 🤡.

Premier League top half after 15 games: 1⃣ Liverpool - 43 2⃣ Leicester - 35 3⃣ Man City - 32 4⃣ Chelsea - 29 5⃣ Wolves - 23 6⃣ Man Utd - 21 7⃣ Crystal Palace - 21 8⃣ Tottenham - 20 9⃣ Sheffield Utd - 19 🔟 Arsenal - 19.

Mauricio Pochettino is expected to return to Europe next week to consider his next move after being sacked by Tottenham..

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