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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:08 AM IST

Trevor Manuel Top Tweets On Twitter

  • #InvestSA @CyrilRamaphosa seated next to Trevor Manuel & Mcebisi Jonas. His opening salvo is: “Dont worry - this isn’t a cabinet reshuffle”.

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  • President Ramaphosa: I have asked Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jaco Marie & Phumzile Langeni to be the President’s #InvestSA Envoy.

  • Trevor Manuel (Rothschilds) & Wife Maria Ramos (ABSA) are going to find you investors in London 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is this why London bankers were happy when Cyril won?.

  • Only Trevor Manuel has the technical expertise to loot National Treasury on a grand scale and be hailed as the BEST Finance Minister South Africa has ever had. Any President who wants to do corruption will want such a man on his team. Trevor can steal a Trillion and be hero..

  • Ramaphosa goes to London without minister of International Relations and or Minister of DTI, but takes Trevor Manuel and Mcebisi lomjitha akazwile.

  • We must now believe that Trevor Manuel & his absa CEO wife, Gordhan who’s a bank shareholder, Ramaphosa who’s also a bank shareholder and a WMC partner are in London to benefit black people. Getting investments” that will improve black lives? WMC will continue dominating us..

  • #60Days of Ramaphosa: Fast, But Is It Fast Enough?: Sixty days into his presidency, #Cyril_Ramaphosa announced the appointment of four economic envoys to unlock significant investment into South Africa. They are former finance minister Trevor Manuel, former deputy finance….

  • We have lost our country already though Thuma Mina Trevor Manuel is the one running the show I will never vote ANC again.

  • President Ramaphosa: I have asked Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jaco Marie & Phumzile Langeni to be the President’s #InvestSA Envoy.

  • [PODCAST] President Cyril Ramaphosa announced today that Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Phumzile Langeni, Jacko Maree would conduct a worldwide drive for investment..

  • Grand Economy Theft, to be launched in Staring: Lord Robin Renwick, Nicky Oppenheimer, Johann Rupert Stooges: • Cyril Ramaphosa • Pravin Gordhan • Maria Ramos • Trevor Manuel • Sipho Pityana #NewDeal #ThumaMina #Siyavuma #EconomyCapture.

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  • Trevor Manuel and his wife Maria Ramos CEO of ABSA are top on list of Ramaphosa special investment envoy to London. Whites wins always 😭😭😭😭😭.

  • @delanibongani @xolile_r @MhlongoVuyiswa @Julius_S_Malema I like how things are unfolding because, the Zuma hate is revealing how selective he is, CR has appointed Jonas and Trevor Manuel to go assure their friends that business is back, policy has not changed, what else wud convince them besides that they will get the tenders?.

  • So likes of Trevor Manuel and his wife are given blank cheque to travel the globe at taxpayers costs this couple is already Rich and @CyrilRamaphosa pays for them gala anyone the world at our expense ANC members will regret voting for this chap.

  • No amount of investment money can be good enough to have us surrendering the call for #ExpropriationOfLandWithoutCompensation but seeing the "experienced" ones chosen by @CyrilRamaphosa with Trevor Manuel among them can only mean one thing -- forget about EWC!!!.

  • ANC expect us to vote for abo Trevor Manuel.

  • Would not be shocked if more bank deals are done with Absa in new dawn with Trevor Manuel in his wife Maria Ramos will twist his arm#newdawn.

  • Who would u people have recommended besides Trevor Manuel? Or le noh rasa fela cos he White?.

  • @Tebogo_Tebza7 @Mabane_rsa whites are the thieves of the nation, arms deal Mbeki was president, Trevor Manuel was minister of finance a lot people are involved in that.

  • President @CyrilRamaphosa has announced his decision to appoint four special envoys on investment. Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jaco Maree and Phumzile Langeni have been appointed to travel across the world and approach would-be investors to encourage investment in #SouthAfrica..

  • @Eusebius #InvestSA #Ramaphosa: Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jaques Marie and Phumzile Langeni have to travel the world asking for money cos all we do is eat our money on cars/clothes & give it to Zuma & his friends. Then we will case those investors away again when we miss chaos..

  • @Mgabadeli_ @Nxuba_Rhudulu @MYANC Your uncles de Klerk, Pravin Gordan and Trevor Manuel have degrees in using you to insult fellow blacks.

  • Trevor Manuel - Mgulugudu wo Fihleko 😔.

  • PR mogul, Cyril Ramaphosa, has appointed amongst Trevor Manuel and Mcebisi Jonas to solicit investment on behalf of SA across the world..

  • Where exactly this Country is heading? Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas & Pravin are both share holders in big companies in Mzansi and are now a team for???.

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  • What good has Trevor Manuel ever done for the poor people of this country?.

  • The lies, deception, betrayal and selling out in this country @MYANC seem to be an all rounder in the midst of deceiving this nation though. Kante senzeni to deserve this as a nation vele?!! On other news Ramaphosa is busy bringing Trevor Manuel into our affairs. Hayi!.

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa het vier spesiale gesante aangestel om beleggers in die buiteland te werf. Die vier, Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jaco Maree en Phumzile Langeni sal oor die wê.

  • This is a direct contradiction to the recent call for #ExpropriationWithoutCompensation. @CyrilRamaphosa will never truly allow this call to pass for as long as he is president. Has he convinced Trevor Manuel to accept it?.

  • Retweeted SAfm news (@SAfmnews): President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced his decision to appoint four special envoys on investment. Trevor Manuel, Mcebisi Jonas, Jacko Maree and Phumzile Langeni have been.

  • @busie_mkhize ezika President Ramaphosa noseqoke ikomidi elizohambela amazwe lifune ama investor nginethemba kulelikomidi nelihlanganisa u Trevor Manuel no Mcebisi Jonas lamadoda awakaze ayenzela phansi i RSA.

  • @busie_mkhize ezika President Ramaphosa noseqoke ikomidi elizohambela amazwe lifuna ama investors nginethemba kulelikomidi neliphethe uBaba u Trevor Manuel no Mcebisi Jonas siyayibonga imizamo ka Ramphosa uyakhombisa ufuna ukukuqeda ukwentula e RSA.

  • Ramaphosa appoints Trudi Makhaya as economic advisor JOHANNESBURG - South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday named Trudi Makhaya as his economic advisor.  This comes after Ramaphosa appointed former finance minister Trevor Manuel, former deputy minister of.

  • Mqubisi Jonas and Trevor Manuel @mabena_bob.