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Donald Trump called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and called black people “thugs” but y’all still think he’s not racist??

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Nick Confessore ()

Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to protect himself from Americans.

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Kyle Griffin ()

Breaking via WaPo: President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address.

Airborne All The Way ()

All Of The American People Should Hear This Has Been Actor, Comedian, Inglewood, CA Family BLOOD Gangbanger Hugely Spew His Severe Case TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome On The Radio Stations Foxy & He Spews Nothing But Pure HATE Lies & Propaganda.

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Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 ()

FUN FACT: Trump’s disapproval rating has climbed to 54% — the highest disapproval for any president in history.

Jennifer Rubin ()

If you worked for this administration you are complicit in what happened on Monday. If you work for Fox News you are complicit. If you voted against removal in the Senate trial you are complicit. If you vote for Trump in Nov. you are complicit. You should be shamed and shunned.

H ()

Trump mobilizing armed forces against our own citizens and then carefully mentioning “2nd amendment rights” which he knows will encourage civilians to turn arms on one another other. Lacking any integrity or empathy. This is out of control.

Skai ()

If you are defending the fact that Trump sexually abused young BOYS and GIRLS please unfollow the fact that this is all publicly documented and some people continue to make excuses.


Trump es un violador. Trump es un misógino. Trump es xenófobo. Trump es racista. Lo decimos más fuerte para que escuchen los de atrás?

Sin vacuna no van a poder abrir por mucho tiempo ()

@amilagrosparra disculpa. No quise decir que la vil eras tú, sino ese calculo político que en verdad le atribuyo a Trump.

Alyssa Milano ()

Trump needs to be removed from office. He is unfit to be President. There. I said it.

Skai ()

Donald Trump called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and called black people “thugs” but y’all still think he’s not racist??

Kamala Harris ()

Trump’s tweets yet again show what racism looks like. This is why we need new leadership. Vote.

Ryan Fournier ()

BREAKING: President Trump has just categorized Twitter as a publisher, removing their legal immunities. THIS IS HUGE. Twitter can now be held accountable for censoring Conservative voices. THANK YOU, President Trump!

Chuck Schumer ()

If President Trump doesn’t like Twitter, he can do everyone a favor and stop tweeting.

Donald J. Trump ()

Trump on Russia Hoax: ‘When the Papers Come Out’ We Will Learn Obama ‘Knew Everything’

Charlie Kirk ()

Why is Twitter allowing death threats against Trump but not facts about voter fraud? 🤔

Donald J. Trump ()

New papers make CLEAR that the Obama Administration SPIED, in an unprecedented manner, on the Trump Campaign and beyond, and even on the United States Senate. Nobody would ever have believed that this level of illegality and corruption would be taking place in our beautiful USA!

Geoff P ()

@TheMart96635817 @dbongino Really? Benghazi? Trump is responsible for 100,000 dead Americans, but yeah let’s keep talking


@BBCWorld FACT CHECK THIS: Jerry Nadler Agrees with TRUMP Mail-In Voting full of FRAUD! via @YouTube

Bernard Bourdon ()

Pour la première fois, Twitter signale comme trompeurs des tweets de Donald Trump Incroyable ! Cet homme est Président des États-Unis ! Honte à vous USA !

Jay Wiliams ™️ ()

Bloomberg aide slammed for using photo from another day to claim Trump golfed on Memorial Day

Amee Vanderpool ()

The Trump administration has announced a lofty plan to develop and produce millions of doses of a new COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020 and seems to have yielded substantial stock profits for the pharma exec Trump has appointed to lead the initiative.

Brian wise ()

@TB_Times My hope is that Floridians vote blue in November. Trump must be removed from office and someone who cares about the country elected president

Storm Has Arrived ()

Twitter Election Interference Shocker- Trump Promises Big Response via @YouTube

David B. Libsack ()

I with you RD! 🙋‍♂️🇺🇸 President Trump is the Greatest President, he deserves, and WILL GET another four years. 🇺🇸 MAGA TRUMP 2020 KAG 🇺🇸

🇺🇸Cassatonin⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

What in the actual ef? “Euthanizing Trump” how has this statement not gone viral? 🤢🤮 Can we change that, please? RT!

Donald J. Trump ()

The Failing @nytimes, winner of @PulitzerPrizes for its totally flawed coverage of the illegal Russia Witch Hunt, does its research as follows: Think of the absolute worst things you can say about Donald J. Trump, pretend there are sources, and just say it. RETURN THE PULITZERS!

Steve Schmidt ()

.@realDonaldTrump is a vicious fool who knows he is fully revealed in this moment of crisis. He is everything Fred Trump feared he would be. Incompetent, weak, a loser of truly historic dimensions. That is why he is viciously slandering @JoeNBC, a good man. Trump is detestable

Rob Reiner ()

MASSIVE. Twitter says it will put a warning label on the Lies and Disinformation tweeted by Trump. Since Trump is incapable of tweeting without lying, adios amigo. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Scott Dworkin ()

BREAKING: Architect of raid that killed bin Laden Ret Admiral McRaven says the US is under attack by Trump. McRaven thinks Trump is working to destroy the country from within and without. We need more patriots speaking out like this! #HonorVeteransByWearingAMask

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