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I wanted to #TwerkForPhume but I don’t have TV 😩, [email protected] are you gonna buy me a TV to play #Ps5 also?

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Mageba Strength
Mageba Strength ()

While others #TwerkForPhume , Kings are whispering I receive. #PS5

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Nomvu Selomane
Nomvu Selomane ()

Some are on third round ya tkoftlof nna yena😭😭😭#TwerkForPhume

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You think someone who sleeps on such a bed can have weird dreams like being chased by cows all night?? #TwerkForPhume

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The Unknown
The Unknown ()

In case and just in case you missed it 😂😅 #nonke #TwerkForPhume

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Rolling Books
Rolling Books ()

#TwerkForPhume Rolling Books, Mobile classroom that can move round to your residential area or school. Our bus provides WiFi, printing, snacks and more. Follow us @BooksRolling

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Mai Wanda
Mai Wanda ()

If you can #TwerkForPhume I guess you can also like my tweet and follow me for a Happy Thursday 💐

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🎉💖Qween_Sindy👑 ()

#TwerkForPhume can you please good people help a sister out with R20 🙏😢

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I_am_the_land🤴 ()

#TwerkForPhume Me twerking for 😂 😂 #Jerusalemachallenge

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#SAKO_Afrika ()

Kings this is how it’s embarrassing us 🤣😂!!! #TwerkForPhume #PS5

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Vusi ()

@ductor_O @PlayStation Lol e re baby a dire dire more or go twerk for it on #TwerkForPhume 😂

Opulent Beauty lyd
Opulent Beauty lyd ()

I can only twerk if you retweet my business post 😊 #Followforafollow #TwerkForPhume

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Giftious Sebiloane 🎯
Giftious Sebiloane 🎯 ()

I’ve recorded a video but I’m chickening our to post it 😩😩😩... let me see how many notifications are turned on and I’ll post the video #TwerkForPhume

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P M O 🍥
P M O 🍥 ()

Am sorry majita but this is definitely worth tweaking for. #TwerkForPhume

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Ria🌻🌈♥️🦄 ()

Ladies I’m reaching out for help, please recommend the best baby shower dress one can get the mommy to be 😩 #TwerkForPhume

Vellen Ndile
Vellen Ndile ()

×2 platinum, shout to the yano king #TwerkForPhume Kaizer chiefs BREAKING NEWS

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P🥇H🎼U♉M🏆E🏏L♨️E😘L✍E🎥 ()

#TwerkForPhume anyone with FIFA game for xbox 360, please halala to me. I wanna surprise my younger brother on his birthday, this upcoming weekend

Motho ()

#TwerkForPhume Imagine playing games with your PS5 and having to remember that you twerked for it each and everytime you play it. Lol

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Black Consciousness
Black Consciousness ()

Wen are we finally gonna see one ☝️ single twerk??? Guys are boring. #TwerkForPhume

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MissMunyai ()

Kindly reach out for a Professional Cv Revamp Template,WhatsApp 0817845302 for further discussion. #TwerkForPhume

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The Black Toosie
The Black Toosie ()

#TwerkForPhume this hashtag is not lemme jus sit and watch👀

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Smono💕🇿🇦 ()

New profile pic Follow for FB #TwerkForPhume | Julius Malema | Grade 12

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ØƦł ÐẸBłĠ BẸẠŦ$™ ❼ ()

I wanted to #TwerkForPhume but I don’t have TV 😩, [email protected] are you gonna buy me a TV to play #Ps5 also?

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Ultimatum ()

@phume22 🤣My 14 debut album got gang twerk songs for yall to #TwerkForPhume go check it, link pinned on profile

Baloyi Masana
Baloyi Masana ()

#TwerkForPhume Buy watches from Masana Text me on 0799868508 We deliver nationwide

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A m a n d a
A m a n d a ()

#TwerkForPhume Suddenly people have girlfriends whom they want twerking on their behalf❔❕ Ningavumi girls, that tv game will be more important than u.

Josh I am Alive
Josh I am Alive ()

#TwerkForPhume what is the judging @phume22 and guarantees, can we hide our true

ShadyLu💥 ()

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I am not laughing!!! #TwerkforPhume

frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher ()

Phume is being used by WMC to degrade men. Why do it when Lasiswe says he is tired of fame? #TwerkForPhume

Josh I am Alive
Josh I am Alive ()

#TwerkForPhume what are TCs of this And where do we send our showcases, closing date/time

☚ #IsonoBET Gabriel ☛
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