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🍉🍉 @DojaCat links up with @Tyga for the Juicy Remix! Check out the official video here! 🍉🍉.

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Why didn’t she get lizzo on the track instead of tyga when juice is literally her whole thing.

Doja really slept on when she was performing Juicy on COLORS and now you wanna give her the recognition she deserved because Tyga innit..


@bengaybitch_ I know tyga didn’t just say “I don’t fuck with rats” lol he must forgot what he look like.

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Ces mêmes photographes qui n’ont aucune idée de l’artiste qu’il vont shooter. L’an dernier dans le pit au Bataclan ça tapait “Tyga” en despi sur Google 😭.

This was so much better before Tyga was on it 😂@empoweredbxtch @haisunbear.

tyga just had to ruin the juicy video AND take place of the most iconic lyrics of the song aka he go the hourglass, coke bottle body, I got that.

why the Fuck did she ruin this song by adding tyga the original is an absolute bop !!!! My queen forever.

people act like tyga hasn’t kept a hit for the last 10 years.

配信してます! カジュアル参加おけ〜😂.

Would’ve been a yes from me but y’all just HAD to have tyga.

Wow here the haters go hating us DojaCat stans don’t hate tyga at all so stop y’all assumptions.

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crazy, tyga is a very good underrated rapper. y’all only stopped fucking with him bc of kylie.

Tyga did nothing to nobody y’all so lame. Y’all see other niggas hating and just follow suit cuz y’all followers.

Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video) via @YouTube 🤟😘🍉 I.

@tvrget Im suprised tyga is on it first time i heard the song was at colors and i loved it. Doja is fineeee.

[email protected] gets sickeningly sweet with @Tyga in the new video for #Juicy 🍒.

Idk if i said it on here or Tyga probably the most versatile rapper in the pretty much get on ANYTHING.

[email protected] & @Tyga DID WHAT THEY NEEDED TO DO!!! #Juicy is a BOP!! 🍉.

@compic_Onyx @OluniyiGates That girl Wizzy defrauded is like D list never too cast. 😩.

tyga really said he don’t fuck w rats he literally is one.

Ice Cream Man - Tyga / Sori Na Choreography via @YouTube.

Having an android for music is fun and all, until Quraan plays after Tyga’s ready to f*ck 💀💀💀.

🍉🍉 @DojaCat links up with @Tyga for the Juicy Remix! Check out the official video here! 🍉🍉.

Lot of so called experts on here but I’ve yet to see a peer reviewed article detailing how tyga ended colorism with “lightskin lil wayne”.

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