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Fact-checkers will pick one random video from some anonymous handle’s timeline. Prove it as fake and use it to discredit the entire truth of #BengalViolence Typical

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Neha ()

@Kumar46134225 That is typical daughter behavior. Love cooking, surprising loved ones and excited about mostly everything :) Wow Uncle ji, you sure have a lot of talent. Also, I think cooking is a great stress buster, refreshes mind👍

לילית ()

@Local_Massreya The West Bank/East Jerusalem settlers are overwhelmingly Haredi/Hasidic so you can expect them to be even more cold and callous than your typical secular Zionist type.

Dominique✨#MaskUp #SocialDistancing
Dominique✨#MaskUp #SocialDistancing ()

@PoliticsReid Typical move on racist Ron’s side. That special election should have happened by now. Looks like #DeStupidest is pulling a #MoscowMitch move. So nice when they learn from each other. This is almost a Merrick Garland move.

Cenzo87 ()

@Braicku @NianticHelp Yeah it’s a bit weird Niantic didn’t do it the other way. Neutral when catching and Active when buddy. But typical Niantic

Tyke ()

@wh1teone I only read one chapter and it was mostly worldbuilding but knowing a Martell POV will eventually collide with Tyrion and Victarion on their way to Dany is so exciting, that and I like his personality where he’s closer to Doran than he is with the typical Dornish philosophy ala

Comicphilosofaa ()

@davidmweissman And you my friend are the typical Liberal who communicates like backward thinking Amoeba

Insufferable_Pick ()

@PartPhil Typical Vancouver fan . Complaining about two bottom guys of which one is better.

Yatish ()

Khasma Birtamode chai typical Jhapa hoina, Jhapa geography bhanda jyada vibe ho, feeling ho, jun Urlabari dekhi Kankai Mai samma exist garchha, political division alli galat chha, Birtamod Ilam ho

Louie Mantia, Jr.
Louie Mantia, Jr. ()

Also!! “We have a lot to learn” is typical bs. This post spent no time on what they DID learn because I suspect, well, they didn’t learn anything.

Hareem Sumbul
Hareem Sumbul ()

@MairaHayat I think she was struggling to find words to explain organisational hierarchy. Turned it into jihaalat. Typical.

Brendan ()

@JoshBBCAN9 I don’t know to much though, tbh I’d suck at BB 😆. I would probably be my typical overanalysing self and get evicted early for coming across as playing too fast. I do think I’d be awesome at the walk comp though tbh.

Chakaconn ()

@LoveAndyC @nickisha Typical? I know Ramona has a bad rep when meeting others. But, LVP doesn’t seem to

Eka Putri Rahayu
Eka Putri Rahayu ()

Namatin Good Doctor season 2 versi Hollywood. Pengembangan karakternya makin kusuka. Jalan cerita gacuman di hidupnya dr. Shaun doang. Teteup ngefans Melendez. Typical cowo mature yg kusuka

Ais ()

a lot of old dttwt accounts didnt want to be labeled as typical dream stans bcs ppl just started using that as … — it still happens today, luckily with a lot of new dream mains its less apparent

KP 🌟 12/7/20
KP 🌟 12/7/20 ()

@MysticMjay steph was cooking ..pelican stadium lights went out and steph went cold and no one other than wiggins had double warriors lost the game in the last 2 mins of the game and typical bazeless

Luigi Vampa
Luigi Vampa ()

@henry_nease @mcuban Typical intellectually lazy behavior. Someone produces a 22-page rather detailed research on something, random guy points out “it’s untrue”, then fails to adduce any tangible proof. The founders of DogeCoin exited years ago, there’s no serious long-term outlook.

RST Sai ()

@EconomicTimes Modi is a fake character without any ethics, ideology and honesty except his brazen lust for power, typical of the Machivellian Prince. Modi will never work with political rivals and competitors. Public interest and public good doesn’t matter to Modi.

Typical_Nic ()

@Rouger98908830 A nice evening sky The black at the bottom goes well with dark mode as well

Angeline 🇲🇾
Angeline 🇲🇾 ()

@khairulaming Reality kehidupan, buat baik diagung melampau, sekali buat silap habis. Typical nature manusia. My dad pernah ckp, hidup kita makin dikenali makin banyak dugaan, especially dari perangai manusia yg kita tak expect. Enjoy this life cause one day kita semua akan mati.

Leskii ()

@ACruelWinter •black character doing “black hand gestures and body language” • stereo typical “black name” people will probably claim that it is a racist depicting of a black woman.

Todd 😷
Todd 😷 ()

I been trying to tell folks that Cam Johnson was gonna be legit ever since his 16-17 season at Pitt and people were basically laughing at me then 🤣🤣

T*ra ()

@notbinIaden Typical amount for a compact suv but the shape of the inside makes the space more practical to use

Roy @ Backlog Hell
Roy @ Backlog Hell ()

@ShadesSalvation That’s how it sounds to me too. The masked soldiers especially sound Japanese but I never caught them saying any typical Japanese terms

BennieCoombs ()

@SamanthaJPell Typical John Davidson crybaby response. Had to listen to his drivel for years when he was color man for the Rangers. Practically called for Dave Brown’s draw and quartering after he slashed Tomas Sandstrom . JD was the ultimate homer/crybaby.

Tirk🔻(Still Uncornered)🍙
Tirk🔻(Still Uncornered)🍙 ()

very smartly designed games, an entire rpg that more or less consist of anime episodes designed to be consumed around a typical school schedule, it rly is the ideal way to play them

Mr.68biscayne ()

@JoeCurtatone So joe/mayor dumbass, if it turns out that it was a tragic suicide and not a will you be issuing apologies to the people you called names and defamed ? Or will you do the typical liberal thing and deflect? If I had to guess, I’m going with a ball-less move by you

Thomas Horrocks
Thomas Horrocks ()

@mdwhittaker I can’t judge intent, but the impact is a false equivalency where actually oppressive content is erroneously equated with mean words. It’s a fairly typical example of privileged sin-leveling or “both sides-INNG”

RST Sai ()

@IndianExpress In its heyday, Left Front did exactly same. Prior to that Congress under Sidharth Shankar Ray too did the same. It has been a long tradition in Bengal. Normal for noisy debates in the typical adda to get emotional and take violent turn at times.

Vipin 🏹
Vipin 🏹 ()

@narendramodi @BorisJohnson Trade and trade and trade !!! That is alright mr. Typical politician. Its required too. But you seem to lost empathy with fellow countrymen. Aap ko sanmati de bhagwan !!!

Monica ()

Fact-checkers will pick one random video from some anonymous handle’s timeline. Prove it as fake and use it to discredit the entire truth of #BengalViolence Typical

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