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.@RandPaul simply wanted an inspector general to oversee how $40 billion of your taxpayer dollars are being spent in Ukraine and the swamp went nuts. They don’t want transparency because it’s one giant kickback to their friends and Big War. I hope you’re awake & watching!.

If you are voting against aid for Ukraine, or you excuse away Putin’s murderous aggression, it might be a small tip off to what you really think of freedom and democracy..

Counting last night’s rushed vote, Congress has now spent more money on Ukraine in six months than we spend on all US roads and bridges in a year. … something to think about the next time you are stuck in traffic or replacing a bent rim..


That $40,000,000,000 headed to Ukraine won’t be audited on the block chain. Or audited at all. “10% for the big guy.” And there are lots of big guys with their hands out..

Beyond words. Today Ukrainian military 227th battalion of the 127th territorial defense brigade reached the border with Russia in the Kharkiv region. Glory to Ukraine! 💪🏻🇺🇦.

Tim Pool
Tim Pool

the left is pro war and voted for the pro war candidate and voted to fund the war in ukraine the left is pro war.

“Killed in Ukraine” vs “dies at 51” The NYT left out that Shireen was killed in occupied Palestine while covering an Israeli raid on Jenin. She was also American but all of this is left out. Criticizing Israel is impermissible..

Ukraine Photo,Ukraine Photo by Richard Medhurst,Richard Medhurst on twitter tweets Ukraine Photo

This is what I found in the $40B Ukraine aid bill poised to pass this week:.

Ukraine Photo,Ukraine Photo by Kristina Wong 🇺🇸,Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Ukraine Photo

Good morning. May I show you something truly amazing? Look at what @CoriBush admits about the $40b war package she -- and the entire Squad -- just voted for: a large percentage goes not to Ukraine but to private defense contractors, with increased risks of direct war..

Ukraine Photo,Ukraine Photo by Glenn Greenwald,Glenn Greenwald on twitter tweets Ukraine Photo

@UkrArmyBlog how can help mi informing about train hard for fight in ukraine -) russian shit !!!.

@bengrossbg Ukraine has no choice but to wage war. Moscow does not care if opposition parties are banned or not. They will continue lobbing shells regardless. The drums of Mars are louder and stronger than the will of mortal man..

$CSCO $BBWI guidances also showed the challenges from inflation, Ukraine war, & China lockdown. Mrkt sentiment will only go worse b4 it can go better..

Former Ukraine president Leonid Kravchuk passes on at 88 via @todayng.

If Ukraine wins the Eurovision contest I will grab my TV and throw it out of the window 🤬🤬😤.

Norway Armenia Ukraine Portugal and Maldova all in the grand final from semifinal 1 some of my favorites !!!! #Eurovision.

My ten going to final; Austria Norway💚🐺 Ukraine💚 Latvia Switzerland 💚 Moldova💚 Bulgaria Croatia Lithuania 💚 Armenia💚 Did not get iceland,portugal, Greece(?HOW?) So surprised by Latvia and Austria missing out.

Nuland referred to getting the United Nations involved in a political solution in Kiev..

Ukraine go through, possibly as the winners of SF1 tonight. Moldova’s high energy put them through. And the Netherlands go through. #Eurovision.

Theorie: Mit diplomatischen Verhandlungen statt mit Waffenlieferungen den Krieg beenden. Soweit so gut. Nur, Putin will nicht fair verhandeln, der will die Ukraine und wohl mehr: Die gute, alte Sowjetunion und als Zar Wladimir der Große in die Geschichte eingehen!#Lanz.

Right now, people in Ukraine are facing a catastrophic human rights crisis. Thousands of lives are at risk. Take action to demand that the Russian authorities stop this act of aggression and protect civilians now. #StandWithUkraine TAKE ACTION >>.

@elonmusk s it true that you received a threat for offering free internet to ukraine? according to media..

Ukrainians unearth horrors near Kyiv, a month after Russian retreat a través de @politico.

@zerohedge Trying to rile up the puppies for the midterms as she votes to send 40 billion to Ukraine. Her base will like it..

@Forbes Seems pretty obvious: Belarus. Crimea. Chechnya. Now Ukraine. State Sponsoring Terrorism..

@Peacecakex Es hat keinen Sinn, Du überlegst Dir etwas und setzt das als Fakt. Dabei hat das nie jemand gefordert, und nach wei vor entwickelst Du kein realistischs, Du hat nur eine Lösung, die aber keine dauerhafte ist, es sei denn Du unterstellst, dass die Ukraine Russland einnimmt.


@CHIKNAPIK @RepMTG Why the F#% would we send 17 million to the president of Ukraine? This is money laundering.

Note to all junior researchers @scriptsberlin and @B_R_50, who are as well from Ukraine: there will be a workshop next week..

Dog helps clear bombs in Ukraine | WNT @YouTubeより ABC news, ウクライナに新しいヒーロー誕生 ジャック・テリアのパトロン君は爆発物探索で大活躍。ロシアの侵攻以来230個以上の爆発物除去に貢献。 ゼレンスキー大統領からメダルを授与される.

プーチン氏 軍事作戦は正しい選択 #Yahooニュース If Ukraine wins, peace comes. If Russia wins, the next war happens by all means. I think so, too..

@mhmck Don’t humiliate Ukraine by selling weapons to Russia after sanctions were imposed on Russia for invading Crimea..

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