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Fezile’s uncle looks like he will never recover from “being beaten up by a gay” and I love it 😂 #Umndeni

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Vusimuzi Vincent
Vusimuzi Vincent ()

Abraham just got engaged by mr maseko wow congratulations.🤗 #Umndeni

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Jayce Edher Zivambe
Jayce Edher Zivambe ()

They know I can put them in different positions all day. - uTata #Umndeni 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


#Umndeni Maseko was so afraid of the other healers but is out here stunting on Feziles family.


Someone tell this presenter to shut up. Jesus😯 stop obviously interpreting the narrative #umndeni


Phumula Baba Mvelase Honorable Ricardo Mthembu, former Mayor of KwaDukuza Municipality,phumula somlomo we @ANCKZN .wasiphatha kahle KwaDukuza ngesikhathi sakho siyabonga,uNkulunkulu aqinise umndeni kanye nezihlobo, nombutho kaKhongolose esifundazweni saKwaZulu-Natal🙏

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Tumi. ()

🤣🤣🤣 weeeehhh this man is immature, mid argument he stands up and throws a tantrum weeeh #umndeni

Bakang Kutlwano
Bakang Kutlwano ()

Fezile is a perfect example of ‘pretty’ privilege. People are focusing on her beauty while ignoring her stinking attitude. Sies mahn . #Umndeni

M LeMont
M LeMont ()

The pen is your sword, the delete button your shield now intelligently go to war. Mi Umndeni Guyani

Bonolo Motaung
Bonolo Motaung ()

Mara to be honest U Dabz uyamthanda u Muntu wakhe, wena bengeke umthathe umuntu uklwelayo? Besides that this proves ukuthi nobuhle ngeke buk winele iNdoda , thatha Dabz🤣🤣... #Umndeni

YouTube_Matz Daniels
YouTube_Matz Daniels ()

Finally did a review on this show on my YouTube channel Issa lot NB link on comment #Umndeni

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#UmthethoMix10_30KDownloads ()

HELP ME WISH MYSELF A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥️ #KhuneSignsForPirates #Umndeni

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Ilawukazi ()

UNkanyezi is a buy one get one free wife. She said so herself, she was invited into that sthembu🧝‍♀️👏🏾 #Umndeni


But me medical results never came back, when they all went to the doctor . I thought @ThisIsSelby was going to ask #Umndeni

Barebasics_1 ()

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”. Mother Teresa With donating a bag of VitaMeal, you can feed a hungry child for 30 days. Help nourish the children by donating a bag(s) of vitameal 0648220164 #Umndeni #tracyzille

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BK ()

#Umndeni am i the only one who heard “woza ne vaseline” more than congratulations!?👀📦🇿🇦👀

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Phumu ()

Guys uNkanyezi is hurt. She needs counseling. I feel sorry for her. #Umndeni

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Nontu ()

I honestly think that ring was for Fezile. I think Maseko changed his mind when Fezile said he will leave with his family and Fezile’s family said they won’t give him blessings if ever they get married with Maseko. #Umndeni


Nkanyezi must just go back home. There are enough men in nelspruit , I’m even willing to cover her traveling fees. #Umndeni

16th July 🎁🔥💃
16th July 🎁🔥💃 ()

@kelow_C Lol accompanied by being an honest hard working person who doesnt tolerate shit in a relationship like Dabulamanzi #Umndeni

IG: Madlomo_omhle
IG: Madlomo_omhle ()

Dabula deserves that ring, the man saw her for who she truly is. 2nd wife has always been too bitter towards Dabula, she was always competing with Dabula! #Umndeni

👑🌻G•E•E♡🇿🇦 ()

#Umndeni 😳😳after what Mahlalentabeni said about ugly jiki she pregnant

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Karabo Mokgoko 🦄
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Would you abandon your family if they hate someone you love and want to be with? #Umndeni

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Fezile’s uncle looks like he will never recover from “being beaten up by a gay” and I love it 😂 #Umndeni

khuvethi Mhlonyane
Khuvethi Mhlonyane ()

I thought #Umndeni was a SAn telenovela like isibaya, uzalo, imbewu kanti yilento! Moja love is something else.

Sbo Heaven
Sbo Heaven ()

So, really really bazogadlana ngo muthi kwi TV? 😲 #umndeni

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Nthabza ()

UDabula is a Queen/King🔥🔥🔥Hes the whole show Fezile thinks hes a show but hes NOT #Umndeni

The🔥Fire ()

@lelowhatsgood I need a show with the girlies of they need to leave that man!! Their stories, their experiences with ubungoma and queerness. Some are transitioning a journey through that with them.

EAT a Cookie... life is SHORT
EAT a Cookie... life is SHORT ()

@Cleo04patra The ONLY time I watch TV is to watch # I love love #Dabula 😍😍😍😍

Papi 👑
Papi 👑 ()

Watching the repeat of #Umndeni Malwandle deserves some justice to be back on this show to be quite honest.

Tsommomi ()

Umndeni is Way deeper than Entertainment! A lot is reveal .kaze iyozala uzoybona -onezindlebe uzozwa. #Umndeni #UmndeniReunion 😣

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