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Encourage your kids to speak out if they are bullied or see someone getting bullied. Rather be a snitch than face a lifetime of trauma. #Umphakathi

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Inja ye Game😎 ()

@fanny_miz @JnzBeats Uphi umphakathi was protea? Cosas nikuph?

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FransMAFS ()

Now I get where successful people usually say to be successful is about taking took a huge Risk and it paid off. #Umphakathi

SABC izindaba ()

Ingahlakazwa iNkampani yezindiza kuleli iSAA uma kungathiwa amabhuku ayo ezemali akhonjiswa umphakathi #SABCNews #SABCIzindaba

Thandz ()

I feel like decades of systemic racism has left us hating ourselves cause everywhere you look black people are making self destructive decisions. #umphakathi

🌚 ()

She used that grant very well. Exactly what social security is supposed to be. A bridge over troubled waters. Temporary help until you can stand on your own. We are not supposed to be dependent on the State for life. #umphakathi

Bhekani Magcaba ()

@TuMhlaba1 uMavundla usenginike okusha ebengingakwazi okwenziwa uhulumeni lokuthi amakhansela abone umphakathi izikhathi ezine ikona iziteleka ziningi kangaka inkinga sithandwa makuvotwa emvakwalokho silahliswa okwenyongo yenyathi

Battisse Lethabo ()

#Umphakathi No. Black people think the government owes them money. No unemployment Grant. This is why our country is rich in resources but poor in growth. Because we allocate money on useless things. SA is the only country that encourages pregnancy.

❤️🌺Miss Lungi 🇿🇦 ❤️🌺 ()

I thought only two kids are qualified for child they pay for 8 kids ,people will be giving birth even at 59 moes #Umphakathi

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

These people always say you should go to the offices and ask as if their staff is friendly. #umphakathi

Aaron Moloisi ()

Thank you for keeping us trending. Let’s continue the journey together #Umphakathi

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VATincrease PetrolKhuphuka ()

@KgomotsoRamothi !!🤣🤣😂 Ndlozi is disrespecting people loves drum magazine 🤣🤣😂

F A N A ()

I’m expecting a legal perspective ya Wits from this guy not what he’s saying 😴🤷‍♀️ #umphakathi

Theophillus Mofokeng ()

Is this one registered? I mean Shepard Bushiri University #Umphakathi

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♡JayWolf♡ ()

School is dope but kidz who pull up wif knifes makes it the most unsafe place #umphakathi

TolaTENDER.co.za ()

Win Tenders! Get new skills on how to do tenders and service governmen t, Government Needs You, enrol in the 3-Day workshop “The Tender Master Class” *certified by government, book now: #BANKSTRIKE #Umphakathi

Huobi South Africa ()

I just published Huobi Research Weekly () –)Be Updated Africa #Umphakathi #HuobiSA

TolaTENDER.co.za ()

Try Our Job Like Button! Pre ss our matriculant Job Like button and be reminded to apply before a matriculant job closes, visit our job website click here> #Umphakathi

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Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Encourage your kids to speak out if they are bullied or see someone getting bullied. Rather be a snitch than face a lifetime of trauma. #Umphakathi

IG: Mlungisi_prince ()

We sometimes joke about how we were bullies at school not realising how traumatic that experience was for other people #umphakathi

Burnnie ()

@Audriinah_ Lmfaooo so you been a rebel child and I’m outchea thinking you a were a good kid 🥶 #Umphakathi

Cheese 🧀 Relz ()

My Young Brother Was Bullied His First Year In Highschool Had To Send The Principal An The Matter Was Taken Care Of Since #Umphakathi

Take up space! ()

Hate that I remember how it feels to be bullied🙃 those mental scars dont really go away #Umphakathi

Shadi ()

I gave up transports for taxis, you can imagine how bad my experience was #umphakathi

M A T A B O G E L E ()

@TheVendaGuy Yep. When i was in boarding school, our driver would pass by a liquor store before we got to school so we can buy whatever we wanted 😬 #Umphakathi

MaMokgopo ()

Batswadi ba bang ha ba rute bana ba bona molao. Ngwana ha hlompe skolong hobane ha hlompe ka tlung. #umphakathi

Ndabezitha ()

this is almost the same as someone who is going to tell you we all have the same 24hr a #Umphakathi

Reba ()

Kids aren’t safe. There are so many dangers, if it’s not bullying, kidnapping or rape it’s many more things💔 #umphakathi

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

I remember our primary school transports were, the drivers even had meetings etc, in high school it was everyone for themselves. #Umphakathi

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Some parents don’t have the luxury to make 100% sure their kids got to school on time and safely. #Umphakathi

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Aaron made a very good point, South African’s don’t want other Africans working here but when a South African goes overseas to work they say he/ she is representing us well. #Umphakathi

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