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Service members who have been separated from the military for refusing an experimental vaccine ought to be restored with their pay and rank. The Department of Defense should reinstate these individuals who should’ve never been separated in the first place..

A new paper by BMJ Editor Dr Peter Doshi has analysed data from the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine trials and found that the vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital than keep you out..

Dr. @andrewbostom, physician and epidemiologist (with 46K followers), cited a peer-reviewed paper on sperm count after Covid vaccine. The paper was published in Andrology, a highly respected medical journal. His account was permanently suspended by Twitter. This is outrageous..

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Having military leaders that deny science is bad for our country’s defense. Repeal the military COVID vaccine mandate. Even Gen. George Washington knew about natural immunity, and didn’t prescribe small pox inoculations for those in the military who had already had the disease..

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, says his COVID-19 recovery is an “example” for the nation of the protection offered by vaccines and boosters..

Brett Peterson of @CDCgov says that in addition to New York City, the agency is working with health departments in other cities to offer #monkeypox vaccinations more broadly to those at risk. But there is limited supply of the vaccine for the next few weeks..

I pitched in on this @sharonNYT⁩ story about today’s low-key but important rollout in NYC of a vaccine for a virus that is not Covid but bears watching.

JYNNEOS vaccine is a non-replicating, live, attenuated vaccine given subcutaneously. 2 doses/28 days btwn. No lil pus volcano on your arm. ACAM2000 is a live, attenuated vaccine given percutaneously. 1 dose, 15 quick pokes w/a bifurcated needle. Pus volcano on your arm..

เสียดายที่ตปท. นับแต่ Viral vector กับ mRNA อีกที ไม่มีพื้นที่ให้ inactivated virus vaccine.

nag facemask at vaccine pa ako, sa inggit kay tali lang pala ako matitigok HABAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSHS.

@SkyNews But they got all the big calls right! Fastest growing economy in the G7 to recover from Covid. And and Mr Speaker the biggest Vaccine roll out in the Galaxy!!! 😱.

รีวิวเพิ่งWalk-inไปทำVaccine Certificateมา เผื่อเป็นประโยชน์ค่ะ สถานที่ รพ บางรัก สาทร BTS เซนต์หลุยส์ ไป รับคิว ได้เล่ม ควรไปก่อนบ่าย2โมง เคสเรา คือ - ลงทะเบียนรับแบบQR ไว้ในแอพฯหมอพร้อม แต่อยากได้เล่มด้วย **กรณีWalk-inได้คือต้องบินภายใน7วัน (1).

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Live on #JoyNewsDesk: Ghana, Rwanda, and Senegal have partnered with German biotechnology company, BioNTech SE, to fill, finish, and package BioNTech mRNA vaccines in Africa. This is the first step in the chain of domestic vaccine production which is expected to improve.

Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerators installed at Mecca & Podaghat GPs under the Special Programme for Promotion of Integrated Farming, run by Directorate of Agriculture and Food Production in the district having 4 components Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock and Fishery..

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this monkeypox shit really be fucking scary can they get their act together with the vaccine rollout like…yesterday?!.

At 10 am today my daughter got her COVID vaccine just as roe was overturned. Access to vaccines, access to health care— including abortions— is a human right..

@YoursMiaXx Remember when Nicki Minaj outed a dude as a cheater because he said the vaccine gave him swollen balls and forced his fiance to cancel the wedding.


Didn’t know this! ⬇️ UK ‘one of the last hold-outs to the World Trade Organization’s belated partial agreement to waive vaccine despite promising last year to donate 100m vaccines to low-income countries, by May of this year fewer than had been dispatched’.

This ⁦@bmj_latest⁩ paper reviewed our work (next tweet) and scored it as low risk of bias in all domains. And that made me a happy nerd today 🤓 “Effectiveness of heterologous and homologous covid-19 vaccine regimens: living systematic review”.

I wish I could backpack through Europe right about now. For better or worse I just don’t have Antonio Brown’s Vaccine Card connect..

@Carolyn18059540 @ExposeCensored Nobel prize winner luc montanier did predict recipients of the vaccine would develop aids😱.

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@VF_LSR8SC @Marley_Mae_1 Filipino Twitter female. Unnatural obsession with was able to work during lockdowns Or shall we say…enjoys degrading people not allowed to if lucky received a pittance from the government that didn’t afford Netflix.

@POTUS I’m starting to think that they want to kill the hardcore democrats off 😂. Nobody else is gonna give their babies the vaccine that has been causing blood clots and health problems but the far left. Instead of arguing with them just cheer them on! Shots for left babies yay!!.

@EcksBrand @LennyDykstra Otherwise known as they took the vaccine I can’t say it so let’s call it SADS.

If the vaccine causes infertility than it lease go ahead. Give me all the shots you have left #tiemytubes.

@Divinity555 You realize that myocarditis, blood clots, and “neuro issues” were all common symptoms of COVID long before a vaccine was even available? And the vaccinated are sheep right? Read some actual scientific data, you fool..

@majorleague1313 @XoliMngambi for the other is very low. However, the World Health Organisation on their website has stated that several observational studies have shown the smallpox vaccine to be 85% effective against monkeypox. The smallpox vaccine can be used until there is a monkeypox vaccine..

Twitter Suspends Doctor for Sharing Study That Shows Pfizer Vaccine Impacts Semen.

give me the monkeypox vaccine now @POTUS i’m not joking !!!!!!.

@RachelSJohnson @lbc The initial polio vaccine (Salk vaccine) may well have been very effective combating the virus in the 50s but it wasn’t perfect. My sister was injected as a baby leaving her badly brain damaged. But on balance the benefits to all outweighed the risk to a few.

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