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Wishing you all a romantically appropriate #ValentinesDay2020 ♥️

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🌸بنت الأمة🌸 ()

لو بيحبك 😒 يجي يخطبك 💍 مش يشتريلك دبدوب أحمر 🐻🎁 #معا_لتخريب_عيد_الحب 💔😂 #ValentinesDay2020

Katherine Kelly Lang ()

Serious or silly? Which one do you like better? Lol🤣 Happy Valentines Day!!❤️❤️❤️ #teamkeldom #ValentinesDay2020

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LinxGT ()

Who else spent there #ValentinesDay2020َ going up to random couples in public places and saying “well you’ve moved on pretty quickly now haven’t you” and then walking away without another word?


วาเลนไทน์ยังไม่หมด ตอบคำถาม Valentine Pop Quiz ซ้ายหรือขวา เลือกอะไรดีน้าาาาา? #ValentinesDay2020 #GMMTV

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Washington Nationals ()

Dear @Astros, This is technically a valentine. #ValentinesDay2020 #NATITUDE

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Mark Hamill ()

Wishing you all a romantically appropriate #ValentinesDay2020 ♥️

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Ch Muhammad Ali ()

Today is not just to be celebrated with your gfs & bfs, Instead it’s the day when you mention your love for those who actually deserve it! It could be your parents or brothers & sisters, friends who mean special to you and they made you happy somewhere in past. #ValentinesDay2020

VeryBritishProblems ()

British terms of endearment: - “You’re not all bad” - “I quite like you, in a way” - “I’ll let you buy the first round” - “Help yourself to chips” - “You daft sod” - “Tea?” #ValentinesDay2020

Epigramist ()

“Beğendiğiniz bedenlere, hayalinizdeki ruhları koyup, aşk sanıyorsunuz.” -Othello (1995) #14şubatsevgililergünü #ValentinesDay2020

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R d - The desi boy ()

#ValentinesDay2020 Velentine day 🙃☺😊☺😆😄😃😀😀

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SHOPEE Thailand ()

Happy #ValentinesDay2020 💞 แปะรูปไอ้ต้าวความรักของคุณกันน 😘 #ShopeeTH

MThai ()

วันนี้ #ValentinesDay2020 บรรยากาศที่ปากคลองตลาดยังมีผู้คนคนมาซื้อหาดอกกุหลาบกันเหมือนเช่นเคย ในปีนี้ ราคาไม่แพงเหมือนปีที่ผ่านมา 🎶 ขอบคุณที่รักกัน ขอบคุณที่ครั้งที่คอยกอดฉัน ในวันที่ปัญหา ภาษาโถมเข้ามาใส่..

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Dahrmilola ()

Today go dope I don get like 3 movie: 1. I wan watch film, where 3, 4 girls will post the same LOML 2. Where girls will buy gifts and be shouting from boo Boo wey never chop😂😂😂🤣🤣 3. Where main will catch side chicks #ValentinesDay2020

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walang special person na kadate this #ValentinesDay2020 and hoping kayo din 😬🤪 #altergensan

Mu®[email protected] 🌼 ()

Celebration of tharkies on 14 feb be like: #ValentinesDay2020 Expectations🙈 VS Reality 🤧

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Gus 🇦🇺 ()

Seriously, though, I hope everyone has a lovely #ValentinesDay2020. I’m going to spend mine listening to heavy metal music and trudging up and down Adelaide’s Hindley Street like I do every Friday night. GOOD TIMES!

Who is your daddy ()

Gentle men when are we switching our phones off tomorrow? Mine is by 12:00pm nd yours?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2020

Shouush_42 ()

🔻📈 || दो तबकों के दरमियान फरक अल्नबा इन्फौग्राफिक 220 हिंदी तर्जुमा #மண்ًணின்_காவலன்_ًசீமான்/ #ValentinesًDay20ِ20/

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Tweet Potato ()

Today is the day which will decide, aap Papa banoge ya Mama. 😀 😀 #ValentinesDay2020

Thabalancepodcast ()


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Who Am I? ()

No-one : Literally No-one : Le 14 Year Old Kiddos To Their Crush : Baby Mein Tumhe Kabhi Nahi Chodunga Ily Baby! I Be Like : Abey Saale , Tujhse Maths Ka Homework To Solve Ho Nahi Pata Pyaar Karega 🤷🏻‍♂️ #ValentinesDay2020 #MEMES

TD ()

Valentine day nafsu berbalut kasih sayang #valentinebukanbudayakita #ValentinesDay2020

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Mala Singh ()

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, sharing my two paintings Radha Krishna | Size – 12” x 18” Sohni Mahiwal | Size – 24” x 34” Canvas Print Available. Artist Asha Rani Singh For more info, mail us at [email protected] Have a Beautiful Day :) #ValentinesDay2020 #Valentines

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ஜிகிடி கில்லாடி 🤸🤸 ()

When your Office Crush Absence on Feb 14 🤒🤒 #ValentinesDay2020

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Césario ()

Selamat tanggal 14, yang mau selebrasi silahkan dilakukan dengan bijak, aman, hemat, cermat, dan bersahaja. Bertanggung jawab dan dapat dipercaya. Btw besok kantor siapa yang ada senam? gw mau ikutan udah lama badan gak dilemesin 👯 #JumatBerkah #ValentinesDay2020

R. Sashia ♥ ()

the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends 💕 #ValentinesDay2020

Jules ()

Confieso que a veces me pongo horny y quiero tomarme fotos sexys y medio hot pero luego recuerdo que no tengo a quién enviárselas y las termino borrando. Y pus ese es el twit. 😬 #ValentinesDay2020

Moca ()

お菓子作りは苦手でめったにしないけど、ジェジュンを思いながら作りました♡クッキーだけど 子どもと初めて作ったクッキー🍪 めっちゃショボいので写真加工で取り繕ってますが、気持ちだけジェジュンに♡ 本命はジェジュンだけ♡← #ジェジュン #ValentinesDay2020

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Nitin singh ()

मेरा जो भी तर्जुबा है, तुम्हे बतला रहा हूँ मैं कोई लब छु गया था तब, की अब तक गा रहा हूँ मैं #ValentinesDay2020

Ajudan Alien ()

Happy Valentine Day Selamat Valentine #valentinebukanbudayakita #ValentinesDay2020 Tonton ni video !!

☚ #forbetterorworse #davidtlalexavon ☛
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