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Updated: November 27th, 2021 01:43 AM IST

Oh man. That’s quite a discovery. A new Variant that’s dangerous to kids? And it was discovered right as they’re about to make a major push to vaccinate children? Wait a

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Two Welsh rugby teams are looking to repatriate their staff and players as soon as possible after South Africa was added to the travel red list

Dangerous new #COVID19 variant detected. Variants normally hit in January and reach India by March. Governments across India must prepare systematically and dial down on hot air. First step: IMMEDIATELY lift PREPOSTEROUS log jam in #NEETPG2021 admissions. India needs doctors!

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🦠 🩺 WHO to hold special meeting amid concerns over new COVID-19 variant 🩺🦠

Oh man. That’s quite a discovery. A new variant that’s dangerous to kids? And it was discovered right as they’re about to make a major push to vaccinate children? Wait a

@NervousKitty1 And there’s nothing that we can do besides get vaccinated and/or boosted. If a variant is so bad and scary and transmissible, I don’t see how masking is going to do anything, and at this point, it’s hard to believe we can actually stop everyone from eventually getting infected

Scientists say the new coronavirus variant that has been identified in South Africa appears not only to be highly transmissible but can apparently also evade parts of the immune system. #SABCNEWS

A new super variant. The writing’s on the wall. Probably not going to see my family in 2022 either.

The Minister confirms that due to the newness of the variant, restrictions will remain unchanged for the time being until more is known. #B11529 #NewVariant

NO. Remember that even a vaccinated individual can still be infected… and the virus can still multiply in that individual… and when there is multiplication happening, there is always a chance of minor changes to that virus’ structure = new variant.

#BREAKING | South Africa detects new #Covid19 variant: Scientists (AFP News Agency) (via @ndtv)

Haii fok a new variant is always found in South Africa? How is that possible?

it’s amusing how this variant waited for all the campaign visits & rallies held by government to conclude before emerging. we’re in literal hell man cut the cameras.

🤔Scientists warn of new Covid variant with a high number of mutations

@RTLnieuws Waarom iedereen? Je krijgt vanzelf corona heb je gelijk een variant update

Британски учени предупреждават за нов и потенциално опасен вариант на COVID-19

Nouveau variant de la COVID-19 détecté

Variant Photo,Variant Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Damn LoFi Future DIY project EtronTech DRAM chip pinouts is different than my Hynix DRAM variant, need to superpose pin map hand drawed. Was planning to finish this project today. Taking my time to not screw it

Variant Photo,Variant Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Newzroom405 How do they even know the name of the variant?? Busy creating viruses to kill people. Tsek and tsek to the media houses promoting this shit

Gohhhh en dat hadden we zeker niet LIVE | Planbare zorg verder in de knel, nieuwe variant opgedoken

Africa CDC Plans Talks on New Covid Variant in South Africa Kwasuka lokho


For the time being it should be closely monitored and analysed, but there is no reason to get overly concerned unless it starts going up in frequency in the near future

Scientists warn of new Botswana variant of Covid with ‘horrific’ number of mutations: here’s all about it

@SkyNews Is this worse than the symptomless variant? Quick sign me up for the jabs and boosters that do nothing… 🤡🤡🤡🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑💉💉💉💉💉💉

So there was the South African variant, Now Botswana Variant. No French Variant, German Variant etc Will drink water, ereng mowena covid 19 @ramoroaswi

Scientists warn of new Covid variant with high number of mutations | Coronavirus | The Guardian

@eNCA It’s starting to sound like a game 1-they tell us the date of the following wave months before it starts 2-around that date they give us the name of the “new” variant 3-Another wave starts 4-ban alcohol and social gathering 5-the wave dies down then they give us another date

@iv58294911 @V_Arina_ 1. Cases were classified as N501Y-positive (screening positive for N501Y or identified as Alpha, Beta, or Gamma by WGS), probable Delta variant (identified by WGS at any point in time or negative for N501Y and any other mutations from May 1, 2021 onward)... Что не так?

COFFEE MOANING : BOTSWANA VARIANT, Migrant Crisis, Student Depression, How To Halt Stress & Anxiety #moviereview #trailerreview

BLACK FRIDAY VACCINE DEAL - First jab is useless, second one useless as well. New super variant every 3 months!

More people in the have died from Covid this year than last, according to the CDC. The higher death toll is attributed to lower-than-needed vaccination rates, the relaxation of everyday precautions and the rise of the highly contagious Delta variant.

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