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Varsity Cup and Varsity sports are 2 different things. There’s 7s rugby in Varsity sports and the player of the tournament there won R2000. You guys should do some research before you reach..

LRT. I understand the outrage neh but the South African Rugby Union AND sponsors come through for Varsity Rugby bc they know that they are gonna benefit from it. It’s sad that we can’t say the same about Varsity Football💔.

Just look at the pictures and tell me if this is not pure racism by FNB. The amount given to a Black soccer player is an insult compared to what is given to a white rugby player for the same Varsity Competition #VoetsekAfriForum NB: SAPS Learnerships link.

Varsity Rugby Photo,Varsity Rugby Photo by Matumba Anthony,Matumba Anthony on twitter tweets Varsity Rugby Photo

I don’t think they’re the same competition. VarsityFootball I think shares the FNB sponsorship with 7 other sporting codes under VarsitySports like Netball, Basketball etc, excluding Rugby. Varsity Cup was/is originally just a rugby tournament.

You cannot compare varsity football to varsity rugby. Be serious 🤣.

@rugby_ap He clearly hasn’t watched any Varsity Cup over the last few years. That law caused many a headache for the commentators 😂.

Isn’t it 2 different competitions? Also people don’t watch varsity ball like they do varsity rugby. High school ball doesn’t even play on tv but high school rugby does yet somehow there should be equal pay and if there isn’t it’s because of racism?💀.

@KingPumza Varsity rugby has way more viewership than varsity football thats probably the reason behind the gap in prizes.

@oyama_yaya @gopoboyk Indeed. When Varsity Cup is strictly rugby. Varsity sports began in 2013 and its made of football, netball basketball etc. VC is bigger and has more sponsors but its still shitty for FNB as the main sponsor of both entities to give such little money for player of the tournament.

But Varsity Rugby is Bigger than Varsity Football. Lets think sometimes..

@VhafuwiMakanan2 I think you’re just misunderstanding what I’m saying. Yes the varsity cup is a tournament but me saying varsity rugby is me simply referring to rugby that is being played at a varsity level. Nothing to do with it’s commercial aspect..


@fadzovo bro😭 i hear sponsorships and viewership and varsity rugby is way more superior product but they could’ve bro 10k easily lmfaoooo.

@Mphoza929 @FNBSA Depending on how big varsity football compared to varsity Sponsors look into that soon as the varsity football grows even sponsors will put in more money into it. Black or white if u man of the match on both this sports you recieve same amount no racism.

@TheeLadi 3. They would have to match it for all the other sporting codes as well. That amounts to over R100k a season. So that will not happen. Plus varsity rugby is on premium and the others on the lower bouquets so they have access to a richer audience hence more money. Fin..

@Vusi_BlueBae @mizar Varsity cup is strictly a competition for rugby 15 varsity and Varsity sports is for soccer, 7s and Netball. Check other varsity sports player of the tournaments what they got is the same or similar. Compare apples with apples.

@ditebogomailula Not everything is about race, the rugby Varsity cup has more sponsors hence more income.

@___naledi___ Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports are two different competitions, Varsity Cup has 1 sporting code (rugby )whereas varsity sports has 7 sporting codes one of them being football.

@KingPumza Lol they just gonna have to Hold that, varsity Rugby is Bigger than varsity Football.

@deshkittles Its not even about race man. They don’t see a black person winning POTH and say ‘yah we’ll give him less’ Varsity Cup is a huge thing. It also helps players get launched into the professional rugby space. Varsity sports specifically soccer does little for career development.

I’m a pro Footy , but I know which one has more audience .. FNB pulled the Banyana Banyana I think ..even during my varsity days I know which ones even aboDarky used to attend more coz it’s “fun”.. SRC always used to have tickets for UJ Rugby.

@Kobusvanwyk07 This is still more than what player of the match in cricket gets. 1k. Look, I’ve not watched varsity rugby and soccer in almost 4 years so I’m literally playing the devil’s advocate. Both players on the initial tweet are man of the tournament.

@malla_91 Probably higher even than football I think. Rugby and netball are the two most sponsored at varsity level?.

@Sgadi28 It is worth noting that the other universities do have rugby participate in other inter-university comps and not varsity I wonder why.

@deshkittles Exactly. Someone compared the POTT for Rugby 7s which falls under Varsity sports with the Varsity cup winner but you can’t really argue with people who can’t think critically.

@MlangeniSkay @FNBSA Don’t be you have ever been to Uni you’ll realise that Varsity Rugby has major sponsors as opposed to FNB,your steers,your Toyota,even Castle at some point sponsored rugby varsity..

@Mphoza929 @FNBSA The varsity rugby has more attendance than the currie cup. Add that to sponsorships. Like saying it it racist that the premier league get much more money.

Varsity rugby is huge man, y’all can say what you want to say. All the other sporting codes all get that R2000 because dololo sponsors..

@exoticafr @_80kang I wanna see player of the tournament cash prize for Hockey, cricket, netball etc… cause i’m pretty sure its close to that R3000 mark… oaks forget well supported varsity rugby is.

@AyandaMaqhoboza @Vusi_BlueBae I was about to say in varsity we watched more rugby matches than soccer 🤷🏾‍♀️.

@Lubabalo_GN At NMMU (NMU now, but not when I was there), Varsity Cup rugby was relentlessly promoted. From the match to the after-party. This was btw 2009 & 2014. Cricket & soccer matches were not promoted AT ALL. Multiple sponsors for rugby - hockey, soccer, cricket seemingly only have one.

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