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MAGA Republicans told you they would stop at nothing to overturn Roe V Wade and made good on that promise. Now, they are telling you they will sunset Social Security. We will fight back..

Why do we still need feminism you ask? Here is a list of reasons from this year alone: 1. Ridiculing victims of domestic abuse in a public trial 2. The overturning of Roe v Wade 3. The football world cup is held in a country where women could be arrested for being raped.

Many things to give thanks for today in our national life: Roe v Wade is gone! Pelosi is fired! Pres Trump is running again! Elon runs Twitter! And we live in the greatest country on earth!.

Since the handing down of Roe v. Wade in 1973, more than 63 million preborn human lives have been lost to abortion violence. Roe needed to go..

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, the French writer Annie Ernaux, who has written about abortion, was asked if she wished to say something to American women. She found it extraordinary, she replied, that the should “return to savagery.”.

🇺🇸 | Ya hay al menos personas que en el futuro podrán decir que le deben la vida a Donald Trump: esa cifra corresponde a los bebés que se han salvado del aborto desde la derogación de Roe vs Wade Por Carlos Esteban.

🇺🇸 | Desde que la Corte Suprema de EEUU derogó la sentencia que abrió la puerta al aborto en el país, bebés se han salvado de la muerte Por Carlos Esteban.

My top three players of all time in each position: PG: 1. Magic Johnson 2. Stephen Curry 3. Isiah Thomas SG: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Dwyane Wade SF: 1. LeBron James 2. Larry Bird 3. Kevin Durant PF: 1. Tim Duncan 2. Karl Malone 3. Kevin Garnett.

Pro-abortion organization ‘WeCount’ found that in July and August, abortions declined by 22,000 in the states where bans and restrictions were imposed after #RoevWade was overturned, but went up by around 12,000 in states where abortion remained legal..

Fun fact: Marx cited Wade in the 1867 preface to the 1st German edition of Capital. (Mr. in public meetings that, after the abolition of slavery, a radical change of the relations of capital and of property in land is next upon the order of the day.).

Consecutive games of 30+ points on 65%+ shooting in HEAT history, per @Stathead Dwyane Wade LeBron James Dion Waiters Bam Adebayo.


awwwe i’m glad puleng and wade are still friends. wade’s right they just don’t work as a couple and that’s ok.

A familiar face smiling at you, auburn fins frame his face with golden eyes leering at you as you wade into the waters toward him. As you swim into deeper waters his large sleek body drags you against him. Hey Eclipse. Hello little siren. He nuzzles his face against you-.

@BFriedACC It was a wonderful evening in Wallace Wade Stadium. There is no quit in these Blue Devils..

tough night. but dg+spida went 13/42, cedi+wade went 2/9 from 3, and we won by 8 without jarrett allen. the sky is not falling.

Overheard on “Jennifer Hudson’s”new show: Toni Braxton said she’s having trouble singing our National Anthem now because we’re no longer “the land of the free” due two the removal of “Roe V. Wade” & changes in voting rights …other challenges coming if extremists gain power!😢👎.

Can puleng and kb get back together, this whole wade situation is not giving at all #BloodAndWater.

last time i checked… im the super sick one so tell me why wade didn’t get up with our daughter at 6am??? and tell me why he’s still sleeping and im not.

海(ウミ)のヘブライ語が Yam(ヤム)である。 黄泉(ヨミ)の国は海だとの説もあったように思う。 海は古語でわた、わだとも言う 海神(わだつみ)のワダは water や露の voda その他同類の水を意味する言葉と類し、 渡る(ワタル)の意の wade 及び関係の諸語と似ている。 − 寺田寅彦 −.

Giannis stuffs Dean Wade and the ball on the alley-oop, but Donovan Mitchell immediately answers with a crazy floater over Giannis. Cavs still up 6 with about 8 min left, but Brook splashes a three, Giannis does his thing in transition and it just cascades from there..

The way Wade Barrett was looking at Michael Cole while he was talking about Dominik and Rhea Ripley had me rolling. Wade was like, you alright, man? 🤣 #Smackdown.

“Honey, you know I bet they’d miss me less if there mom didn’t come to find her hubby~” Wade says with a smile as he walks over to her now. His hand moving to her lower back as he leans in to kiss her. The man still wet with sweat and water from his bottle..

For anyone who missed out on the last call which was 10 sol profit from @Worldwide_Wade , here’s a re-entry call for it. In the last day or so, even tho i listed much higher i have been getting an insane amount of bids which reflects its demand. looking to exit 40+ Nfa, dyor.

Wade Photo,Wade Photo by M Amin🧪,M Amin🧪 on twitter tweets Wade Photo

@wolf_ezo @DaxterDingo Did! I just commissioned my suit. I should have it by my 30th birthday! It’s a way to keep feeling young!.

wade allison grew up as a penguins fan and his first nhl game was against the penguins, he does not enjoy city life and said it feels like an Event going places and he does a lot of yoga idk he’s endearing.

The distribution of wealth in this country is definitely something. Midwest/small town rich is just upper-middle class. In major US cities, upper-middle class is just middle class. When I moved to New England, I was like “Woah, rich people have literal castles here”..

@rarepinata Hoping for a 9! The Wade we are praying for an 8, but feels like a 7. I will post them when I find out..

It never ceases to amaze me that despite being from a small city only 400 miles away, I now live in a major city & state that are far wealthier. I got nervous about getting a ride home growing up bc people always commented on how big our house was, which is the price of a condo..

WSU defensive starters EDGE: Stone DT: Mejia DT: Mujahid EDGE: Jackson WIL: Henley MIKE: Mauigoa Nickel: Marsh (well no) CB: Smith-Wade FS: Lockett SS: Hicks CB: Langford K: Janikowski P: Haberer LS: Samarzich KOS: Theaker #GoCougs #Wazzu.

@supavgjosh Ya say Show me more and she shows you 5 more on that side ! Wade 😂 😂 😂.

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