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Dele: scores (86’) VAR: checks Scoreboard: no goal Also scoreboard: goal Referee: goal FT: Spurs 1-1 Watford 🤷‍♂️.

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Two holding midfielders against Colchester. 5 defenders against Watford. No wonder we don’t create much these days..

@SpursOfficial @AlderweireldTob Vs Watford: City 8-0 at home Arsenal 2-2 away Tottenham 1-1 at HOME Man said important point..

Always disappointing not to get 3 points against a poor team. Watford will be gutted..

Day 2 of the @WeAreComast International meet we have Lucy swimming in the 200FC,50FC and 100BR. Joe in the 50FLY and 50BR and Harriet in the 50BK. Let’s go Watford! #OneTeam #WSC.

EPL: Leicester -1 (-106)🅿️ Aston Villa TT (+120)✅ Tott/Watford - Draw (+401) ✅ Chelsea (-126)❌ CFB: Iowa State -7✅ TCU ❌ Oklahoma State ❌ Utah -13✅ Florida State ML +105❌ Penn State ❌ BYU +7✅ ____ +.

That Bayern Munich defeat has taken its toll on the Spurs players.

#bolatime “Saya memikirkan VAR adalah sesuatu yang objektif tetapi kini saya mula memikirkan ia sangat subjektif,” kata Sanchez Flores..

Premier League | Tottenham logró el empate frente a Watford.

Watford Jon is a national treasure, love that cunt I tell ya.

Beating Watford isn’t for everybody.

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I personally think there’s a buzz before playing Watford, especially when the mascots march out.

VAR vs Man City, Watford, you should be lower in the league than you are, you got to a UCL from beating City from again a shit tonne of luck but yes you’re not lucky 👍🏻.

West Ham have beaten Norwich, Watford and the worst Manchester United side anyone can remember this season. Maybe cool the hype. Maybe stop talking about this being their best ever squad. There is plenty of room for improvement #whufc.

Alderweireld and Vertonghen combined lost the Ball 41 times against Watford. Both well and truly finished at this club sad to say..

@JulieOwenMoylan Potential poll for the skankiest unpleasant motorway services. Back in the day I found Watford Gap & Hilton Park rather naff & sleazy..

#PremierLeague ⚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tottenham rescata un punto contra Watford en la Liga inglesa. 🔴 CRÓNICA 🖊.

Tottenham, con Davinson 46 minutos, salvó el empate frente a Watford.

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‘Warner bros studio tour LONDON’ is the biggest load ever, making it sound like it’s in Leicester Square when it’s actually in WATFORD.

*PREMIER LEAGUE* Tottenham nur Remis gegen Schlusslicht - Chelsea vorerst Dritter ➡ #skyPLint.

Dele: scores (86’) VAR: checks Scoreboard: no goal Also scoreboard: goal Referee: goal FT: Spurs 1-1 Watford 🤷‍♂️.

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Watford have been time wasting since the 20th minute, if they win this it’ll be one of the most shameless wins i’ve seen in a while..

🎗️ Tottenham vs Watford | HALF TIME 🎗️ Live high-quality HD match 😍 Free Link’s Here ↓↓↓↓ Link👉 : Chelsea vs Newcastle Live▶️ : RTWET 🔄+ LIKE❤️ м̿α̿τ̿c̿н #CHٍENEW #TOTWٍAT Iwobi Walcott.

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Bu tweetten sonra skora baktım watford 1-0 yeniyor jsjdjdjsjdn.

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