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When we made it seven away wins on the bounce with this win at Watford in November! 🔥

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B & R ANDY ()

@the_Taken_1 @Jim_Watford It was only once a week for 2 of been worse 🤣🤣🤣

Kick & Run ()

1. Lo de entender la ironía lo dejamos para otra clase 2. Se acusó al Watford de falsos positivos. 3. Kabasele hace una broma sobre no jugar liga. 4. Una semana después la gente se da cuenta de lo que dice.

Joe ()

@DayleBarron It’ll be ‘udinese buying him’ then loaning him to Watford who’d pay 100% of his wages

Bndwdth ()

Average #bandwidth in #Watford for the last hour was 309Mbps down and 34Mbps up.

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Callum lewis ()

@SkySports_Keith Meh We’ll just buy Matty back? when He’s gained experience at Udinese/Watford 😉😉

Yung tchuga ()

@lbertozzi Eu acho q dps ele vai ser emprestado pro Watford, já q são os mesmos donos


RESULT WATFORD 03 JUNI 2020 Result : 7001 SHIO : TIKUS . LINK DAFTAR #dirumahaja bersama #Logamtoto

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Luke Gibbons ()

Signed by Udinese, loaned straight to Hornets save a huge amount on compensation, limited chance he stays in Italy.

Stephen Clark ()

Yes, but to wash you hands and stay safe, you need water in taps. Lots of houses in #Watford are without water tonight.

David raine ()

Matty Longstaff will sign a contract with Udinese and be loaned straight back to Watford. This gets around the homegrown fee for british players. #nufc

James Beardon ()

@DavidHHeadley I don’t but it reminds me that my wife point blank refused to believe me that a rag and one man used to come round our estate when I were a lad (in Watford!).


@DayleBarron Words appeared that it might just be to pass to Watford Udinese and Watford the same owner.

Jim QC 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 ()

@TBayfield I was in there once, it should go away after a while, you just gotta wait it out on the naughty step.

Anfield Dalglish ()

@SalibaSauce @NaldoUtd if we played the same way you played every game, pass the ball around the back and wait then we would have beat watford

Greg DeRuiter Ph.D. ()

@JamessReality Oh no James ! You know that once you breathe the air for a couple of weeks you will become tainted. You will need deloused when you travel north of Watford ! 🤣😉

Laura Gregory (FCCT) ()

@ShonetteBason Hi, hoping to hear from you about dough disco training on our Trust Inset day 4/1/21? I think we worked together at a Watford school many years ago??!

Steve 💂‍♀️🚁🏌🏻‍♂️ ()

@andy_tay1 @lisanandy Not heard anyone called a ‘clot’ since I read ‘Bunter goes to Skye for japes’ Funny👍

King Nic👑🇨🇮 ()

@GabaldoniLuca @LFCGOATMILLY Then why didn’t you do it instead of getting slapped by Watford?

Soccer Facts ()

Which six players have scored 10 or more Premier League Goals for Watford?

🆑 ()

@Deanrichards10n @SkySports_Keith They would if he’s loaned to Watford and they pay for it all.

Paul Seddon ()

@njscott1987 @LivEchoEFC Yeah I agree he’s decent but Lukaku is world class , Gueye is playing for a top top team now and so is stones . Deulofeu at Watford says it all

Sean Cavens 🖤❤️💛 ()

Let’s hope he signs for @NUFC rather then being loaned out to Udinese’s B team (Watford). £850 pw at #NUFC but offered (supposedly) £15k pw. Sign up Matty & enjoy the ride. If you do go, all the best & good luck for the future

Sue Pleb Leam ()

@woolhatwoman It’s a lovely canal! We’re heading for Napton next, followed by Braunston, then up the Watford flight to Crick!

Andy wright ()

@Thebatmanofbelf @davothkelly Eh fella think you’ll find Barnes got pelted with bananas whilst playing for Watford by your fans either way it’s disgusting and shameful and hopefully in the past

Robin HD ()

Surely everyone can agree that these are the best 3 Watford players ever:

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Arthur Barcelos ()

@rgomesrodrigues @filuslucas isso fede a rolo dos Pozzo. É que o Watford está caindo, mas não acho que ele jogue na Udinese.

Dokko ()

@CraigHope_DM If it does happen he’d be straight back on loan to Watford then signed Permanently for an undisclosed fee the season after.

Sky Sports Premier League ()

Watford captain Troy Deeney missed training again on Tuesday due to being unwell, although it is unrelated to coronavirus.

Chelsea FC (at 🏡) ()

When we made it seven away wins on the bounce with this win at Watford in November! 🔥

Sky Sports Premier League ()

Watford striker Troy Deeney did not return to training on Monday due to being unwell, although not related to coronavirus. The Hornets expect him to be at training on Tuesday, where he will be tested for coronavirus with the rest of the squad.

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