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Galloway is Back. Look out Tom Watson! I am the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for West Bromwich East. Go Fund Me. #Independent #Brexit.

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@N_Watson_ The ruck one given to North 3 mins earlier even more cringe worthy too.

Could be biggest crowd seen here for a while! Came across this stone of @PSLFC legend Victor Watson outside stadium who led us to the Northants League title 100 years ago this coming season.

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Either as Hermione Jean Granger or as Belle, Emma Watson makes an excellent bookworm 😂.

@Another21773292 @realDonaldTrump Think he is the last imposter. He will get back in 2020 when Paul Watson explained why. 2025 bunker time.

I think all manned space programs should be banned until we got our shit sorted on our own planet..

@RaithRovers @RaithTV Dave Watson in Mallorca cheering the team on ❤️⚽️☀️ #ICTFCvRRFC.

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@Swarzey At least with Brailey we’ll have a safe and reliable option. Watson is the better attacker and defends just as well as Levi if not better so no real loss..

Haaa ini lah seller yang aku beli lipstick untuk surprisekan girlfriend aku. Dia asyik beli dekat watson jee, silap haribulan watson tuu dia beli terus sebab tak puas pakai lipstick. So lipstick dia harga kasih sayang dia beri sebab box dia pun nama kekasih. Meh pikap lelaju!.

In other news: endlich tut die Hand nur noch leise und sehr erträglich weh 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🕺🏼.

I just want to go to Hogwarts to learn magic and make friends for like is that too much to ask???.

How’s Lamouchi changed Watson into the ginger pirlo in a couple of weeks? Mans a miracle worker.

چقدر جامعه ما محتاج وجود همچین آدمهای نازنینی هست دمش گرم👏.

#ResignWatson Sign the petition Labour Party National Executive Committee: A Vote of No Confidence in Tom Watson MP as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange.

SaMoA7月例会盛り上がってます!ただ今、モノポリーとナショナルエコノミーメセナがプレイ中! #monopoly #SaMoA.

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Tom Watson is the British equivalent of Nancy Pelosi. They are both corrupt and serve the interests of donors, not the public. Pelosi’s corruption handed victory to Trump and Watson’s corruption will hand victory to Boris Johnson if not checked. #ToryEnabler #ResignWatson.

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Watson, Sephora, dan Sociolla menunggu untuk di co sedangkan nyonya besar ku blm trf hingga sekarang 😭😭.

@climate_earth Must stop using palm oil we have enough choice as it is once again man’s greed wins.

@redsarah99 @LauraPidcockMP Laura Pidcock puts Watson to shame, she shows him up for the fraud that he is. #LauraPidcockForDeputyLeader.

Me and Watson made Sophia a meme and it’s the greatest thing ever 😂 @watant0071.

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@pac_watson @tslaqpodcast That was for you? Who is that fuck? I’m a strong sister above, I hope. I’m getting mighty angry of late and would love to throw down.

Emma Watson Caught Kissing A Mysterious Guy Weeks After Split Up..

Yooo they hired that toy cop from Above the Rim?? He gonna sign Kyle Watson??.

Wonderful last night in Phoenix with stephanie johnson, Andrew Edgar, Lesa Doan, and Carol Watson. Loving EMDR and trauma with Dolores Mosquera and Kathy Steele. What a beautiful city with awesome energy!! 👆👀👆 #trauma #emdr.

Fighters celebrate PBC Ambassador Sam Watson, who was honored by the @CityOfLasVegas today for his charitable contributions. #TeamPBC #TeamWatson.

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Galloway is Back. Look out Tom Watson! I am the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for West Bromwich East. Go Fund Me. #Independent #Brexit.

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