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I will be Hosting it next weekend probably Saturday so if u want to play just dm me your team thanks

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Henry ()

I will be Hosting it next weekend probably Saturday so if u want to play just dm me your team thanks

Athy Town AFC
Athy Town AFC ()

The KDFL kicks off this coming weekend Sat 01/08/20: Athy Town (Premier) vs Arlington Aldridge Park 19:15 Sun 02/08/20: Athy Town (Division 2) vs Moone Celtic Aldridge Park 11:00

~Hope~ ()

@Djenthony Hey dude if you want next weekend to have a socially distanced drink I’d be down to hang

Jude Cowell
Jude Cowell ()

‘Indefensible and disgusting’: Senate departs for 3-day weekend as unemployment benefits expire for 30 million

Amber Benbow
Amber Benbow ()

@Neil21606859 Heading up to our cabin this weekend. We really want to get away and enjoy some sun and the lake.

TigerNet.com ()

#Clemson coach will be inducted to Alabama Sports Hall of Fame this weekend:

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Di/Diana ()

#FF @epiccrescendo Happy #FetchingFriday to you my dear friend. I hope you have a safe and wonder-ful weekend. 😘♥️🌹 🖍Wallace Destiny

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Co-op Finance
Co-op Finance ()

This looks GREAT! Hope you all have a wonderful #RainbowFactory weekend!


@Chasapple Hi, Yes the link is correct, but we have been experiencing some technical issues with the WLS page recently. The problems will probably persist in the upcoming days, but at the moment the link works. Thank you very much for your message and enjoy your weekend.

Josh Warner
Josh Warner ()

@AlexBerenson Just a heads up, FL closed some of the biggest drive thru testing sites. People going to ER to get tested now. Will probably be a spike in COVID related visits this weekend until FL gets testing sites back up. People will panic about this I am sure.

Belastingdienst ()

@dbenshachar Hoi Daphne, als je uiterlijk 7 augustus aangifte doet, dan beschouwen we deze aangifte als op tijd. Dus je hebt even de tijd! Fijn weekend! ^BM

Adele McAlear
Adele McAlear ()

I was there in the front row. All those it was EPIC. The magic of @Newportfolkfest is that musicians mix together - like a weekend at camp - and the audience is graced with participating in musical history.

حسام زهري 🇱🇧🇨🇳
حسام زهري 🇱🇧🇨🇳 ()

الدوله اللبنانيه : ٥ ايام حجر ببيوتكن وتسكير عام وممنوع حدا يفتح ويظهر الشعب اللبناني: hello weekend 😍

Audrey, Chief Selkie of the St. John’s River
Audrey, Chief Selkie of the St. John’s River ()

C’mon Isaias chill by Jax on Monday and give Momma a cozy 3 day weekend!

Hume Tennis Centre
Hume Tennis Centre ()

Why not practice some backhands this weekend. headtennis_official #tennisparadise

Ayyappan Mannoorkavu
Ayyappan Mannoorkavu ()

Enna Nanba Rediyaa🔥🔥💪 August 2 (Sunday) - 6PM There will be official tag this weekend to celebrate the telecast of Alltime Blockbuster #Bigil in @SunTV. Let’s make it big just like last weekend 🔥🔥 #Master @actorvijay

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Djcrizzstyle ()

Have a blessed day a daddy daughter says she will beat me up in bowling i gotta laugh at that notion

East Staffs Police
East Staffs Police ()

Our officers will be out again this weekend, engaging with local licensees and customers at venues and encouraging social distancing. Although we understand people are keen to go out, we urge everyone to remember the infection hasn’t gone away and to continue to follow guidelines

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Ace Trainer Jen
Ace Trainer Jen ()

Gotta work the whole weekend but in exchange for two 5 day weekends so I can’t complain.

Krystle B Royse
Krystle B Royse ()

Happy Friday Twitter friends! We made it to the long weekend! YAAY US! Also I just found out that I will continue to work from home full time for the remainder of the year and I couldn’t be happier about that! Going into the office is exhausting!

Jacq Murphy
Jacq Murphy ()

@patriciascanl18 What a dreadful day! Best wishes for a much improved evening and weekend, and a rapid reduction in swelling :D xoxo

We Three Kings
We Three Kings ()

Dappered Style mail- The Weekend Reset: Time Bending, Invincible Soldiers, and T. Swiz’s latest

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Nikholas Harding
Nikholas Harding ()

The Weekend Reset: Time Bending, Invincible Soldiers, and T. Swiz’s latest

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Grandma Chris
Grandma Chris ()

@bzimmerman50 Jumping on the weekend already, hey? OK. Have a fabulous Friday, a wonderful weekend, and (when it gets here) a marvelous Monday! 😄

Marto Duke 🇰🇪🇰🇪
Marto Duke 🇰🇪🇰🇪 ()

Hi Wakili @OmbetaC ukiwa kwa office umetulia ama kwa jam ukielekea mtaani ama over the weekend ukichill mtaani. Tafadhali unaeza skiza kazi yangu. I hope hautakuwa disappointed. Enjoy the mix Wakili. If you wont mind ikikubamba share wakili👊👊

Kuksie’s ✨
Kuksie’s ✨ ()

New menu. Who dis? ☺️💃🏽 We really should’ve posted this in the AM. Taking orders for burgers, lasagna and the new babiieeesss from 6 AM to 12 PM to be sent out by 1 PM from Monday to Friday!🎉 Have an amazing weekend, luvs 💕 ~Chef K!

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~Tammy~inlovewithjaden~ ()

@mu1tifand0m_x Omg omg omg I need to breath!!!!! I just can‘t believe it and I‘m beyond happy for you!!!! AAAAH IM LITERALLY FREAKING OUT, this is making my weekend!!!❤️ you deserve it so much, Linsey!!!!!

Abby ()

May you enjoy your weekend as much as Breeze enjoys palm fronds 🌴

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I ran a 3.9 40 in Tampa
I ran a 3.9 40 in Tampa ()

I just took a Shit and it literally just smells like gin, glad to be 100% back let’s have a great weekend everyone

Brian Cain
Brian Cain ()

@HeartEyes4Brady Good Morning RK!! 😎👍☀️☕️ I hope you have a solid work day and then also find some time to enjoy your Friday evening! Have a fun weekend and enjoy the Summer weather!! I hope all is well with you and stay safe & healthy!! 😎👍☀️😷

☚ #LifeWithKellyKhumalo #HuaweiP40lite5G ☛
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