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Do i agree with Wenger?? Of course i do!! Guy is a fuckin genius!!

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Angelo Lopiano ()

@CTHSHockey @CCSUhockey Hi Guys, great episode!...just wondering did you put Matt Wenger in a top 10 senior list?...trying to find it if keep up the great work!

Deutschlandfunk Sport ()

Arsene Wenger will die Abseitsregel radikal verändern - ein Spieler soll erst dann im Abseits stehen, wenn er mit dem kompletten Körper näher zum Tor steht als der vorletzte Verteidiger. @ChaledNahar schreibt @sportschau, warum das die Probleme nicht löst.

Gabriel tá em oto pa ta mar ᶜʳᶠ ()

Wenger querendo trocar o regulamento do impedimento, na fifa, não achei legal isso não

Aidan ()

Only in the UK would you have the Home Secretary employed after being sacked for treason. Corruption of the highest order by selling secrets/partaking in bribery influenced by the occupying organisation of the Middle East. @patel4witham #Brexit Is this what you voted for?

Le Scan Sport ()

Football : Arsène Wenger veut modifier la règle du hors-jeu

Gᴜsᴛᴀᴠᴏ B. ❁ ()

@globoesportecom O negócio já é complicado, e o Wenger quer complicar ainda mais. Isso vai gerar mais polêmica ainda. Mais intervenção do Esquece essa merda aí Wenger, e volta pro Arsenal, eles estão precisando kkk

Arsenal Tweets ()

Arsene Wenger’s latest goal is to make a major change to VAR

Fabiano Zanchet ()

@gbllucen @SerieAdoBrasil Sim, na mesma linha é validado, a frente é impedimento. a nova regra que Wenger quer colocar é que estando com qualquer parte na mesma linha é validado

Standard Sport ()

Arsene Wenger wants to change the offside rule and use former footballers to help govern it ✍ @sr_collings

La Sensation du foot ()

#Euro 2020 : Wenger veut changer les règles du hors-jeu Désigné chef du développement mondial du football à la FIFA, Arsène Wenger a une idée pour améliorer les règles du hors-jeu.

Patrick de Rochi ()

@LFCBrNews Wenger né, gosta de se encomodar, não é atoa que dirigiu o Arsenal por mais de 10 anos

Pedro E. Chappottin Chuay ()

Arsene Wenger, propone un cambio en la regla de offside ... muy de acuerdo con él 😌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . Qué creen @CubaChelsea ?

Tdyerwestfield #JFT96 ()

Eliminates linesmen but incorporates VAR. Good job Mr Wenger. Someone at FIFA with a brain at last.

Jamie Ferguson ()

Yes. I like it. Nice one Wenger! Bring it in force now. Not next season. Now! Arsene Wenger proposes changes to offside law ahead of Euro 2020 via @SkySports

Passe a Rasgar ()

Arsène Wenger pretende mudar as regras do fora de jogo.

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Rhys Hughes ()

Crap idea, what is ‘obvious’ is subjective, how far offside do you have to be until it’s would be so many inconsistencies. Wenger’s idea is the way forward

Another Goon ()

Do i agree with Wenger?? Of course i do!! Guy is a fuckin genius!!

Paul Jeater ()

Arsene Wenger to the rescue. He proposes changes to offside law ahead of Euro 2020. No more of his armpit was in front of the last defender. via @SkySports

EPL Most Read in 24 Hours ()

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger behind move to re-write offside law and end VAR controversy

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Infobae América ()

Arsène Wenger propone un radical cambio en la regla del fuera de juego para combatir las críticas al VAR

Everton FC News ()

The Premier League has been rocked by a number of controversial calls in relation to marginal offside decisions this season.

Andre Fahey ()

Arsene Wenger is Revolutionising Football, to make the Former Beautiful Game Beautiful again, while your manager is in the stands watching god awful football “but we’re man united” so it’s ok 😂😂 #OneArseneWenger

Ihab Hamam ()

We said that repeatedly before. The offside rule must be changed,agree with wenger about his proposal. How disallowing the goals for such these armpit, unlogical.#LFC

Google Trends Online ()

Soccer-FIFA’s Wenger wants offside law changed to allay VAR criticism

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