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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 02:43 AM IST

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El Ashra,La Decima ,delivered. When God is in control,a human being cannot do kept this picture since 28th May.

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// c!tommy hurt c!tommy proceeds to say “that’s what happens when you love something” LIKE OH MY GOD THATS SUCH A PROMINENT LINE THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH ABOUT HIS CHARACTER?? let’s talk about that and the speeches, not the cat that has almost no significance on the story /dsmp /rp

God i love traveling, but when you finally come back home after some time and sleep in your bed, that’s the feeling i like!

@khaleejtimes The world of probabilities, possibilities, actuaries& pessimism has prevailed this world! Crunching numbers is not science to act like god 4 predicting! How come these models cannot predict better weather forecast, or helping people 2 win when they gamble in stock&share markets?!

When you brag too soon nothing goes right 💯 keep your mouth shut and watch God work.

I definitely had no idea what I signed up for when I fell in love with this band. I swear to god @NBThieves. You’re wonderful. So fucking impressive, every damn time

Each minute a person in need is unable to have needs met is the richest commiting blasphemy against God. The deprivation of many is a nigh unforgivable sin when the wealthiest hoard so much. To whom much has been given, much more will be required when it is finally taken back.

I really rely on god when i comes to placing people at the right time at the right place

@AlanKelloggs I hate it when I hear about celebrities I like being bellends, I always feel duped…thank god this wasn’t one of those moments

@MarcusL_Crassus Man i swear to god i dead ass replied kusa to a text one my friends sent me and then when he sent a ? Back i felt my soul leave my body

@NabetaRona Amein!! May the spirit of this scripture be in us believers when our Messiah Jesus arrives As we have inherited a Spirit of power and of courage and not a spirit of timidity Ask God for His Holy Spirit, he will not withhold any good thing from those of us that

When God Photo,When God Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I swear to god if they say ‘Tomorrow night’ when it comes to Toby, we riot #LoveIsland

like when people would ask about my dad i would have to like go back and be like oh god i do have a dad what the hell sir i was lITERALLY forgetting about you, get out of here with this fucking great dad bs:)

I need to go to Seattle!!! Like move there. Like pack and leave. God when 😩😩😩

Hold my flower and I’ll Hold our hearts and Point to God The ecstasy when u Are uniting with me Faithfully empoweringly Unwavering groundbreaking Ascend in tune For my shiver our bliss God made us Lives in us Spoken by diamond rose Studded with gratitude In our eyes in our Love

When God Photo,When God Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Players talking that talk now but when those checks stop coming

@PsyberAttack I screamed at the Telly again when they tried to blame Vax hesitancy for Redcar - honest to fucking God

@FemiOmotee Omo, I thank God!! I met chairman last year. He gave me his number and I check in once in a while. I buzzed him when he was at Oba that I have a concept I want him to feature in. He said that would be the first request I ever asked for since I met him, so he would grant it.

I still believe in the transforming power of Jesus. I still believe that prayer leaps walls. I still believe good overcomes evil & light pierces darkness. I still believe God can do anything. And I still believe in the certain hope of that day to come when night will be no more.

@xoxocorthenley @NumbersMuncher He lost me during the Houston flood when he had to be shamed into allowing people into the house of God.

Lowkey my mom my biggest hater, every side hustle i’ve ever had she always knocked on it when I just wanted to add to the table I ate off of. I’ll still give her the world because she brought me into this world so all I can do is put her in God’s hands. 🤞🏽

Y’all really act like pastors are supposed to be God 🤣 y’all don’t say this when your favorite rapper get something nice

📷 Walls of separation have been built up between the whites and the blacks. These walls of prejudice will tumble down of themselves, as did the walls of Jericho, when Christians obey the Word of God, which enjoins on them supreme love


my first ayaka artifact my god pls go to crit dmg all the way when u reach lvl 20.

When God Photo,When God Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@CanadianMilkers Immaculate. My surgeon said i was slapping god in the face by chip chopping them off. A shame really. Anyway, hey this was super fun I’m gonna go to sleep. Enjoy ur crack and pls HMU when ur comedy tickets go on sale, super excited for that!!

I hate it when people pick on people for no reason like they didn’t do nothing to you why u wanna make fun like very mela like God don’t like that no reason to bother people

@JwLove2befree @tearoeprice A: You are reducing the entirety of thousands of people to political affiliation and celebrating loss of life over this. B: God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezk 18: 23. Who are you to pleasure in it when He condemns this way of thinking?

@prettys_slim Thank God for that because I often see that come to play when people bring their twin flame home

@SinsOfAKira Leon kept watching the way Elias sways his body side to side when walking. God he wants him. . .

This why prayer is so synonymous with achieving you’re goals because when you pray you activate you’re RAS. So essentially you are GOD. You’re a manifestation of God.

El Ashra,La Decima ,delivered. When God is in control,a human being cannot do kept this picture since 28th May.

When God Photo,When God Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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