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  • This sounds like a letter a 6-year-old wrote to the White House

  • White House Now Just Holding Continuous Going-Away Party For Departing Staffers

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  • Woke up this morning to find white people in my house. I am exasperated..

  • Enjoy a beautiful home with a beautiful view and two beautiful fluffy white dogs in Marseille!

    White House twitter.
  • @RobProvince @savagebeast0123 Lol, there are guns in the white house.

  • Bhawks: 2016 Presidential Debate: Delusional White House Claims Conor Lamb’s

  • Bill Gates to meet with Trump at White House: The meeting, scheduled to take place in the…

  • Russian spy: White House backs UK over expelling diplomats

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  • @AbrahamAlyzah @RoyMunsonAZ @instinctnaturel @lostandlovinit @jonos100 @ClipPolitics @PwrCane1 @madisonians1789 @DonTheCon13 @DAFUQUSA @ICanPlainlySee @xXGarboXx @Squatch_XXL @garywil80738274 @Bahaullah_Lives @TDeLynne @alshadowdancer @libertyschild1 @winwithTrump45 @LambethJr @Jodythewittycat @hellcheez @TricoLorro @gok_gabriel @CatTonic1 @diamondsnjeans @HAGOODMANAUTHOR @RUGER1022badass @Melody7473 @DinaSaS69 @TerniValentine @Simply_Louisa @FKNFairyPrinces @Bkrenfro5Renfro @marcialynnjones @KatherinVII @mercer4pussgrab @Patriot4sure @Elepitts1997 @ignorancecosts @PeterPa59806913 @Putinshorse @left_republic @PotPolitics @BluDiamindVIi @Methos48970151 @jeeptec420 @Trumplife2020 @PawnSpicer @Triton102 I suppose the toxic hateful msm and nut job liberals have absolutely nothing to do with it. Wasn’t she affected by that white powder that was delivered to their house? Seems like she had an emergency visit. Wonder what nut job did that..

  • @WhiteHouse Americans that are working . But how about the rest of us already kicked off unemployment with no job in site? Look at the number of people actually participating in the tax cuts! More store closings every day. Hello!!! White House get a clue - you gotta work to get a tax cut..

  • @FoxNews @marcorubio Glad to see @FoxNews is covering the REAL issues and completely ignoring the White House dumpster fire and the Russian diplomatic crisis in the UK..

  • Russian spy: White House backs UK decision to expel diplomats

  • 🖊 📰 #fdlx #Russian spy: White House backs UK decision to expel diplomats #News.

  • Uncertainty rattles White House as Trump mulls further r shake-up Dr. Ben Carson should be fire too or at least ask him to step down, he is not be trust, who need a dinner set in a HUD or any other office, I do not bite his low heftiness, hi is a vulgar....