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✓ January ✓ February ✓ March ✓ April ✓ May ✓ June ✓ July ✓ August ✓ September ✓ October ✓ November ✓ December Willian becomes the first player to score a Premier League goal in every month of the year.

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Ocon Deprê 😙✌️🇫🇷
Ocon Deprê 😙✌️🇫🇷 ()

sempre bom lembrar os comentários sensatos do Davi Willian

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Esporte em Debate (em 🏠)
Esporte em Debate (em 🏠) ()

Resultado importantíssimo para os Blues com mais uma atuação decisiva de Willian. O pós jogo de Chelsea 3x0 Watford por @BartoMarcos Imagem: Divulgação Chelsea Fc

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B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Man City ✅ West Ham ✅ Watford ✅ Willian scores from the spot for the third Premier League game in a row 🎯

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Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Chelsea are re-opening talks with Willian but still need him to compromise on the length of his contract. Willian has rejected an overseas offer and is expected to remain in England: (With @brunoandrd) #CFC

CFC News
CFC News ()

The Data Day: West Ham vs Chelsea - Willian makes a mark - We take a statistical look at yesterday’s game against West Ham United, with Willian catching the eye in an ultimately disappointing derby

TK Sports🏀🏈🏒🏏🏑⚽️🥋🥊🏅🏎🥅
TK Sports🏀🏈🏒🏏🏑⚽️🥋🥊🏅🏎🥅 ()

Willian Gets 8, Pulisic With 7 | Chelsea Players Rated In Shock Defeat Vs West Ham United via @OneFootball. Read it here:

All Things Chelsea - Shirt Giveaway 👇
All Things Chelsea - Shirt Giveaway 👇 ()

Another sterling performance from Willian has reopened his contract debate beyond this summer. A vital cog, or are his big moments all too rare? 📝 Player Profile | @tabuteauS 🎨 Edit |⁦@ManuelBlue⁩

Cross˚ ()

Maybe if we didn’t watch Eden Hazard, we won’t be this angry at how threat-less Willian is whenever he kicks the ball. Maybe if you didn’t watch how majorly unproductive Joe Cole was, you won’t be so tolerant of Willian. Can’t we just meet in the middle -• Salomon Kalou ??

Chelsea FC News
Chelsea FC News ()

It was a night that summed up the Willian paradox but even his critics will miss the Brazilian if he leaves at the end of the season | @alansmith90

Mata ()

Tuseme ukweli ile combination ya jana ya Pulisic na Willian ilikuwa kama combination ya wali nazi

dona encrenca
Dona encrenca ()

cada situação, um nome 1° matheus 2° valeriote 3° duda 4° pedro 5° enzo 6° willian 7º yumi 8º malu 9° muhi 10° natalia 11° enzo 12° nsei 13° enzo 14° milena 15° bianca 16° meu pai 17° n tenho 18° valeriote 19º matheus 20° não só curte se for fazerrrr

Squawka Football
Squawka Football ()

✓ January ✓ February ✓ March ✓ April ✓ May ✓ June ✓ July ✓ August ✓ September ✓ October ✓ November ✓ December Willian becomes the first player to score a Premier League goal in every month of the year.

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Rush ()

HT thoughts: Got lucky on a close VAR call. Willian, Alonso very poor. Terrible goal to concede, Kepa and Azpi at fault. Somehow level after zero attacking inroads. Bring Mount and James on.

OptaJoe ()

12 - Willian is the first player to score a Premier League goal in every month of the year. Diarise.

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Willian Wiu 🇪🇪
Willian Wiu 🇪🇪 ()

Então quer dizer que o jean pyerre procura o próprio nome na barra de pesquisa do twitter hmmm Salve ae boiola joga muito! Tmj

Jovem Pan Esportes
Jovem Pan Esportes ()

Willian dá assistência, Chelsea supera o Leicester e avança na Copa da Inglaterra.

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HarveyWhiteGOAT ()

Why do some Chelsea fans hate Willian. Everytime i watch him he seems like a good player

Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva ()

Thankful to have receive an offer to play soccer for Willian Penn University (@WPUAthletics )!! Thank you 🙏🏻!

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@MadMontana To many haters on willian he been a good servant to the club and we should keep him and his expertise and experience for the youth

Kieran ()

@FlairIikekova @NaldoUtd I feel like he’d be more likely to do damage by targeting maguire to be honest, awb is a lost cause when it comes to cutting inside. More worried about willian on the right from a utd perspective

Pere 🇧🇼
Pere 🇧🇼 ()

Eu quero fazer uma promessa Se o Boston Celtics for campeão com o Big Three: Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum e Jaylen Brown, eu pinto meu cabelo de verde Podem printar e me cobrar, é o meu sonho ver isso acontecendo.

Albert Faithfulness Itohan
Albert Faithfulness Itohan ()

Willian is not a bad option for a free transfer but if he ends up pulling a David Luiz it would be tragic

‏ً ()

@RealistGlizzy @CFCYahya oh well don’t you’ve jinxed it now: Pulisic, Abraham, Willian, Kovaci, Pogba, Rashford, Martial, Maguire will be out😤

Harry ()

@AlexGoldberg_ Willian hasn’t always been perfect, but he’s been a good servant to the club and deserves respect 💙

Patricia M
Patricia M ()

@willian_rdiaz Aclaro que en comentario anterior estoy bajo el supuesto que los precios y destinos de las cosas están bien, es solo un supuesto, en ningún momento estoy justificando o defendiendo actos irregulares. Lo aclaro por los que no leen hasta el final

Fäkkÿ💥⚡️ ()

@FrankKhalidUK @ChelseaFC Frank Kai is not a winger , he is an attacking midfielder but can also operate there . I wouldn’t say a replacement for Willian .

lawal Hamed Remi
Lawal Hamed Remi ()

@FrankKhalidUK @ChelseaFC Willian has done his best we need a new blood in attack that can play for Chelsea for the next ten years

Renan ()

@Palmeirassep19 Lucas Lima, desse jeito pegamos nem o 5o lugar. Willian já é titular, por que ele sairia do time logo depois da saída do Dudu? Vamos pensar né...


FT THOUGHTS- •Pulisic wonder boy •Willian rusty but that cross 🔥 •Kovacic game changer •Kante 100 lungs •Willy should be backup only •Football sucks without fans LETS GET ARSENAL IN SEMIS🔥🔥🔥 #LEICHE #Chelsea

globoesportecom (de 🏠)
Globoesportecom (de 🏠) ()

Willian Arão se solta no EE de Casa, apresenta família e conta resenhas do Flamengo Volante também comenta retorno do futebol: Estou mais seguro no Flamengo do que em casa

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☚ jub jub gavin watson ☛
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