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11’ The Queen of the South manager, Willie Gibson, goes into the book for inferring that the referee is a clown. 0-0 #MOLIVE.

πŽπ…π… π“πŽ 𝐀 π…π‹π˜πˆππ† 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓 ✈ πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ Willie le Roux seals it for the Springboks as they run out 26-10 victors over New Zealand πŸ‰.

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The very people who were outraged on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon this week were cheering her on 4 years ago when she threw the exact same insult at me. Just like Liz Truss, the First Minister couldn’t come up with anything better to say. @willie_rennie.

200 HR 300 SB 100 Rfield 1. Barry Bonds 2. Willie Mays 3. Devon White Results via @Stathead:.

Willie Rioli lets JK take the lane for his third - so good - 3 straight πŸ’ͺ Live on 7.

I was curious if there would be a billion players if I relaxed each stat by 20. 180 HR 280 SB 80 Fielding Runs 1. Barry Bonds 2. Willie Mays 3. Devon White 4. Reggie Sanders 5. Willie Davis via @Stathead.

Selfishly I want to see Willie at wing this weekend, run it back to his Cheetahs days..

I was going to laugh but I’m still Willie Bouncing and Signaling the plane as well so let me chill..

@PSAcard Most iconic probably the Brady cuz mostly everyone knows what he represents but I’m getting more into vintage and this willie mays 57 just hits different..

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Predictions for the 2022 - 23 Season MVP: Joel Embiid DPOTY: Jaren Jackson Jr 6MOTY: Jordan Poole MIP: Patrick Williams ROTY: Paolo Banchero COTY: Willie Green NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors Runners Up: Milwaukee Bucks.

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If we’re putting Sailor Willie on our @KStateFB helmets, it’s gotta be somethin like this #EMAW.

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He’s actually gonna play Willie when they adapt the Marvel ALF comic in a Disney+ series.

Seeing all of this new OP episode animation makes me super excited to see how Toei will animate and portray my favorite Onigashima moment, Puncture Willie!.

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Another one who conveniently forgets that Sturgeon called Willie Rennie β€œa pathetic attention seeker”. Also the faux outrage is embarrassing as she knows very well that it was nothing to do with Scotland and all to do with Sturgeon !!!...

Video tributes from Willie Horton, Cecil Fielder, Dan Petry, Lance Parrish, Tom Brookens, Frank Tanana, Jack Morris, Larry Herndon and Kirk Gibson. (Tram said he knew Gibby would be watching the ceremony from above, but it took a second to realize he meant the press box.).

@Super70sSports Fulton County Stadium. Willie Mays and the Giants against Hank Aaron and the Braves..

@Super70sSports Royals stadium. 1979 willie wilson hit an inside the park homerun to lead off and the royals beat the redsox dennis leanord pitched a 6 hit shutout..

@DonLew87 Willie Mays, full stop. The greatest all around baseball player in the history of MLB. Fantastic arm, magical base runner, strong batter, ruled center field, he could do it all! And this was before steroids!.

Willie Davis scored from second base on a sac fly once, but it was 410 to dead center at Dodger Stadium at the time..

Highest OBP in the 1950s (min. 2,500 PA): Ted Williams .476 Ferris Fain .431 Mickey Mantle .425 Stan Musial .421 Jackie Robinson .416 Eddie Yost .406 Elmer Valo .403 Minnie MiΓ±oso .400 Richie Ashburn .399 Ralph Kiner .398 Willie Mays .391 Duke Snider .390.

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Willie Betty Newman (American painter) 1863 - 1935 Sunshine in the Lettuce Patch, 1896. oil on canvas.

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Willie berkata, keputusan untuk menyertai PBB bukanlah keputusan yang dibuat sendiri tetapi menerima pandangan daripada pengundinya..

@MARIUSBROODRYK Hulle willie skool gaan hulle uitgehaal word en kripeer in teacher friend told me in the week she’s tired of teaching rude, skollie.

Serah kepada Abang Jo sama ada dicalon semula di Puncak Borneo, kata Willie Mongin #FMTNews.

Aug. 7, 1986 - Lloyd Moseby scores on a Steve Farr balk and Willie Upshaw singles home George Bell in the 8th inning as the Blue Jays come back and beat the Royals 5-4..

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Till this day. Rodney, Willie Mc & Sey Sey ware still my favourite defensive players..

Intermediate Hurling SF (1st half, 31min) Buffers Alley 0-8 (8) Oulart-The Ballagh 0-7 (7) Willie.

@kennethbryce184 @gorgie_willie Kenny my pal you were sucking aff willie saying how good he is in goals a few weeks ago, make your mind up πŸ‘€πŸ‘€.

@woye1 This data is for what? Is it for eba, is it for garri, is it for beans and dodo?.

@kanekavi You kick ass lady. Doing what you love and having fun at it. Who has it better? No body.

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