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Thanks for the BDay With Love 2 the album is officially done🦋.

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I’m not able to get caught up with the show right now, so I didn’t get to watch the finale, but I’m seeing so many stories about how Mlp has affected us right now. Love the show, love the fan-works, love the creators, love all my friends and memories made from the whole ride(1/2).

love the game or hate it, it’s the best game that’s ever been released. no other game has done what fortnite has. with all the live in game events that anyone can watch, the hundreds of skins, u can be wtvr u wanna be, SAC, an interacting storyline. can’t wait for chapter 2 :).

@shonniemac23 @LegalBeagle1215 Aww, thank you! He’s 12 1/2, blind in one eye and deaf. He’s my best buddy and I love him with all my heart. Never heard him growl in his life. Had him since 6 weeks old. He’s an amazing little guy! ❤️❤️🐾.

Love women with big ass foreheads man I always wanted a girlfriend and a coffee table so why not a 2 in 1.

i think (key word: think) i’m gonna update/publish my stevenat fics in this order 1. i dare you 2. that which you seek 3. six feet under 4. ride or die 5. with love from calabasas 6. mind heist 7. caught in the undertow 8. see what i’ve become.

@k_ourtney now that i think about, all the signs were there. extremely fast, best friend is a fox with 2 tails, blue skin, a literal damb i guess sometimes u just get blinded by love.

Rules for life. 1. Stay connected with God 2. Speak truth while being respectful. 3. Continue to improve yourself, including your finances. 4. Love those around you. 5. Uphold your values, don’t bow down to ANYONE or ANYTHING. 6. Help improve your community. 7. Manage your time..

Why me? Truthfully, I’m a HUGE fan, but I’d heavily consider selling the ticket to take care of a roof issue we need to deal with. But otherwise, would love 2 connect with u to get some “big brother” advice and see if you can help me with my own self-awareness. #garyveepodcast.

- The first time watching the show which was ‘May The Best Pet Win’ and falling in love with the show - The hype around the Season 2 Finale - Being in the MLP MV Community for a long time.

I forgot to tell you guys but the other day I had an unforgettable MMF, I love playing with 2 men at the same time 💦They gave me spank bank material for a lifetime 😻.

@Love__Eternal @AuthorKASmith 1. Coffee 2. Crime drama 3. Seafood 4. Traveling 5. Watching my kids learn & grow 6. Catching up with friends & family.

@Kirby_with_LOVE 2 8 9 살인마들에게 공포 그 자체 커비님 킹갓 어그로 담당!.

Hey friends, George here and I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself 😊 I am a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier with attitude 😂 and a love for long walks! To find out all about me, please click here 👉🏻.

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Oh! I love the costumes and stage props so much! Esp the giant circle one with 2 sides(?) 🙌🏻 Also props to kim sohyang and the one who played Magrid for their acting! They absolutely killed it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I cried for their curtain call too :”(.

@Mountain_Timbs Just LOVE sending people images with strong desires..

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, giving the proximity of 31st. I think the EU should give us a temporary exit with No Deal, so we can try it for 2 months. If we hate it we can #RevokeArticle50 and carry on as full members. If we love it, we can #Brexit..

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. From mooching in a Manchester market 2 voyaging Vietnam with wonderment & love guiding our steps. @Mr_James_Baker 💗🌸💜.

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my secret to having clear skin; i fall in love with my acnes. that’s why they never last for more than 2 days..

@rdsharma_ @KhushiViews Modus operandi of love jihadis trapping Hindu girls. 1. 99% time assume fake Hindu name. 2. Speak softly & impress with dressing, scent, etc. 3. Once done, slowly develop physical relationship, make video. 4. Reveal real truth, force to convert/blackmail repeat 1 to 4 steps.

Day 2 and I’ve won 2 badges! Followed up last night’s Rocket League with a win in the Duck Game tournament today. Gotta love PAX..

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In Ziyarat Ashura “I ask God Who honoured me with yr recognition [Ahlulbayt] & the recognition of yr sincere followers.” It’s an honour 2 know the Shi’a. We should try 2 show respect 2 all the followers of Ahlulbayt & serve humanity with kindness through the love of Ahlulbayt..

Make sure u tweet both With Love 2 & #withlove2 This legendary. I promise you..

can you even imagine walking out of it 2 and not realizing that Richie was in love with Eddie? Could never be me.

Thanks for the BDay With Love 2 the album is officially done🦋.

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Lmao Aww this was cute 😂 1.) You must be one of M’s side chicks that he had working for free at the same office his girl was slaving at 2.) I can sleep with who I want,when I want I want. in any position I want what’s next 3.) love ya sis 🐀.

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