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#Ymornings In News: The Most Popular Tweets | South Africa

As Malume @DJAnkletap There definitely aren’t any host spy cams for our @Airbnb of the week. Let’s take it to Mpumalanga on #YTravels. Check it out: … #YMornings.

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We #TapOnEconomics with @Nwabisa_Too #YMornings Catch it on the YFM App.

After the meet at greet in Hout Bay ntate Jurgen decided to come to my gig in long street with me! What a night!! #YMornings.

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@DJAnkletap took me too long to follow this genius, always making my Mornings thank you #YMornings haters going to say it’s Photoshopped 😂.

All the way from Ethekwini! Good Morning 💯 #YMornings.

Dumelang Your Boy KGALEMANG® is tuning in📻, ready to grab this Thursday by the neck!! Pompo Khuli Chana is dropping something for Summer # All i can say is, the Album is on another.

As a wise woman once put it, simply: Iconic 👌 #YMornings.

The best uncle @DJAnkletap in the radio business!! #YMornings.

As Malume @DJAnkletap There definitely aren’t any host spy cams for our @Airbnb of the week. Let’s take it to Mpumalanga on #YTravels. Check it out: … #YMornings.

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#YTravels Is your AirBnB host spying on you with a hidden cam? @DJAnkletap gives you simple tips and tricks on how to find out if this is the case. #YMornings.

#YTravels In the spirit of Malume @DJAnkletap tells us why we should carry a shoelace when traveling. #YMornings.

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@Yfm #ymornings if they shut down my account for password sharing then eish son it would be tough times for myself and my sister but you know mos tough time never last only tough people last!.

Looking to save but are afraid of the risks attached to saving with a “Big” bank? Learn about the risk free retail savings bonds from the Director of the RSA Retail Savings Bonds, Mr Terry Msomi of the National Treasury coming up at 07:30am. #YMornings.

👏👏👏 Lit as always Ms. Kardash @kandiskardash 😏🔪😂 #YMornings.

The allegations are detailed in a Sunday Independent exclusive published yesterday, which will be in the upcoming bulletin. #YMornings.

Yho Pompo any more shade from you about Man City, ima BLOCK #YMornings you skating on thin.

Goooood Morning! If your looking for fun, laughs and Iconic radio delivered by the best @DJAnkletap x @kandiskardash & the then we suggest you tune into #YMornings RN Mchanas! Lets gOoooo!!!.

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Yaaaas!! Auntie @TheRealJess_B show us how it’s done! #YMornings 🔥🔥.

#YMornings We chat to Author of Being a Black Springbok, @Sbu_Mjikeliso on #YSportsParliament.

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Yeeebbbooo 💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺We Are Within #LadiesLoveFridays Mix on #YMornings.

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Not according to our guru @infinite67_ #ReggiesGamingRush 🔌💯 #YMornings.

Yeeeebbbboooo💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺Morevito #LadiesLoveFridays on #YMornings Cc @DJAnkletap.

@LegendaryCrisp is SHUTTING IT DOOOOWN with the YANOS!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥 #YMornings.

#TapOnEconomics @Nwabisa_Too unpacks foreign direct investment with @DJAnkletap. #YMornings.

@TheRealJess_B what did the child do bathong!?😭😂 #YMornings.

Yes! Spot mentioned it a bit ago. An O/T minibus on the M1 highway as you approach Grayston 🙏😣🚗 Stay safe! #Ymornings.

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