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Updated: September 20th, 2021 08:42 AM IST

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E Choke!! Keep voting for our Man Yousef!! We can bring this home!!

Yousef Twitter

Votes were split between Yousef and Saskay. I suspect they have the same group of Bbnaija Fans 🙏🏾 Welldone to Both ❤🔥

Covid-19 has broken out in immigration detention. Imasi Yousef, a stateless asylum seeker, was identified as a close contact of an infected guard. He has been in a windowless room since.

Angel tried using Yousef to pepper Cross, but that didn’t cross is not a preacher of war but of love, so he is trying to squash whatever it is with Angel. He and Angel share something special,and maybe angel is scared and pushing him away. Sas no get whala #BBNaija

That one time Cross & Yousef we’re going to f!ght over Angel’s love & she was the referee 😂 #bbnaija

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Yousef and Cross tries to find out why Saga called Pere an instigator. #BBNaijaShineyoureyes #Bbnaija

Yousef social anxiety has lead him being paranoid ,he feels he is thrown inside a pack of wolves that are ready to devour him ,I pray he snap out of it quickly and get better #BBNaija

BBNaija S6: Whitemoney, Queen pick Yousef, Cross for Showmax reward

It is Cross nominating Nini and Whitemoney for me, a week after his fans doing Whitemoney dirty. I am voting Emmanuel and Yousef this week, may the forces be with those up! #bbnaija

Saga is such an evil person sha. Which kind shalaye him dey do to Yousef?🙄 #BBnaija

Liquorose fans will need to show their strength now to save Emmanuel if any surprise will have to happen on the final day,Emmanuel is the only one that is save now sha if Liquolions vote, Angel or Yousef will join Nini and Saskay if three people will be leaving on Sunday #BBNaija

E Choke!! Keep voting for our Man Yousef!! We can bring this home!!

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Yousef students are saving their teacher every week. They no wan fail him course. 😂 #BBNaija #BBNajia6 Saskay

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I prefer Yousef and Angel together. Cross is always on emotional giveaway. Those guys who will propose to a lady and forgot. Angel needs someone who truly care for her. #BBNaija

For me, Yousef is the underdog of this year’s BBNaija. I didn’t see him making it this far.

Unapologetically comfortable in my perfect imperfection. #BBNaijaShineYourEye Yousef

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هاي الصورة لزكريا الزبيدي.. شوف ايده مبين عليها اما ضرب او سحل... او بقايا تاثير الزحف بنفق الهروب زكريا وشريكه ( في تضارب بالاسم) مبين من الفيديو انهم منهكين تعب.. ويا دوب قادرين يمشو.. هالحكي كله بعطينا انه مهما كتبنا وطلعنا مسيرات.. طريق التحرير وحدة بس.. وحدة بس

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سينجيكَ الله مهما تعالت عليك سطوةُ الأحزان ، وسيُضيءُ لك كلَّ عتمةٍ ، وسيُهوّن بلطفه عليكَ بأس الأيامِ وشدتها .. الطُف بقلبكَ، فاللهُ ربّك وهذا عطاؤه..🌿

#BBNaija - Angel thinks they are spoiling her market after HMs advised YouSef not to fail for her. LiquoRose thinks Nini tuned Saga into another The Only Girl I Ever Fell For Was Maria And She Got Me With Her Personality Not Beauty - Pere Tells Angel And Liquorose

For y’all who didn’t watch Yousef’s diary session on Friday, he said and quote “ the game is all mind games now” and further said he’s mentally prepared #BBNaija

And they are so many like this ooo.😂😂😂😂😂 Yousef is the real Shine ya eye. #BBNaija

@DrFab15 U guys have ur new boo to celebrate. Yousef. Face him and leave Emmanuel alone🤣

I wish Brighto was in this set 😂😂he would have told Yousef to apply more pressure 😂😂😂#BBNaija

So Angel has turned Yousef to her houseboy 😂 konji na bastard 😆 #BBNaija

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In the morning Yousef and Angel will just act all cool cool, I love their romance, I remember those years na this type of babes I dey like #bbnaija

Goodnight my Angel ...dont forget to take your abeg naira from Yousef . Love yah #BBNaija

See ehn God bless Angel and Yousef for tonight I don laugh tire. Premium entertainment 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is exactly how Big brother should be #BBNaija

Excuse me Angel has made yousef happy today we expect 80,000 votes on Monday we except donations too #BBNaija

من اجمل الحاجات في ميسي أن حبه مش حكر لحد و اي حد مش محتاج يتكلف في مدحه واي حد برضه حتى لو انسان خنزير سهل يعبر عن حبه له بسهولة او حبه للي بيقدمه ميسي الصراحة مراية جميلة لأي حاجة حلوة في الكورة

Angel has no chill please. Emmanuel, pere, boma, cross yousef sammie can sleep with sugar mummies 🤣🤣🤣#BBNaija

Yousef’s mind right now he just can’t wait for Monday to nominate Emmanuel 😂 #BBNaija

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