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Good luck to @MoSalah tonight, as Egypt begin #AFCON2019 against Zimbabwe. 👊.

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Well done to The Mail on Sunday (@MailOnline) for their revelations today on the despicable practice of canned lion hunting.

@mrlungisa President Mugabe remains a hero to us particularly black hildren born in Rhodesia and few decades into will remain ours for a long Long live Cde Mugabe.

[TRENDING] Zimbabwe may be plunged into total darkness #eNCA.

Safari boss charging hunters to kill South Africa and Zimbabwe lions via @MailOnline.

Thought she was running for President here not Zimbabwe?.

Time to watch this Egypt vs Zimbabwe game. My first time ever watching #AFCON2019.

@LISAMW979 Sorry, Lisa! I come from a country, Zimbabwe, where fruit was eaten cold, vegetables were eaten hot! No pumpkin pie for us! Actually never tasted it until I was 42!.

Wanneer Knowledge je in de steek laat, breng je Talent in. Mooiste voetbalwissel (van Zimbabwe) aller tijden tijdens de Africa Cup 2019. #AFCON2019.

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19hrs of load shading a day in Zimbabwe and one vomits the country is in the right direction and has budget surplus. Surely ZANU PF is a huge joke!.

Congratulating Zimbabwe’s candidate, Dr Judith Kateera, on her election as Executive Director/Board Member at the AfDB, for the next 3 years, representing Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Namibia. Looking forward to working with her..

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عبد الله السعيد يعرب عن تفائله عقب فوز الفراعنة علي زيمبابوي في مبارة الافتتاح..

Just watched highlights of Zimbabwe v Egypt. So so unlucky we are, our end product needs a whole lot of work though especially shooting & crossing. Kept Salah quiet which is a W for me.

Abdallah El-Said optimistic following Zimbabwe victory | @aisma654.

Here is the best finance minister In the history of Zimbabwe according to Zanu-PF apologists. He uses RTGS to claim a budget surplus then on the other hand quote a drop in USD prices of goods that are priced in RTGS in supermarkets for consumers who are earning RTGS..

Samuel Eto’o criticizes Egypt’s display against Zimbabwe | @aisma654.

Tienen una alegría que contagia: así llegaban los jugadores de Zimbabwe al estadio para enfrentar a Egipto en la Copa Africana de Naciones..

Check out how much 1gig of data costs in 🙆🙆🙆.

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Javier Aguirre: Egypt’s performance against Zimbabwe satisfactory.

#Zimbabwe cricket board suspended by government, ban imposed on managing director.

Egypt open their #AFCON2019 campaign with a 1-0 win over Zimbabwe 🇪🇬.

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Hosts Egypt beat Zimbabwe in Africa Cup of Nations opener.

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🏆⚽🏆 Egypt🇪🇬 🆚 Zimbabwe🇿🇼 💙🎉 1-0 🎉💙 ♥️🇪🇬⚽Trezeguet😍💃🏻♥️.

🇪🇬 EL LOCAL ARRANCÓ CON EL PIE DERECHO 🇪🇬 Los Faraones vencieron por 1-0 a Zimbabwe gracias al tanto de Trézéguet. ⚽️ El duelo fue el inaugural de la Copa Africana de las Naciones 2019..

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Salah worst player on the pitch in a match against Zimbabwe?.

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Good luck to @MoSalah tonight, as Egypt begin #AFCON2019 against Zimbabwe. 👊.

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