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Tomorrow is a public holiday neh, after Jub Jub’s episode of #Uyajola99 we are watching Zodwa Wabantu propose at 22:00. #ZodwaUncensored.

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woah I just remembered Zodwa & Khanyi Mbau might have the same baby daddy 🤣 yoh ah, amadoda #ZodwaUncensored.

#ZodwaUncensored truth to self is the best healthy lifestyle you can Praise to the queen 👑!! I respect her hustle..

There’s just too many lies on yesterday’s episode. I actually remember the things she was saying the past episodes but kodwa ratings are more important than consistency 🤷🏽‍♀️ #ZodwaUncensored.

I honestly love the way Khanyisile talks. Mbau mfethu, that tsotsi taal/kasi language suits you so bad!❤️ #ZodwaUncensored.

She really is pretty, I’ve always felt this way about her #ZodwaUncensored.

I wanna find a guy like Ntobeko whos not intimidated by what i do for living and just love me for me🤔🤔 #ZodwaUncensored.

Let’s watch Zodwa Wabantu propose to her man on #ZodwaUncensored right here on channel 157.

Tomorrow is a public holiday neh, after Jub Jub’s episode of #Uyajola99 we are watching Zodwa Wabantu propose at 22:00. #ZodwaUncensored.

Moja TV is giving us CONTENT 😭😭#UyaJola99 #ZodwaUncensored.

I absolutely became a hard stan of #ZodwaWabantu. She lives her truth. She speaks her truth. She stands by her truth. She is unapologetic about her whole existence. Her replies on that Khanyi interview was everything😂😂😂 Love you girl😭😭😭❤ Do you boo!!! #ZodwaUncensored.

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Sfeba sonke😂😂😂zodwa is such an inspiration. The braveness she has ..damn🔥🔥🔥 #ZodwaUncensored.

Zodwa Wa Bantu a re pretty girls are a problem 🙊👀🤣🤣🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 #ZodwaUncensored.

#ZodwaUncensored We are all different as individuals and should be able to fully express our differences and live in full openness and truthfulness without fear of judgement. @Zodwa_Wabantu represent that for me and more. MINI THREAD:.

Trying to think of ways to find the person who gave zodwa such strong Muti #ZodwaUncensored.

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The world doesn’t want people who tell the truth, they want people who lie, they want people who pretend - Zodwa wa Bantu, 2019 You’re spot on! #ZodwaUncensored.

She deserves a movie based on her life, her struggles and how she triumphed 🙌#ZodwaUncensored.

I just love how real Zodwa is. She embraces all that is her. Good and bad. ❤️ #ZodwaUncensored.

#ZodwaUncensored at this point I think am the only one who still feels like whatever this Zodwa person is doing is sick and disgusting😑but anyway andilwi.

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Zodwa says marry ugly women, because beautiful women are problematic😂😹😂#ZodwaUncensored.

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Guys, I also wanna visit a surgeon but I’ve seen too many botched bodies. #ZodwaUncensored.

But Zodwa aint bad afterall😭 Or is it because we got to see her more often and got used to her face? #ZodwaUncensored.

Would you consider sharing a partner if that partner was a millionaire? #ZodwaUncensored.

Never thought Khanyi would be the type to be ok with sharing a man. #ZodwaUncensored.

Zodwa not just someone that says they don’t care what other people say, her actions really show you that she doesn’t give a f* #ZodwaUncensored.

Watch Zodwa Wabantu propose to her man at 20:00 on 157! #ZodwaUncensored.

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