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Zolani’s failed love stories on the river really break my heart😭💔 Surely no one deserves such heartbreak

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Thando_nkutha ()

@Lawrence_Maleka Zolani bhoza shame, @Lawrence_Maleka seems to be sweet and humble 😍👌🔥

Aphiwe Mkefe
Aphiwe Mkefe ()

Yoh who writes Zolani’s scenes? I’d thank them daily for setting up such incredible moments to allow talent to be. #TheRiver1Magic #TheRiverMzansi really respects the craft on all levels.

IG:Sewela_Babes_We_EFF ()

So Emma was shot 4 times and now she’s fine with no And lindiwe is not going to punish Zolani???Hai maan #TheRiver1Magic do better you starting to flop like #TheQueenMzansi

MaDube ()

@Sithelosenkosi Yuhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 akhomntu ozothi “ Zolani, I need more tears in this scene” 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

UGqirha🎈 ()

@Oyena_N I swear by this heater, the other ones burn you so much, you end up with crispy skin. Andingo Nandos kaloku mna. 🙄🙄

UGqirha🎈 ()

This is like my favourite heater, I dont understand why you guys say it doesnt work. 😅😅😅

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Sokhulu ()

@Dr_Zolani I know. The scenario still funny though, been there mate. Major vibes ☹️

Psangoro ()

@Sithelosenkosi Zolani on The River and Kagiso on The Queen are always going through it, man. I 😥😥😥

💸 Malume Rifumo. 🇿🇦
💸 Malume Rifumo. 🇿🇦 ()

Call Date My Family for Zolani. Maybe waitsi the light will shine. 💀 #TheRiver1Magic

Mina ()

@didi_antoinette You are so right , why is she still alive! And why is Zolani angry when Lindiwe was only trying to save him from the good digging Emma! Ke snaai o right!

Angella Kachipapa
Angella Kachipapa ()

I love how #TheRiver1Magic has not been predictable, we thought Emma died and that Zolani and Lindiwe would go into a war but now their bond seems to have gone deeper than before. They are soulmates indeed. 😀😀

Professional Auntie💁🏾‍♀️
Professional Auntie💁🏾‍♀️ ()

Zolani’s failed love stories on the river really break my heart😭💔 Surely no one deserves such heartbreak

Thandolwam ()

@Lawrence_Maleka Oooh he e Zolani must go for counseling, sukaaaa. Find peace, first.

Letsema ()

Lindiwe really robbed zolani of his childhood. I really hate what she has done to the kid.

Kutlwibabe ()

Zolani le Kagiso have the same storyline. Failed relationships always having to be protected by the mothers. Tired of this aii man 🥴 #TheRiverMzansi

Gugu Kwinda
Gugu Kwinda ()

@TheRiver1MagicT today’s episode in all of the seasons. I’ve never felt such pity for Zolani. The vulnerability 💔

Maruping. ()

Zolani just wants love, he wants to build a home and live this fairytale life. Honestly I get it 🤍

Pro-Africanism ✊🏿
Pro-Africanism ✊🏿 ()

Zolani’s words cut deep! The truth in what he said hit home for me #TheRiver1Magic

Rudzani ()

@PhathuMakwarela Phathu nne ndi khou humbela nga zwanda zwivhili, Zolani deserves some happiness vhathu, he made me cry, I have said those words before in my life and I have also made a prayer yauri God it is enough. Please Phathu Zolani deserve a happy ending vhathu

Ntozakhe🌻 ()

@SeboDazzled @PhathuMakwarela I know she does care but she shouldn’t have put him through things that she would never let her own kids through. Zolani was supposed to be like a child to her.

Tsholofelo ()

Zolani 💔💔guys waitse ake rate ge Zolani ale heartbroken because his going to spiral out of control 😭#TheRiver1Magic

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♠️ ()

@PhathuMakwarela Zolani needs a proper wife now,he’s been the spare wheel it’s not nice anymore #TheRiver1Magic

Tk Sebothoma
Tk Sebothoma ()

The next girl to walk into Zolani’s life must literally be perfect, only for him to turn her away because he has his guard up so high. Even Lindiwe must convince him to give her a chance. But nothing. #TheRiver1Magic

Kekana Mapula
Kekana Mapula ()

Emma o tla bowa are she is pregnant and drive Zolani crazy again 🙄 #TheRiver1Magic

Miss Inno🇿🇦
Miss Inno🇿🇦 ()

@PhathuMakwarela Please tell me Emma and Zolani got married in a community of property, and Emma will try to get money from Zolani

I’m the capital B
I’m the capital B ()

I’ve cried like Zolani before. I’ve said the same words that he just said. “Clearly I don’t deserve happiness or to be with someone and it’s okay”. The only difference is that I was talking to myself, looking at the mirror #TheRiver1Magic

Mpumi Nyathi
Mpumi Nyathi ()

Why Lindiwe is not encouraging Zolani I mean he deserves some happiness too but not with Emma#TheRiver1Magic

Azania💝 ()

We need to normalize therapy as black people. Zolani needs to heal bathong. Mommy issues, failed relationships kamo he literally has a “body count”. #TheRiver1Magic Askies Zozo🥺

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