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The Zondo commission has reportedly requested the banking records of EFF leaders Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu.

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👑Rakgadi🌿Soldier👑 ()

Zondo must organize a stadium because we are coming in numbers

Mgcini Tshwaku
Mgcini Tshwaku ()

Can Zondo invite #EFF to the Commission, we just want to see something. 🤔 Zondo Vuligate

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Peaceful King
Peaceful King ()

@LeratoNkwenkwe1 Bathi Zondo wants his bank statements together with the wife, his late grandmother and associates.

Mkhabela ()

@FloydShivambu Zondo wd nt just subpoena bank information for no reason. So many ppl hv bn at the comision & no bank acc were subpoenaed. Someone amongst the acused must hv sung about EFF leaders. Bt bcoz its Shivambu now, ppl r coming up with excuses of deflection. He must just go

Tracy Zille
Tracy Zille ()

Any Black man who stood up against Whites was killed in public. That is how Bambatha kaMancinza was killed. Pravin is going to use Zondo Commission to destroy Malema. The aim is not to find him guilty but to drag him through courts for years and destroy his name through media.

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Fun observer...Bad boy 4 life😎
Fun observer...Bad boy 4 life😎 ()

@VusiSambo Zondo has all mouth opening tools for black chowers only

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News24 ()

The Zondo commission has reportedly requested the banking records of EFF leaders Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu.

Alfonso Niemand
Alfonso Niemand ()

@daddyhope This is definitely not Senekal. Malema is on his way to Zondo for VBS Bank theft, money stolen from the poor.

Black & Conscious
Black & Conscious ()

@KhandaniM If there is wrong doing in their side how does it constitute state capture because they are not even in government?, I’m confused. Why are the Hawks not investigating them?. Does Zondo understand his terms of reference?

Baks 🇿🇦🇵🇸🇨🇺🇮🇷
Baks 🇿🇦🇵🇸🇨🇺🇮🇷 ()

Cyril and friends are capturing the state while Zondo distracts everyone who would oppose such, there should still be state capture somewhere in it but that commission was misnamed

Lalas ()

@Eusebius Cyril who was a deputy president, overseeing eskom, his company doing work at eskom, his bank statements and family accounts haven’t been subpoenaed by Zondo till to date wow.

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KatakataKeMaotoAdixhiphi. ()


☄Apophis29 ()

@KhandaniM It is odd that Zondo is going after Malema. Seems like the voice has lost his reason

Steve Drive
Steve Drive ()

@KhandaniM Zondo is now pursuing political agendas because they have found nothing on Guptas 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Times LIVE
Times LIVE ()

The Zondo commission is going after EFF leader Julius Malema and his deputy Floyd Shivambu in its investigation of state capture.

Maxwell Langa
Maxwell Langa ()

Dear DCJ Zondo I hereby grant you permission to go through my bank accounts no need to go to court.

Mangalani ()

@Kgomo389 What is a state? Executive, Judiciary & Legislative. Indeed as Zuma requested, Zondo has to investigate all of them. Judge Makhubele is a goner. Vincent Smith is also. Malema was an MP so what’s special about him?

Not Adv Ngcukaitobi
Not Adv Ngcukaitobi ()

Justice Zondo now set his eye sights on Julius Malema and Fraud Shivambu. Julius Malema is already saying his got nothing to hide. The State Capture Commission must subpoena both their bank accounts and bring them to the Commissionto answer questions. Interesting times😂🔥

NonPartisan ()

@Kgomo389 Relax, Malema volunteered himself to testify so Zondo wants to make sure his witness is clean

Phanga P
Phanga P ()

@KhandaniM They tried with SARS, LIMPOPO, VBS & now they want to bring Zondo commission. This shows how they really hate on EFF & Black

Mzania & others.
Mzania & others. ()

Zondo was text,& reminded to intensify the bullying tactics cos nna asenke ka kwa motho le o tee a bolela ka Sello in the wasteful expenditure called @StateCaptureCom

Issa Mess™️
Issa Mess™️ ()

@SowetanLIVE Uyithinte emsileni uZondo. Usesondele kulo ngempela udaba. The fight back is going to be nothing else but relentless attacks 4m all corners. He is getting close to the nub of the issues &Msho doesn’t like it @all. Keep strong Zondo. Poor SAns hv u in their prayers

Kalashnikov ☭
Kalashnikov ☭ ()

(1/4) Zondo is barking up a wrong tree. This could actually be unlawful and an abuse of power. A classic case of a fishing expedition . What links does the @EFFSouthAfrica leadership have state capture? Did anyone mention the EFF leadership in the commission?

🇿🇦IamMissT🇿🇦 ()

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Phuti ()

@RantleM @SeshegoR That’s what I was asking myself. Is Malema implicated or Zondo has lost it?

Marxist ()

Seems now that Zondo has received a new instruction from his handlers. The aim now is to arrest Zuma, Malema, Floyd and Ace so that Ramaphosa can his SA peacefully while the soul of the ANC and the country is handed over to WMC. I did say CR must never be underestimated

Mzania & others.
Mzania & others. ()

@JMOOD__ @Howard_S2 Sello wears nice clothes straight, no wonder Ndlozi look at him like that. Even zondo is becoming jealousy.😂

Sunday Times
Sunday Times ()

Zondo investigators circle KZN politicians and business associates. Details in #SundayTimesZA tomorrow

Sunday Times
Sunday Times ()

EFF leader Julius Malema in Zondo’s cross hairs. Details in #SundayTimesZA tomorrow

IOL News
IOL News ()

Former president Jacob Zuma has launched a broadside attack at the Zondo Commission for investigating his children’s bank accounts, saying the act was a declaration of war.

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