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Details revealed in bank statements subpoenaed by Zondo commission..

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Money without value Into Dudu Myeni bank Account from Jacob Zuma Foundation. A charge of money laundering is proven. @NPA_Prosecutes. Zondo must use the same 236/205 subpoena to open CR17 bank statements. We need openess Here..

@City_Press The elephant in the room is : Can Zondo CJ be impartial in his judgements on matters involving President Ramaphosa?. Is he not encroaching into the political arena?. Will the CJ recuse himself in any matter involving the President?. He is definitely conflicted..

Tony Yengeni leadership is strongly questionable. The guy leaves in Cape Town but the ANC is dead in the Western Cape. Instead of challenging Zondo, he must be@in the ground building branches..

@SundayWorldZA Zondo is a politician that must be politically corrected all the time..

@RealMTshabalala @SundayWorldZA I read the letter from tony but I did not see where he challenges or implicate cyril ramaphosa. The person who is being dragged it was zondo how did cyril ramaphosa come in again..

@CalvinPhiri8 @TimesLIVE Good luck JJ, that is the same law firm that represented Tom Moyane both at the Nuggent and Zondo, Jacob Zuma at the Zondo commission, Ace Magashule etc.

Yengeni has become a crying baby of the RET. Zondo, after his investigations, has commented and recommended. There is nothing wrong about that..

@Valdez_Claro Zondo is a politician hence he called a whole press conference to respond to an article opined by a politician who is a threat to Ramaphosa’s re-election at the next ANC conference..

@FriendsOfZuma I think we must have a special newspaper who will be writing about those news because, these white monopoly capital newspapers they are spreading propaganda only,assisted by this nonsensical Chief Justice Zondo.

The election campaign for ANC leadership have not declared open yet already Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is pushing for Cyril The Law in South Africa is on paid @SCOTUS @ConCourtSA.

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@CheetahPlains @TheCitizen_News I never said a Judge, I said a Chairperson, Zondo was commenting as Chairperson of a Commission..


Zondo Photo,Zondo Photo by Itani Shakeson Ndou,Itani Shakeson Ndou on twitter tweets Zondo Photo

@FransMaseko Zondo highlighted the private sector involvement .Without private money would be small . Corrupt Government and private must all go rot in a cell . Private paying back the money and then feeling good is bull shit. Paying back is an admission of guilt , so somebody must go rot.

@Constitution_94 @SundayTimesZA people need to learn to engage their brains or whatever is left of them. what Zondo did was wrong the comments he made were unbecoming of a Chief Justice just think if the Former CJ had said that about Zuma and Polokwane you guys would be trowing tantrums..

@SundayTimesZA That shot Gun Mampara Zondo already abused his Powers as CJ. #TonyYengeni is absolutely right.

Why are people acting suprised has always been a politician man has no sense of he call politicians to hotels and talks politics as a politicians in secret then claim he has no relationship man is a child.

@d_peekay @S11E11B11A 2nd Commission of Inquiy of Ramaposa fo findings about his Bosasa bribe& his son R2m Bosasa bribe plus CR looted Millions from Eskom through his Glencore company & failed to pay penalties for low quality failed to make a finding against CR he wanted to be CJ.

In a democracy this should be normalized,to rid the system of corrupt element like Zondo.

@SimzaSomkhanda @SundayTimesZA The same subpoena used by ZONDO can be used to open CR17 bankstatemenst. Section 236 & 205.

Tony Yengeni goes after Chief Justice Zondo over state capture findings.

Was reading a letter of complaint by Tony Yengeni to JSC,about judge Zondo singing praises of Ramaphosa, I want to see what that JSC will say or do,they made chief justice Mogoeng to apologized because according to them he was venturing into politics space,what about geese praise.

When I say south Africa has no justice and judges are captured we mean this Ramaphosa and zondo are evil. Today say the day these two fellows die, they will die terrible deaths.

@The_Zondo @Murrayingram Yeah many of the boys who came in were not the biggest so it looks like its rough out there..

@City_Press Let not catch feeling ànd accept that Zondo has cross the line,by commenting on what would happen or not happen in a Party contest,is he casting aspersions in all other Presidential contenders,OH please Zondo has to called out.

#Zondo got himself carried away. Needless to say his utterances on the Nazrec conference could have easily been avoided.

@Mthuli4 @Gentlements I think Zondo knew what he was saying by that statement. The connotation is enough to give the current an advantage.

Tony Yengeni goes after Chief Justice Zondo over state capture findings.

@City_Press Are judges and justices allowed to openly praise a political party or give their views or preferences, I found Zondo blurred the lines here, he cant openly talk the divisions of the ruling party and also make clear of who he prefers, this is a misconduct..

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