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Comrades have been provoking me and I’ve kept quiet: Zuma.

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Jacob Zuma returns to state capture hotseat again on Friday..

Do South Africans understand Democrazy? Just Because if South Africans knew anything about democracy a buffoon like Zuma would never have made president..

[In Case You Missed It]: CIC @Julius_S_Malema warning President Ramaphosa that like Zuma he will begin to hate Parliament, he advised him to do everything in his power to stay away from parliament, simply because he wants to protect an individual against a Chapter 9 Institution..

Jacob Zuma’s habit of clearing his throat before answering a question at the state capture inquiry could have more to do with delaying tactics than the cold he said he was suffering from..

@busie_mkhize . Engikuqaphele kakhulu ukuthi u Zuma usakhombisa umdladla wokwethula udaba lokusolwa kwakhe. Engingakusho nje ukuthi u Zuma ukayeke ukulokhu egwinya amathe noma engingiza ,ngoba lokhu akakwenzayo kuzwakala njengokwakha inkulumo yokuzivikela.#ezanamuhla.

具合悪いな この前病院行って出された薬飲んでるのに具合悪いとかなるんだ🤔.

@Zuma__83 @shereen1122 انا مش في مصر والقلب مش تاكسي عشان كل يوم مع حد جديد القلب دة اغلي حاجة صعب ندية لأي حد.

Jacob Zuma comparece por primera vez ante comisión judicial 👉 El expresidente de #Sudáfrica deberá presentarse en cuatro oportunidades más ante la justicia de la nación africana.

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@MaxduPreez And that’s exactly why Zuma should not have been called. It’s too early. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been called at all. Just charged when there is enough evidence.

@ndevhetsini ubva mukula Nne ndi vhona Vho Zuma vhatshinga Vho hanganeya ngauri vhavhori vhanwe dzi membara dza ANC vhovha zwipayi kha muvhuso wa tshitalula nne ndi vhona uri khavha imele mafhungo avho.

@ndevhetsini Ubva ha masia tshikwarani,randburg nga mushumo. NNE vho Jacob Zuma ndo vhapfa vhakho amba zwe vha amba,vho vha vhakho tamba tshiredzi nga vhanwe,TRC aingo bvisela khagala zwikwekwe,ngoho aingovha hone,vhakho toda Human lie dictator vho Zuma,vho hanganea muhumbuloni.

@ndevhetsini Ri na nwi misi yothe Soweto Naledi hayani ndi Vondo La Thavha : # ho vuwa bomepome Vho-Jacob Zuma vha pfala vhena manzhi,dzi do luma vhanzhi.

I really hate what has been done with Zuma. State capture clearly wasn’t the problem the problem was that it was given to the Guptas rather than the Stallenbosch oaks. I mean who threatens an entire economy over the fact that he wants to choose ministers? & 🤦🏽‍♂️ #JacobZuma.

@AdvNgcukaitobi Do you think Zuma knew his role as a Indian boys took the opportunity.

#JacobZuma sayimg the Guptas were close to Mandela & Mbeki is an indictment on him. Those presidents kept the Guptas in check but when they saw Zuma they saw a man tjat was corruptible and could be easily manipulated. Oh boy, and they did! Atul became a billionaire in <10 yrs..

Jacob Zuma even claimed that a suicide bomber had targeted him..

#StateCaptureInquiry Zuma agrees that government spend on advertising was within the range of 600 million rand. #sabcnews.

#StateCapetureInquiry Zuma says he is aware that GCIS has R600 million a year to spend on media buying @dailysunsa.

#StateCaptureInquiry GCIS was responsible for the function of placing adverts in the media, Pretorius explains, these were paid for by various govt departments. The advertising spend the GCIS was responsible for was about R600m, Zuma confirms. @TeamNews24.

This new man, Ramaphosa, he has replaced us -Zuma to his comrades after finding out that Ramaphosa fired him as head of intelligence in the ANC.

@andile309 @CdeBathaDlamini follow the news. The Zuma crime family needs to move out of Nkandla and into Pollsmoor..

#StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius speaks about the role of Government Communication and Information Services (GCIS) and the advertising spend for which GCIS was at least partially responsible was R600-million. Yes, responds Zuma..

I wish Mr Jacob Zuma should have hired #JuliusMalema to come answer for him or on his behalf. Julius knows how to handle such#statecaptureinquiry.

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Zuma: People vilify me and try to assassinate my character. Also Zuma: I appointed a spy in my cabinet. What an idiot..

Comrades have been provoking me and I’ve kept quiet: Zuma.

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