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Blackpink is very talented. Can’t deny that but #ThePeopleChooseBTS and they didn’t get the why? #PCAs.

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#ThePeopleChooseBTS - 트위터의 인기 트윗

บิ๊กฮิตต้องพิจารณาแล้วแหละน่าจะเล็กไปนะ 😂😂❤ #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS 사진

Retweeting this joke cuz antis heard whole BTS discography instead of their faves. #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

setuju bangeetttttt!!!! Antis ga bakal ngumpul di Indonesian Idol, kan? 😌😌😌 #ThePeopleChooseBTS #ArmyChooseBTS @BTS_twt.

All in 48 hours. I am still amazed. I didn’t even know we’re this powerful. Damn ARMY. I want a group hug! It’s like we climbed a mountain and we’re surprised that we got to the top so fast and so easily. Damn. Still amazed. @BTS_twt #BuyPERSONAOniTunes #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

At least recheck before you reveal results and i am not hating blackpink in any way. #NohateforBP #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

Сделать дз✔️ Поиграться с белым карандашиком✔️ Пожрать✔️ Проголосовать за бтс #ThePeopleChooseBTS ✔️ Почесать жопу✔️ Поспать 🅰️Н🅰️ХУЯ.

I see yall just letting anybody win but bts, the ones that actually produce and write their own music #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS 사진

I bet that the angel is yoongi @BTS_twt #ThePeopleChooseBTS #BTS.

Tại sao trên đời này lại có loại người thích nổi tiếng theo kiểu tiêu cực vậy nhỉ #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

How to cà khịa 1 cách văn minh 😎 Giờ em đã sáng mắt chưa PCAs 😌 #BuyPersonalOniTunes #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

Keep tag @BTS_twt BTS is the only winner If they want to play with army so they will get the PAYBACK We wait until MAMA 2019 and see who will win lol #ThePeopleChooseBTS #Armychoosebts.

Armys, no se olviden de votar para las performances de los GRAMMYs. 💜 Aquí el Link; #ARMYsChoiceBTS #ThePeopleChooseBTS @BTS_twt.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS 사진

We love you too madam.! #ThePeopleChooseBTS #ARMYsChoiceBTS @BTS_twt.

شو يعني جوائز ؟! بتس اكبر و أعظم من ان يشاركون فيهـا #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS 사진

This is another day for bangtan and army. Another day of being the under dog despite being the best. ARMY and BTS is still the real winner. #ThePeopleChooseBTS #ARMYsChoiceBTS.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS @BTS_twt мы знаем кто настоящие победители 💜💜💜.

Blackpink is very talented. Can’t deny that but #ThePeopleChooseBTS and they didn’t get the why? #PCAs.

Que onda espere para nada ? Malditos sólo usaron a Army 😤 #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

@gcfmuse01 @BTS_twt helping a fellow ARMY 🥰 #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

O BTS sabendo que é a maior e melhor Boy Band da atualidade que vai levar mais prêmios pra casa está noite sem nem sequer estarem presentes na premiação. Sentiu o poder??Extremamente memoráveis e lendários💓 #PCAs #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

eu tô muida e amanhã tenho mais de 25 projetos pra corrigir 😭 #ThePeopleChooseBTS @BTS_twt.

I choose @BTS_twt because their music challenges me to think more in depth and honestly to just be a better human. #ThePeopleChooseBTS.

Semoga kalaian selalau beruntung #ThePeopleChooseBTS army sayang kalian @BTs_twt.

#ThePeopleChooseBTS because everytime I think about them, I know I am safe and loved. I enter the magic shop, and they are re all there to make me feel better. @BTS_twt.

Bangtan primer y unico acto coreano en llenar el Stadium Wembley 2 dias haciend soldout con capacidad de 90k. Hablar de impacto es hablar de BTS #ThePeopleChooseBTS @BTS_twt.

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