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Joe Aribo has been a terrific signing for £300k. He arrived from League One Charlton where his manager questioned his career advice in coming to Scotland. He just scored in a European final. The poster boy for what the club’s transfer strategy can achieve regardless of next steps.

Seems to confirm Aribo is all but off then. It’s been a pleasure, thank you for everything and for THAT moment 💙.

Aribo Foto,Aribo Foto by Lee Hendry 🇳🇱,Lee Hendry 🇳🇱 on twitter tweets Aribo Foto

Fully expected to lose either Aribo, Kent or Morelos this summer and be gutted regardless of who goes from them 3. Genuinely believe if Aribo didn’t have to go to AFCON he would have ended up POTY. He was the stand out by miles before the break and burned out when returning..

Looking very likely that Joe Aribo will be sold in the summer transfer window. Rangers are relaxed about his contract situation and expect to get a tidy profit if they decide to cash in this summer. Concrete interest from at least 2 Premier League clubs..

@Official_T4O Tell me Aribo is 1/7th the player of this guy 👇 And I’ll tell you that we will seriously undervalue him if he goes for £10m.

Aribo & Kamara are ones I’d be okay with losing. Kamara more so as he’s easiest to replace Maybe I’m too desperate for a refresh of the squad. £10m min for Aribo means Hagi gets his N10 role & Lowry gets more game time Another ST even if Colak joins, a CM & 2 wingers imo.

Absolutely gutted to see big Aribo going! But confident we will get decent dollar for him, what a player and will go with my best wishes. 💙.

Joe Aribo gave us the best 10 minutes of our lives and many more memories, pivotal to so much of our recent success and has proved himself at the highest level If this is a goodbye then he’s more than deserved so much for a bad move from Bowyer, Super Joe Aribo 💙.

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@JoshuaBarrieRR You can’t have a player trading model when you constantly allow your assets to run down their contracts Morelos,Kent and Aribo could all walk away in 6 months for nothing and we are relaxed.

With it looking likely Aribo moves on it leaves plenty of questions. 💰What is a decent fee 🔄Who replaces him 🤷‍♂️How much of fee does Gio get to spend 👀😂Does this make Ross Wilson good again We will discuss live on Sunday but fire comments in below 👇 #aribo #Rangers.

If we see Kamara and Aribo go I feel it’ll impact us more in Europe than they affect our results domestically. Neither scored as often as players in our rivals side did and that’s cost us trophies. Good players, enjoy the rest of your career, no tears shed for me.

should be a no brainer. If aribo, Kent or Morelos dont sign extensions, ALL 3 need to be sold this summer..

Sevilla lead race to sign Alfredo Morelos as Rangers brace themselves for Joe Aribo Premier League bids | ✍ @Chris_Jack89.

if we give up joe aribo and morelos for under 10m each i’ll be fuming. Morelos is 15-20m at least and aribo is the same..

@lnheritant Kamara and Aribo are easily replaced imo, Morelos not so much unless we get botheim.

@PenaCartel @Official_T4O Aribo and Palace are a great fit for each other. I hope that’s where he ends up with this move..

Sevilla lead race to sign Alfredo Morelos as Rangers brace themselves for Joe Aribo Premier League bids | ✍ @Chris_Jack89.

so is joe aribo away???? not seen anything concrete mentioned, but by the chat its asif he is 100% gone, would be right to cash in if he isnt going to sign on.

Aribo is one of our prized assets and its inevitable that someone would go given our new profile in Europe it is what it is its where we are trust the process.


If we lose Kamara, Aribo and Morelos in one window I’m going to be one very sad guy..

Question. Realistically how much would the sales of Aribo , Kamara & Morelos generate?.

Punt Aribo, Kent, Morelos… Renew McGregor, Davis & Arfield….. 🤣.

@GPope92 The squad needs freshened up Souttar replaces Balogun Aribo will be replaced if sold same goes for Kamara and Morelos Ideally we keep Morelos though.

@Geeb1872 Sell Aribo, extend Alfie, run down Kent More long term value in Alfie I think, Kent easier to replace than Alfie.

Personally fed up wae awww the transfer pish but for what it’s worth aribo , barasic n kamara to be sold is my prediction.

@ibroxrocks Definitely feels like the end of a cycle for the club with Aribo, Kamara, Alfie and maybe Kent all going. The extensions for Davis and Arfield make sense from a stability perspective..

Aribo potentially going. Balogun gone. Morelos potentially going. Kamara potentially leaving. I am not liking this.

Kuki abarimu aribo bagomba kwakwa umushahara basanzwe bahembwa make ? Kuko umushahara utakwa abakozi ba Ministère de l éducation ?kuki bitakubakwa na leta mumisoro nk igikorwa remezo ?.

I can’t bring myself to think that this summer we will be losing Morelos, Aribo and Kamara, and Kent could possibly still happen also who knows.

So rumours circulating Crystal Palace have put in a £25 million offer in for Aribo. rumours..

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