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Mesh drains in Australia prevent water bodies be a worldwide standard..

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Amethyst being excavated, wait for the end it’s stunning 📹 IG crystals _of australia.

Kanye West could be denied entry into Australia, where he was set to meet his new wife’s family, due to antisemitic remarks..

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Australia took action on guns after a mass shooting. Gun deaths fell by over 50%. Britain tightened gun laws after a mass shooting. Gun deaths dropped by almost 25%. New Zealand banned most semi-automatic weapons immediately after a mass shooting. Only America refuses to act..

So Australia prepared unfair pitches against India in 2018-19 and 2020-21 to lose both test series at their home ..

Growth begins with a single seed planted today, nurturing it with love and care, watching it blossom into a magnificent creation. Australia is a place of contrasts, a place of beauty, a place of wonder, a place to call home. ❤️🇦🇺.

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Just few days ago, he was flown to Sydney, Australia and is set to work with Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors, the stars of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania..

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Here’s a bunch of stuff that apparently @JoeRogan has never heard about… 🧵 First: the AUKUS agreement, soon to be “JAUKUS” when Japan joins, an nuclear tech share between the US, Uk and Australia..


Pakistan, Australia to play third T20I match tomorrow.

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Respect to Innes Fitzgerald who has her priorities spot-on. What is one more race, when measured against against the threat of climate collapse and a devastated future? Hopefully this will set a precedent..

Congrats Nikki! Chosen as Australia’s 🇦🇺 most deserving fan. She’s going to Super Bowl LVII courtesy of the @NFL !.

¿QUIÉN GANA A ESTE TÍO? Novak Djokovic vuelve a la final del #AusOpen y peleará el domingo ante Tsitsipas por su décimo título en Melbourne. En los últimos 12 años, solo tres hombres han podido ganarle en Australia. ¿Podrá hacerle Stefanos?.

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@ICC Pakistan never won test series in australia in 70years career😂 India won 2 consecutive test series in australia😍 ★India never lost home test series in last 10years ★From 4th march 2022 to 21st dec 2022 in this 9 months period pak lost 2 home test series @daniel86cricket😂👏.

Resucitó el niño vintage de las cenizas del Huáscar para hacernos creer que las mineras se llevan 85% de lo que producen cuando en realidad pagan 46% de impuestos al Estado, más que en Australia y Chile según el FMI.

Officially #1 in Australia :) Top 100 is now 1:00:00 as well!.

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@walnutpal @BaraPlainNTall Totally Wild (1992-2021) was such a good show to work Great content for kids too. One month after the end of kids TV quotas in Australia they ended making this One more spectacular “success story” for the LIbs/Nats… #tv #stories.

Kangaroo Island’s Stokes Bay has been named Australia’s best beach. The title, awarded by Tourism Australia, is another big boost for the island, after the New York Times named it the seventh top destination in the world. 7NEWS Adelaide at 5pm and 6pm. #7NEWS.

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#Pathaan Australia 🇦🇺 Advance Booking for Day3 Total locs - 79 Total Shows - 250 tickets Booked ~ 12600 (3 Chains) #PathaanAdvanceBooking.

@freyjabell @OlgaBirchall worked on and researched this in Australia, not sure if you have advice also relevant to UK, or know of UK colleagues?.

Mi viernes se perfila perfecto, ver el Open de Australia en la madrugada, dictar clase durante el día y jugar tenis en la noche 🙌🎾..

Kickass footage of how Melbourne feels about Australia Day 👊.

He and his father should be dragged by the “BALLS” 🎾🏸🎾🏸🎾 out of Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺.

@conan_esq Yeah. It’s definitely cultural. I’ve lived in Eastern Europe, North America, and Australia, and Australia was the only place I’ve spent significant time that didn’t have a that culture..

Inflation figures: Why the worst of Australia’s mortgage pain is still coming #ausbiz.

#ICYMI   Adidas unveils OCEAUNZ, the official 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup ball, which has been inspired by the landscapes of host countries Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. #gsportGlobal.

@Francis17Sue We are in Australia and it’s the middle of summer so I don’t think it’s warmth.😹😹.

@MiddleEastEye Sweet 💞Revelation South Australia Act Wall Israel 🇮🇱 Throne for Word Spirit Rabbi Heaven for Judah Jerusalem 🔥🙏.

Australian Open Melbourne, Australia N. Djokovic (SRB) d. T. Paul (USA) 7-5 6-1 6-2 Australian Open | Semifinal | Hard.

@hockeyind In this tournament Australia was not looking like Australia side we used to watch Netherlands are favourites to win the World Cup.

Paddy’s Markets is tacky, smelly and a Sydney institution. Please don’t let them ruin it | Dom Knight.

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