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Crystal Palace XI: Guaita; Ward, Richards, Guéhi, Mitchell; Doucouré, Schlupp; Ayew, Eze, Zaha; Édouard. Newcastle XI: Pope; Trippier, Schär, Botman, Burn; Longstaff, Bruno Guimarães, Willock; Almirón, Wilson, Joelinton. #CRYNEW.

TEAM NEWS Crystal Palace vs Newcastle Crystal Palace XI: Guaita, Ward, Guehi, Richards, Mitchell, Doucoure, Schlupp, Ayew, Eze, Zaha, Edouard Newcastle XI: Pope, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn, Longstaff, Guimaraes, Willock, Almiron, Joelinton, Wilson.

Highest xG for Crystal Palace in the first-half: ◉ Chris Richards: ◉ Odsonne Edouard: ◉ Jordan Ayew: A centre-back leads the way. 🥴.

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Jordan Ayew always plays his best football at Crystal Palace, and it’s no surprise that Viera plays him day in day out!.

Chris Richards has been absolutely class in both games by the way. Ayew looks tired. So buzzing for David Ozoh 🔥 Mateta looks much better when he comes off the bench. #CPFC.

Ayew’s entire role for palace is win free kicks by going down, got nothing else in his game.


@RandyB066 @Mark_CPFC Give ayew the first 45 to work his bollocks off, give olise the last 45 or more probably 30 to go at the tired defenders with fresh legs?.

@AmieElle @Mark_CPFC Ward played class tonight for you. Don’t rate ayew at all. Fair point to be honest hope Zaha recovers soon for you well played.

Get ayew off the pitch doing fucking nothing as always vieira got the midfield wrong again why drop Hughes when he had good game.

What was painful to see was Jordan Ayew on the attack going forward, running out of options and having to pass back..

We had no chance in that game when Viera started Ayew and Edouard. They are both allergic to positivity on the pitch..

Will take that all day. Someone explain to me how Ayew starts and stays. Please. PLEASE #CPFC.

Jordan Ayew playing man of the match performance for Crystal Palace.🤝👏👏👏 #CRYNEW.

Tem tempo que eu vejo Premier League e eu não me lembro de uma contribuição positiva do Jordan Ayew em campo, que jogador ruim.

@GuiZmo11743384 @Emboucaneur_13 Gignac mitchy batschuay Ayew payet thauvin alexandrini ocampos Imboula romao lemina barada Mendy nkoulou morelle djadjedje fanny Mandanda Ya quand même de quoi faire en ligue1.


LOL Ayew thinking he’s actually going to get that call. Read the room, man, and actually go for the ball. #cpfc.

Édouard et Ayew font quand même l’exploit d’être titulaire régulier en PL tout en jouant en Timberland.


@DeePalace_ Shluup and Ayew passing back in attacks. Ward can’t cross and out of his depth..

jordan ayew & koulibaly are not mobile enough to be playing in the premier league.

Quand même fou de se dire que Jordan Ayew est titu dans2un club des 5 grands championnats en 2023 🙃🙃..

#CPFC 2nd half: Eze off, Hughes & Ayew out wide, Edouard up top. Simple!🔴🔵.

@CPFC_Cal lol not even been a “bad” game, but his back passing (and Eddy) is killing any counter. Ayew (and I’m a big defender of him) and Wardy look more out of their depth. Like many fans feared.

@blackronaldo14 @Mark_CPFC Yeah, Ayew can definitely tire some people with his energy..

@DeePalace_ Vieira I think is notoriously like Pep where he never goes halftime sub. I think Ward and Ayew are most off it. I’d consider Clyne and Olise for Ward and Ayew. Maybe hughes at 60’. But he won’t do it.

@AdamDaubeney Also…everyone gotta stop slagging off Jordan Ayew. He was everywhere today..

@horth2003 He’s been playing for an utterly terrible Norwich! 22 goals for a terrible side. He is better than Jordan Ayew!.

@Firephilo @HLTCO We only have a few good players. Look at our bench and you’ll see why Vieira plays like that, our squad overall is terrible. It’s 2022 and players like Ayew, Ward, Schlupp and Guaita are still starting for us.

@tgh316 Half of the reason Ayew is good is because he tracks back. Left Ward in 2vs1 situations on multiple occasions today.

@not_ayew @ESPNUK Scored in the 88th minute to get a draw. 😂 Folks are yet to see tough days..

Kalo gue Vieira, bakal suruh Olise buat duel sama Trippier. Trippier udah seharian naik-turun, dan tadi dapet kartu kuning. Olise lebih tricky dibanding Ayew, potensi bikin Trippier error lebih besar. #CRYNEW.

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