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The heroism of the Azov battalion in Mariupol is truly outstanding. These soldiers have fought for nearly three months in complete isolation under awful conditions, holding 10 Russian battalion tactical groups. They all deserve to become honored as Heroes of Ukraine. @ZelenskyyUa.

“No one has broken our spirit…. We’re fighting for the sake of the Ukrainian people and the whole civilized world. We all understand that if we do not prevail here, Putin will go further, says Svyatoslav Palamar, a deputy commander of the Azov regiment..

#Ukraine | Azov Dnipro Taburu, topçu atışları için drone ile görüntü alırken;.

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Mientras la banda ucraniana ganaba Eurovisión aprovechando su discurso para pedir apoyo al batallón Azov un supremacista asesinaba en Buffalo a 10 personas. Antes de la masacre colgó en internet un manifiesto que incluye el Sol Negro, símbolo nazi utilizado por batallón Azov..

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A te con il simbolo della pace,innamorata dello scialpo , concussione,condannato per disastro ambientale, amico di una pm che lo assolve da un processo, amico a libro paga dei Riva,dei Marcegaglia, a loro volta amici fraterni degli oligarchi russi acciaierie AZOV 1.

No han hablado del batallón Azov, han mencionado el asedio al azovstal.

Nazi cómo los de Azov , se disculpa con el empleado blanco . a ésta gente financia la NATO.

Traducción literal del post del Batallón Azov : ¡Gracias a KALUSH ORCHESTRA por su apoyo! ¡Gloria a Ucrania! 🇺🇦.

@tucamaiacaetano Sabe quem mais usa o símbolo do manifesto do maluco? Batalhão AZOV da Ucrânia, espere e verá mais um democrata armado e fazendo merda.


@quitfixngGAMES @BenjaminNorton Yes definitely. Putin is the president of a major power, spreading fascist ideology all over the world. Azov are a bunch of local level fascists..

@nypost Looks like he might be a fan of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion..

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@21_7_b @RVAwonk what is bad faith about asking: if the symbol is affiliated with neo nazis, and the shooter is a neo nazi, and azov are also neo nazis, and if we ought to oppose neo nazism in america, should we do it abroad as well?.

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@RVAwonk Lol. Now apply your simple logic to the reason why Azov uses those.

@MapsUkraine Don’t conflate those fighting for globalists in Ukraine (Azov) with people upset about Black on White gang rapes, rap culture being push on our daughters in schools, and black on white violence that terrorizes every community..

@RVAwonk For a behavioral scientist you sure lack the reasoning capability to accurately describe the behavior here. Your own nations newspapers acknowledged the Azov-Nazi ties years ago..

@RVAwonk Azov the good Nazis apparently, literally has the Black Sun in their logo, lmao..

@RVAwonk Personally, I think theres no connection btwn them, but completely unrelated lone wolf neo nazis in Buffalo New York & azov neo nazis in ukraine can both be bad. If you dont think so yr cynically cosplaying as an antiracist, & yr pinned tweet is ACTUAL vacuous virtue signalling.

@Chardwa13 WHO recommends that Dr. Fauci and NATO funded Neo-Nazi Azov Batallion should be banned for causing public health emergency of racism .. 15 days to stop the hate.

@stillgray I see the Fed. Bureau of Insurrections is up to their old tricks again. I wonder how much they pay #CrisisActors for these gigs? They used the same Black Sun symbol that Azov nazis in Ukraine use (who are armed & trained by NATO, btw). Real militia know better. #FalseFlag.

@Mannanan6 @hannahgais So what is aljazeera talking about then? They say here that they where Nazi insignia. Is this fake news?.

@BenjaminNorton Azov does NOT use that symbol. When the regiment first started it was on their badge but it is no more. You are remarkably ill-informed. Their is nothing nazi about them. Their commander recently killed was Georgian, and anti nazi. Pathetic smearing..


@namorozi_ @VladDavidzon What? Azov is a country now?! Bandera and others who mass murdered people and collaborated with Nazi Germany, and are their heroes, rebelled against fascism?? 😂 Really! You people are just lying some clear BS in daylight! Wow!!.

Eurovision lets Ukraine win the song contest tonight. Ukrainian band pushes political message on stage: Help Azov- Battalion trapped at Azovstal, right now,″ Psiuk implored from beneath a bright bucket hat. @BrianOSheaSPI.

@1foreverseeking Seems the FBI targeting is to send to train with the Azov, Right Sector.

Is the head of #Azov also a leader of the far-right party “National Corps”? No, he is not. Active servicemen in Ukraine are not allowed to be members of any political party – defense of the homeland is above any party interests and political affiliations. 🇺🇦.

#amalclooney does not care about donetz ukrainian children. Just like #AngelinaJolie . Only Azov children are good enough to live..


@JournalistJG @davidaxelrod Uh huh Left: Buffalo shooter’s manifesto Right: Azov Nazi battalion Same ideology. The one on the right just got $40 billion in military aid. Support?.

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@mtracey In Mariupol, the Azov regiment passed the March of the Brave.

@Polk_Azov 🇺🇦We are with the Ukraine people💛💙 We need peace. We must never give up.🇺🇦 🇯🇵Japan is with you, Ukraine. 💛💙.

like…okay they voted against giving Ukraine 40$billion…that’s only because they think that money deserves to go to neo nazis in America instead. Their reasoning behind their actions puts them in the same boat as Azov. Let’s put our thinking hats on!.

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