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@alx Will be interesting to see how the Biden administration reacts to this. They may try to weaponize Federal agencies against Twitter..

How much more respected is America around the world under Joe Biden? This much..

Biden Foto,Biden Foto by Chris Murphy,Chris Murphy on twitter tweets Biden Foto

My word as a Biden: I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future than I am today..

Clear and direct evidence that Joe Biden is an unqualified moron..

Biden Foto,Biden Foto by Disgusted Patriot,Disgusted Patriot on twitter tweets Biden Foto

@MarshaBlackburn No one knew they were missing Numbnutz until Biden’s attorneys discovered them when closing his office..

@robsmithonline Obama said it best never underestimate Biden’s ability to fuck things up.

@srcade @dbongino Have you heard several of Biden’s recent speeches? He did nothing but trash & demonize MAGA Republicans! He’s angry & shows such hostility! Biden said he’d be the “unifier” & he’s been the most divisive president in recent memory! He lies repeatedly & is incompetent!.

@alessabocchi After the Biden administration, people are reflexively anti-left for a reason..

Biden facing intensifying scrutiny in classified documents probe.

@c731121d34e44fa They are behind it. They r doing it to us. Biden is WEF n so is half of congress.

@stevedunn442 @tedcruz the rest of biden’s docs where taped to the back of hunter’s paintings..

Check out this article: 45 POTUS hits on Biden classified docs, Obama administration: ‘We’re like investigation central in this country’ -.

@GOP Got ANYTHING good that will benefit the American people?? No, Hunter Biden’s laptop BS won’t help me and my family! Tell us what’s on your agenda for WE THE PEOPLE!!!.

We love President Tump. Please come back and be our president to save the country from the collapsed Biden and Dems..

@BFitzStan @CountryClubConZ Jeez, yea I’ll be honest everyone I know thinks Biden is a pretty good guy personally, who has been through a ton, even if they don’t agree with him. It’s clear he cares, and wants to do good..

@ACTBrigitte #Biden @POTUS: 1) Stands upright on two feet 2) Appears to be a senior male 3) Created by God Character, ethics, morality, nobility, trustworthiness, 👀🤔😑 all highly questionable or extinct. Hope he changes 😣🙏🏽.

@LittleElvis666 @RogerJStoneJr And then lose in the general. Enjoy 4 more years of Biden..

Clyburn says he expects Biden to run in 2024, warns against Dem challenger.

@therecount Yes, this is not because of Biden spending. It is because of Trump spending and Trump Tax cuts..

Oh will you PUH-LEEZE stfu… Stop LYING. You’ve done more damage to this country running your mouth in the last 6 years than Biden has done in 50. Go find another job in the private sector. You don’t belong in government. NO one who serves just themselves does..

@joncoopertweets No, because I’m not a child. Same reason I don’t “lose respect” for people who voted for Biden.

@Zzzaikar I think you’ll find it was the USA, Biden and his cohorts have been working on it for at least 6 years..

@MSNBC Yea sure more lies deception false narratives, twisted logic from the msm . 6 years of the same vile prose democrats slung at Lincoln . . Biden is the worst this country has ever seen.

How Biden Officials Bungled a Better Vaccine by Allysia Finley.

@IanJaeger29 FDR put Americans in internment camps, snuck in for a 4th Biden , Carter, Obama all pretty terrible.

@megynkelly Poor Megyn. You had two great network gigs and you fucked both of them up. Jill Biden earned her emeritus and PhD bona fides. You on the other hand were rejected by 3 prestigious Univ before finally getting accepted at that glorious bastion of legal scholars - ALBANY LAW SCHOOL..

Idea: Trump and Biden both are nominated and both die or are incapacitated Kamala Harris vs Kari Lake 2024 Do you vote for one, the other, or just go shoot yourself.


@mehdirhasan Netanyahu wants nothing more than to drag President Biden and the United States into a war with Iran. At some point we have to say, Israel, you just aren’t worth it - and stop funding their war machine. #StopFundingIsrael.

Fact: Trump added $ trillion to the debt in 4 years Fact: Biden lowered the deby by $ trillion in 2 years Raising the debt limit is needed to pay off the debt Trump added Trump ATTACKS Reporter who destroyed him LIVE on Fox via @YouTube.

@harryjsisson Oh yeah, because Joe Biden never just blames Republicans and MAGA voters, and he always takes responsibility for the problems he’s caused..

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