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Met police officers took selfies with murdered black women’s bodies. Dehumanising #blacklifematters

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𝓕𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓷 ⁷⟭⟬ #bIm
𝓕𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓷 ⁷⟭⟬ #bIm ()

@BoerboelUK #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #blacklifematters stream boy with luv

Czarek ()

Właśnie widzimy jak bezczelni biali rasiści zamykają czarnoskórego bandytę w sklepie i dzwonią po policję . SZOK 🙀 #blacklifematters 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Maher Zain
Maher Zain ()

Stay tuned for “Break The Chains” new song coming this Friday💪🏼 #blacklifematters #StopRacism

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Consciousness Medicine
Consciousness Medicine ()

It needed a community. And I found that community and found my voice. I know now that we do not medication cultural violence and trauma. Instead we wake up the wounded and change the freaking world. #blacklifematters

ava jett-beachley
Ava jett-beachley ()

Hey, white people! This isn’t movie and u don’t get to sit back and watch. brunch is not more important. #blacklifematters

Titops💡 ()

New edits on your tl 😂🤲,like and retweet and drop a comment 👉👈 Main edits by @YarimaOfIlorin #blacklivesbetter #blacklifematters

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Genna Wigginson
Genna Wigginson ()

This Right Here!!!🤎🖤🤎 #blacklivesmatter #blacklifematters

Herb Green
Herb Green ()

@7News Lol BLM fights hate against their own. Donald is projecting, as usual. #blacklifematters


@guardian Did you know that this covid19 distress is a fulfillment to a prophecy given in 2015. Watch this #blacklifematters

The "Amir" ()

@ucu @DrJoGrady UCU could be vocal, seen and felt for students and staff in relation to #blacklifematters , Covid 19 risk assessment and no detriment for BAME Staff and students. There seems to be a slow wait and slow reactionary rather than anticipated response.

Genna Wigginson
Genna Wigginson ()

Dear Black Men: You’re Absolutely 🤎🖤🤎 #blacklivesmatter #blacklifematters

Livefree ()

[email protected] not a good look for you. You are making millions off of overcharging inmates and families for phone calls and firing your only black director during stroke recovery. Your #blacklifematters stmts are hollow and hypocritical.

JM ()

5 black persona got lynched. And 1 male got kidnapped last night, in a black van escorted by a cop car 🚔 . And 2 officers involved with Breona’s murder are still free. #2020worstyear #blacklifematters

Thabo Senamela
Thabo Senamela ()

After seeing the @CityofCT scenes makes my blood to boil, Wht have we as black ppl done to deserve this especially in the country tht we call ours? #blacklifematters 😰 senzeni na?senzeni what is our sin😰

Altia Sthembile Hlongo
Altia Sthembile Hlongo ()

This is how black people are treated in CapeTown #blacklifematters

Genna Wigginson
Genna Wigginson ()

Funny how the men are depicted as white. Smh #blacklivesmatter #blacklifematters

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Nushoti ()

меня только что закадрил маленький негритос лет двух , а его батя сказал ему, что это хороший выбор , пиздец конечно , вот вам и #blacklifematters ....

Genna Wigginson
Genna Wigginson ()

Racists love to stay in black folks business!!! #blacklivesmatter #blacklifematters

Emerson Etuwede
Emerson Etuwede ()

The hustle is for Mama The hustle is for Mama💪 Small money enter you Don book hotel for Jessica 😁 #blacklifematters

Child of Aphrodite
Child of Aphrodite ()

Black lives still matter even wen its no longer trending #blm #blacklifematters ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

SLM ()

Are we children of a lesser God? #blacklifematters!!!! What have we done to deserve this?

Karabo wa Chamaano
Karabo wa Chamaano ()

A white racist man hidden his racism behind his uniform dragging a poor black man out a nothing but a shack dat he calls home. Stripping him off his dignity n his birthright in his mother land. This nation is led by sick people #CapeTown #blacklifematters

Matěj Michalk Žaloudek
Matěj Michalk Žaloudek ()

Martin Zvěřina ve včerejších @lidovenoviny srovnává společenský tlak, který vytvářejí média a aktivisté [#blacklifematters] se Stalinovou politikou. Myslím, že celoživotní antirasista #Šostakovič by se tomu docela zasmál. 1/2

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Diane Abbott MP
Diane Abbott MP ()

Met police officers took selfies with murdered black women’s bodies. Dehumanising #blacklifematters

Gregorio Casar
Gregorio Casar ()

Today, the City plans to release investigation info about critical injuries to #blacklifematters protesters, including names of officers. Finally. I believe this would have taken much, much longer if it were not for the community push. We need justice for these families.

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