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If you: —Attack federal officers —Try and burn down a courthouse —Shoot AK-47s at innocent motorists —Mob cars and rip people from behind the wheel —Burn down businesses —Kill cops —Loot stores You are not a protestor. You are a domestic terrorist and should be arrested. RT!

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FNMOM:News,Leaks,Gaw´s,Talks|happy with rewards 😍
FNMOM:News,Leaks,Gaw´s,Talks|happy with rewards 😍 ()

@BergeauxStormie @VastBlastt Its ok. Many think like u would say. I´m almost only one maybe thinking yeah more time to complete all skin levels 😂But think would be more nice if we know in advance. But we should not forget its Corona times plus an free game. So I am still ok if they would do & bring cars 👀

Shadow ()

@AriadneAtNaxos Oh my gosh. You told me about squatters, propositions, and even cars for sale! 🤣🤣

I Am That Neighbor
I Am That Neighbor ()

@jarkie2016 Mine a our gold arguments, random posts about why someone saw 10 police cars, etc. could write a tv show off it all.

Feisty is Ragey
Feisty is Ragey ()

@smashalecki It looks like the adult version of those Playskool cars you see at day care centres.

Meek Will
Meek Will ()

My ex wife was like this. But she would remember and then try to make feel like shit. Her: So you really go leave in the house to go to a car meet. Me: I do like

Tanya Salas
Tanya Salas ()

@Optimus_Prim8t @MrAndyNgo 10 innocent black children shot and killed by BLM since July 04/2020. Where is BLM with that. These children were either playing in their yards or riding in cars with their parents. So much for BLM’s “heroes”.

Greg Betts
Greg Betts ()

@mark_smith04 Well yeah, because the other 47 are just cars driving around in circles 👀😂

McLaren ()

Double papaya, as both cars are now running together on track. 🧡 Carlos in P5, Lando P6. #BritishGP 🇬🇧

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Paul F. Tompkins
Paul F. Tompkins ()

Can’t sleep. Thinking again of my failed invention, Macro Machines. They were Micro Machines, but the size of a real car. They cost as much as a car and you couldn’t drive them. Just big fake cars.

maebea (ceo of yes)
Maebea (ceo of yes) ()

@michirustan modern cars will always be more expensive irregardless of performance, cos of the tech, safety and all that

Paul Watson 🇬🇧🏍️🐾
Paul Watson 🇬🇧🏍️🐾 ()

@LikeGoinThisWay Totally bonkers - like the people driving ALONE in their cars with one on! Nuts!

((( Sandira )))
((( Sandira ))) ()

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.” Via @mroich.

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Time Lord
Time Lord ()

“They’re driving around in unmarked cars tho” umm yeah because when they don’t, civilians just smash the windows and burn them lmao

TheLuckyHeron🌍 ()

@realDonaldTrump Hit squads of secret police snatching people off the streets in unmarked cars. Looks like fascism.

Nancy A. Shelton
Nancy A. Shelton ()

@AlisaHubbard6 @MrStevenCree One location is an old steel mill in room for cars! Prepay online for car ($8) and lit was full for a

Tristan WistayShlaio
Tristan WistayShlaio ()

@DrSlutty A sparco racing seat. I’m a dude. My default setting is cars, food, and weapons. Sorry.

Hi Sky TV
Hi Sky TV ()

Breaking!!! Private cars banned from the city centre, government to establish parking areas at the city outskirts. Only buses to fetch in people to town. Those who will insist will pay a congestion tax to drive in town. #hiSkyUGNews #StaySafeUG

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ⓔⓓⓝⓐ ()

honestly, the vids from the protests have increased my fear of cops. the fact that they’re going around and throwing people in unmarked cars is absolutely terrifying and it’s mindboggling that nothing is being done about it??

Terry W. Robertson
Terry W. Robertson ()

New York City Rioters Vandalized 303 NYPD Police Cars, Cost City At Least $1 Million In Damages!

Caroline W. Lee
Caroline W. Lee ()

So proud of @MikeANees @LafCol for his work on the social side of self-driving cars.

Smashit.Skateboards ()

@ReallyAmerican1 @ReallyAmerican1 Where is all the videos of Trump supporters burning cars,buildings,shitting and pissing in streets,throwing bricks though windows and carrying communist flags? Get out your edit machine and put some hard hitting videos out similar to Portland,Seattle. Joke

Aqua Cars
Aqua Cars ()

TAP → TRACK → TRAVEL! 🚕 The FREE Aqua Cars app allows you to travel anywhere in Portsmouth in just two-taps, whilst also giving you great options such as driver tracking, vehicle selection and contactless payment! 🙌 Download NOW! 📲 #Portsmouth

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Jonathan Pancake-Robinson
Jonathan Pancake-Robinson ()

@jdrinboston Too 🤷🏻‍♂️. I don’t mind the work of making it look nice, cause it is slick. Just looking for products and such that people with black cars use.

Big B
Big B ()

@nmlinguaphile I’ve been driving for 45 yrs. Have seen unmarked cop cars all of that time. People live in a shell

PlanetCarsZ ()

Como um bom fabricante japonês que se preze, a Honda ousa com designs inovadores em forma de concept cars com os quais, ano após ano, oferece uma visão diferente do que o seu departamento de engenharia é capaz de criar.

Cork Motorist Movement
Cork Motorist Movement ()

@cork_legal Because as I said cycle lanes alone won’t take sufficient cars off our streets and will just move congestion to other places.

Thomas Bosco
Thomas Bosco ()

@CBSNews Cops never use unmarked cars? C’mon, the media just stirring up trouble. The person DESERVED to be arrested, END OF STORY!!

Joy Reid
Joy Reid ()

Is somebody going to ask Barr why his Secret Police are snatching people off the street in Portland and stuffing them into unmarked cars? #BarrHearing

𝗔𝘆𝘀𝗵𝗮 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝘇𝘂𝗮𝗻
𝗔𝘆𝘀𝗵𝗮 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝘇𝘂𝗮𝗻 ()

If you read Billion Dollar Whale, you can see that Najib doesn’t really care about buying expensive cars or watches, because he came from a rich family. He cares more about power and buying votes or people. It’s Rosmah who likes to shop a lot. #1MDB

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

If you: —Attack federal officers —Try and burn down a courthouse —Shoot AK-47s at innocent motorists —Mob cars and rip people from behind the wheel —Burn down businesses —Kill cops —Loot stores You are not a protestor. You are a domestic terrorist and should be arrested. RT!

☚ #HappyBirthdayShawn #FelizSabado ☛
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