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🔴⚪ Khaled Juffali Co. es el nuevo patrocinador principal en la camiseta de Castore. La segunda será negra y azul, y la tercera, dorada.


What a kit. 🤩 Castore have smashed it this year, even the sponsor looks.

@NUFC Castore will always have been my daughter’s first kit and all 3 will be fondly remembered 👏🏻 @nufc #nufc.

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So with all 3 kits for the 22/23 season available from tomorrow (if castore get it right) which one is your favourite? #nufc @ToonPolls.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Castore lança nova camisa reserva do @NUFC para a disputa da Premier League 2022-2023! Aprovada?.

@jolanda0704 @PR_ESPNMexico Ik heb zelfs het idee dat er bij Feyenoord eindelijk eens beleid wordt gevoerd. Zie ook de deal met kledingsponsor Castore, na komend seizoen..

@Jon_LeGossip @Nigerianscamsss my hatred for castore is battling hard against my love for this design, so nice.

#WeAreSalford home and away. Two pretty decent Castore kits. Not overly complicated but a few nice elements in both. Solid 7/10s 👕 #RenegadeKitman.

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Starting to understand Castore are just a shit cheap brand that aren’t any much better at making a good looking kit than Puma.

@JakeWray_ Nike have done a good job with our kits tbf but I get what you mean, castore kit would be ace.

@nicolamore_ @RangersFC Thanks pal, just not the bullet and bought him the top itself, it’s a joke right enough… can’t wait to get them to fuck ( castore).

@NUFC I am not familiar with Castore as a brand. Any thoughts? Good quality, bad quality?.

@_andrewsousa castore tem que desaparecer do newcastle. nem que faça igual o textor fez no botafogo, joga só com escudo e número na camisa.

@NUFO_2015 The sponsor placement was unfortunate nothing Castore could do about that. The same kit in kids sizes without the logo was spot on..

Just for me it costs 15£ more +10£ #nufc #castore same for countries using €.. 1/2.

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Si alguien quiere comprar alguna recomiendo hagan esto: Kappa kombat: 2 tallas por encima de la que usas normalmente. Castore: una talla más arriba queda perfecta..

llegaron estas dos bellezas, ambas versión jugador, 2 cosas que me sorprendieron: 1- lo ajustadas que son las camisetas kombat de Kappa. 2- la de castore es un material super ligero, no muy ajustado, como curiosidad es la primera versión player que veo con el escudo bordado..

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@TonyJordanPW @NUFC Looks close enough for the Castore warehouse to send out in error like aye.

@NUFC Another nice top! But Castore will have a nightmare with this. How many people will get the Rangers top instead??.

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