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The more we learn about Kevin Durant, the less #Celtics fans should have any interest in acquiring him..

These teams remain the ‘most significant candidates’ to trade for Kevin Durant, per @ShamsCharania. - Boston Celtics - Toronto Raptors - Miami Heat.

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@ShamsCharania Yo bro keep my Celtics out your mouth. No one want this bum ass that we put the clamps on. JB is the future..

@asoukuptx New GM comes in and looks at the draft debt and looks at it as a sunk cost and tanks. That is kind of what Marks did when he got the job with the draft obligations to the Celtics..

@ertje00 durant abi celtics serisinde mental sagligini kaybetmis 2. mac sonu bunlar bizi yiyecek diye mike jamese falan mesaj atmis agabey dusunememistir bunu o an ama tsai azicik erkekse kovar bu nash ve marks denen itleri.

Heat keep Bam off the table & Celtics take Brown off the table..

So, Kevin Durant Trade Rumors: Celtics, Heat, Raptors Remain Top Suitors for Nets Star.

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All I will say is the coaching in that series va the Celtics was god awful. KD would know, he was just with the best coach in the NBA.

@TheNBACentral @ShamsCharania Honestly as a Celtics fan I don’t think I would include Pritchard in a package for KD. Im interested in building a TEAM not acquiring selfish superstars..

@celtics @gallinari8888 I forgot y’all got gallinari,y’all definitely making a deep run again.

The Brooklyn Nets should let KD join the Boston Celtics since that’s his specialty. Running to teams that beats him in the playoffs. Lol..

Celtics don’t want him either stop putting Celtics in reports 😂.

The Kevin Durant-Celtics trade storyline has been stoked once again.

@ProValleySports celtics already said they didnt ever make an offer and wont include JB. Heat cant trade Bam. Raptors said they wont trade scottie. 🤷‍♂️ He doesn’t need to shout from the rooftops when its already working itself out..

@protectedpick 3 teams remain Heat,Celtics, and Raps? Are we done or are the main media guys just continuing to shun the Suns?.

@nypost Um, they beat the Celtics in the first round in 2021, so that “failed to win a single playoff series” line is not accurate.

Kevin Durant Trade Rumors: Celtics, Heat, Raptors Remain Top Suitors for Nets Star.

I see KD joining the Heat. Forsure if he goes to the Celtics he’s officially the biggest opp ever.

Vai ser legal pela reação do meu mano Kobe Brasil, mas péssimo pro Celtics.

#NBA Celtics, Raptors, Heat still the main candidates for a Kevin Durant trade #Business.

Nash did a solid job with what he was dealt last year . Especially vs the Celtics when they were in 3 of them games KD didn’t show up in.

@MalikDubNation @Celtics_Jo Moi quand je vois entering c’est une prévision sinon ils auraient dit actuellement ou jsp.

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