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Ladies and gentlemen, when you are enjoying a hosts champagne, please remember not to over indulge. Two glasses is normally more than enough! @Moet_UK #champagnelifestyle.

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That I know for a fact that maeng didn’t have nothing to do with that excellence.

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Blush pink, gold, ivory, champagne & dusty blue flower petals, rose petals, table decor, flower girl petals, wedding decor #wedding #bridalshowerdecor.

Shit I popped champagne at my Nigga @_JC13 baby shower lmfao had to let my god daughter know me and pops ain’t yo average. 💯.

@jkenney - once you complete your complete utter anhiliation of the NDP in your province - PLEASE turn the taps off to BC. Help us defeat these vile and corrupt Champagne Socialists in BC! @jjhorgan and his merry bad of thugs-see Spec tax-are in for a rude awakening!!.

@mitchellvii @realDonaldTrump Me neither. I am proud of his base who has stayed vigilant. Trump has the toughest, most loyal, smartest base ever!! Kudos to all of us!! It’s time to cork some champagne 🥂 tonight before going back to war again tomorrow..

can someone do an unpopular opinion champagne edition so i can say veuve is way better than moët.

@Champagne_m31 LMAOO AND THEY FAILED AT THAT TOO 😂😂😂 released 30 different shades of European and 6 tan/dark shades.

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Champagne strapless gown. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset.

@DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle Let’s not pop the cork on that champagne just yet..

@JolyonMaugham How very dare he go & visit trivial issues such as refugee camps & poverty stricken Northern seaside towns when you & your Champagne FBPE children constantly berate him all year then cry when he doesn’t come to your party. Fucking man up Quite Contrary..

Que tenga que ser Champagne el que diga las cosas ALTAS Y CLARAS dice mucho del club..

@Champagne_m31 FOR REAL LMAOOO nobody is buying your overglorified bath sponge for $30 gtfoh.

Champagne,a parte de ser un gran portero para la categoría,es un tío de los que suma,un profesional como la copa de un pino. Un lujo tenerle bajo palos..

@MrsWaddle68 @RobGronkowski Well he’s been murdering us 2x a year for the past decade so I’m popping champagne 🍾.

@EmmaLaEnanuli Siiiii yo llevo empanadas y pizzas que me salen de rechupete, quién pone el champagne y el vino..

day has and will be consisted of drowning my sorrows in champagne & chick flicks..

📺 EN VÍDEO Champagne permitía al #RealOviedo llegar al final del encuentro con opciones de buscar al menos un empate deteniendo una pena máxima a Djurdjevic 👇 .

Desde hoy me declaro fan de Nero Champagne ❗️ Y la culpa la tiene @sergiostd con su entrevista al final del partido #SportingOviedo 😄.

Junior and Kush popping champagne like they won the championship, listening to this song.

@JDgraham77 Need you in the new clothes behind the camera next 📷☁️🍾🥂.

#Repost @Willington_Hall with get_repost ・・・ An evening of champagne, canapés, 5 courses with accompanying wines. Anyone can come along to our dining club evenings. For more information on….

@champagne_daddi @goddessthevirgo This not what we talkin bout b.

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Thank you Shawna Champagne and Dee Velleco for Marianna’s stuff!!!! Love love love Nicholas Belanger.

This hoe just took molly washed it down with champagne and chased it with bombay.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you are enjoying a hosts champagne, please remember not to over indulge. Two glasses is normally more than enough! @Moet_UK #champagnelifestyle.

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