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Shout out to the guy that put the Clippers on the map. 🌎.

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Patrick Beverley on using what people/players may say about him as bulletin board material - “Hell no. I go out there, I be Pat. Whether you like me, love me, I really don’t care. I’m here trying to win basketball games, trying to impact the game the best way I ” #Clippers.

Pour la première de leur duo superstar, les Clippers repoussent les Celtics en prolongation.

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Clippers starting five played 13 minutes together tonight. Net Rating: Sixers starting five has played 70 minutes together this season. Net Rating:.

@9thwondermark Nah I said it like the clippers have the best team on the planet with a phenomenal coach. If they are healthy. It will be interesting to see how anyone manages the clippers.

Fuck The clippers . Fuck the lakers . See ya in the finals.

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@leandro_ogata Ainda acho que Clippers e Bucks são favoritos, só precisam de tempo para ajustes. O Celtics tem um caminho maior pela frente. Espero que arrume boas peças até a Trade Deadline, o time está bem e pode chegar longe com reforços pontuais..

@espn Lmao such a bullshit game Celtics won that refs handed the win over to the clippers.

the clippers have beaten the two best teams in the NBA love to see that kinda stuff.

Clippers gonna be hard to beat in the playoffs! Top notch shooters and GREAT Defense!.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Clippers – Full Game Highlights | November 20, 2019 NBA Season House of Highlights.

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@iamsanmii i really hope not hahah clippers definitely will control the matchups by how they manage kawhi/pg minutes..

@a_leesee_a You know after every play Clippers miss they’re negative. I learned to cope with it and be the positive one.

The best thing about living in the Mountain Time Zone: An overtime Clippers-Celtics Thriller is over by 11. What a game!.

@Fernh Kawhi was ass, scared of the moment. Lakers will murder this clippers team.

Celtics showing how bad they miss kyrie horford and terry ... and clippers aren’t even at full strength.

some good basketball was played today. Luka’s big game, then the clippers win. Great day!.

This 2nd Half ran so horribly, that I almost hedged it Live when both teams sank about 7 threes in a row within the first 2 mins of the 3Q. A lot of a bad beat is a bad beat especially with OT 🏀 NBA 2H: CLIPPERS -$1,130✖️ 🃏CELTICS/CLIPPERS -$5,650✖️.

Celtics with no Hayward lose against a healthy Clippers squad by 3 in OT. Cant really complain about that.

The Clippers outscored the Celtics 31-18 over the final 6:01 of the game. They looked off for a majority of the night, but came together and pulled out the win when it mattered most. That’s what counts..

@HisStankness This clippers defense is different man. Lakers are up there but idk these 2 way wings are huge and their roster as a whole is great.

Why was Toronto so good? If you took Kawhi away, Siakam would beat you. Siakam not hitting? Lowry would. All three not hitting? Van Fleet would kill you. Sprinkle in some Gasol, Powell, and Green, and you’re hard to beat. The Clippers have even better secondary options. Nasty..

@lavozdelasvegas Bueno, ya teniendo el resultado final si había algo de lo q yo estaba seguro es q Vegas no perdería ese Money Line de ahora me surge una pregunta, es que acaso había varias apuestas a favor de Clippers cubriendo la línea tan alta con grandes sumas de $?.

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Bro that was one crazy ass game. Congratulations to the Clippers. Gotta show some luv ❤️.

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Clippers Ask Everyone To Keep It Down While They Rest Kawhi Leonard.

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Shout out to the guy that put the Clippers on the map. 🌎.

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