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we would like to think Edward Cullen wears shade Platinum in our shimmering dry oils ✨

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𝖑 🦁⃝⃒⃤ 🌵
𝖑 🦁⃝⃒⃤ 🌵 ()

@_cullen_girl_ qualquer coisa: a esse povo: ain pq robsten / robsten shipper pipipi pópópó

rafinha🐑 au no fix📌
Rafinha🐑 au no fix📌 ()

Você percebe que o negócio tá feio quando até áudio indignada eu tô mandando pra @_cullen_girl_

Cullen O’Keefe
Cullen O’Keefe ()

What are the implications for wild animal welfare though? 🧐

WESTHAM1969 ()

So far West Ham have played really well controlling the play. Cullen looking so comfortable in the center of midfield #westhamvcharlton

Donal McAlister
Donal McAlister ()

@BallinabrannaGF lovely sky over Netwatch Cullen Park. The lads put in a good shift against the Blues in the 1st half here in of the same please. 1:7 to 0:3.

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Max Canning
Max Canning ()

Not just from this game cause it’s only Charlton but I defo think Cullen should play more this year

dalilah | ALAYC OUT NOW
Dalilah | ALAYC OUT NOW ()

why does this picture give me vampire edward cullen vibes. 🙏🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Koala ()

Pessoal fica criticando a pele brilhosa do Edward Cullen, mas não pode ver um filtro de glitter no insta que posta 1344621 fotos com ele.

lele 🦋
Lele 🦋 ()

@cullen_srta eu teria falado tá esperando o que pra sair do meu carro?! anda, chispa

cυℓℓєท’s girℓ
Cυℓℓєท’s girℓ ()

+ e ele disse que pode ate ser rude mas que é assim que o homem pensa. MDS FIM AO HOMEM HETERO MONGOLOIDE POR FAVOR Q MERDA É ESSA

Karen Beard
Karen Beard ()

Cullen ➡️Haller, Snods ➡️Haller. All he needs is service (I know it’s not the prem )

cυℓℓєท’s girℓ
Cυℓℓєท’s girℓ ()

+ ela pensando algo a mais pq ela “””nao se cuida”””” E GENTE A MENINA É LINDA, o “”nao se arrumar”” dele é nao ir pra academia nem andar com make pesada, eu achei ridículo e falei na cara dele +

Green St. Hammers
Green St. Hammers ()

Close again for Haller! A lot is being created from Cullen in a deeper position, picking out the runs from his forwards! Great showing so far! 2-0

Chelsa Lauderdale
Chelsa Lauderdale ()

i am LOVING midnight sun so far for the sole reason that it only serves to portray edward cullen as an absolute and complete douche 😂

Green Eggs and West Ham Podcast
Green Eggs and West Ham Podcast ()

@WestHamWayUSPod Absolutely! Hopefully this forces Moyes to play him. Move Antonio back out wide and Fornals or Cullen to no 10

cυℓℓєท’s girℓ
Cυℓℓєท’s girℓ ()

Dei carona pra um colega hoje e sai do carro devastada! O homem hetero deve ser eliminado. Uma menina da empresa da afim dele e gente ela é uma gracinha, toda fofa, super simpática, juro q ela é adoravel, mas o macho escroto disso q nenhum homem olharia pra +

T. East London
T. East London ()

Might require a bit of shifting things around but Cullen has done more than enough to get himself into that starting XI next weekend

Catríona Collins
Catríona Collins ()

Great one. 👍🏼 Dave Cullen: The Irish Government’s Double Standards on Peaceful Protests via @YouTube

Khaleem Azam
Khaleem Azam ()

Cullen the one who broke up play and got us going forward our transition from defence to attack has been so quick tonight.

West Ham United
West Ham United ()

Cullen plays a superb ball over the top for Yarmolenko. He takes it down and squares it to Haller for the opener. #WHUCHA 1-0 (22)

Catherine Cullen
Catherine Cullen ()

Ex-Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis plans to run for a seat in Ontario

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Catherine Cullen
Catherine Cullen ()

Facing a $1M campaign debt, Peter MacKay considers running for Parliament again

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Vick 🦇
Vick 🦇 ()

@yosoyasimari É impossível não amar ele , quem não ama nem é gente.

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joe little #GSBOUT
Joe little #GSBOUT ()

@TaylorSD06 @WestHamWaycouk Oh right yeah I agree. I feel like if we have a 4-3-3 with a CDM and two CM with Noble and Cullen in the midfield with Dec behind if he’s still here

pi da 🍭🍬
Pi da 🍭🍬 ()

Walopun skrg gue ngetawain twilight series tp dulu pas baru rilis gue ngefans bgt 😂 semua buku seriesnya gue beli sampe bela2in ga jajan, filmnya gue tonton lebih dari 1x hahahah sungguh terniat naksir edward cullen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Boji-mama ()

@Cmac672 He glows, he glistens. Edward Cullen so wishes he was Jinki.

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Rob Ingham
Rob Ingham ()

@BBCWYS (Rob in Montenegro) - lots to like about that performance, impressed by maturity of Staunton and in Watt, we may well have found what we’ve missed in midfield since having Josh Cullen out there - and really hope French provides on right what Wood gives us on the left.

Julien ()

Tengo las pelotas por el piso con que me digan que salga a tomar sol, no quiero salir hermano déjame en paz no entendés que hasta que parezca Edward Cullen no voy a salir

Simon Cullen
Simon Cullen ()

Fox News confirms some key parts of @TheAtlantic story about Donald Trump

Sol Body
Sol Body ()

we would like to think Edward Cullen wears shade Platinum in our shimmering dry oils ✨

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☚ James Bond Emery ☛
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